My Favorite Elevating Crystals and Stones

My Favorite Elevating Crystals and Stones August 30, 2018

Let’s be honest.  Sometimes, we need all the help we can get.  Having an elevating stone nearby can assist you when you’re feeling dragged and out of sorts.  As promised in my article about my favorite grounding stones, here are my favorite stones that help me feel transcendent.

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Perhaps my favorite all-day, every day, elevating stone is Amethyst.  Its purple color is always a breathtaking beauty, but what’s really great about this crystal is its higher energy.  It elevates effortlessly, which may be one reason why sober people flock to it.  Amethyst also resonates with the crown chakra, opening us up to work with spiritual energy without being too intense.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is one of the most elevating stones I own.  Whenever I wear it, I feel open, at one with myself, and at peace.  It connects me to my feminine energy and amplifies my energetic awareness.  I used mine for trance work. Another bonus: it increases fae energy of the wearer too.  It can be a pretty intense stone, especially if it has a blue flash.

That being said, it’s not for everyone, and not for all places.  Some people might not like the excessive, strong feminine energy.   Because it makes me very spacey and open, I avoid wearing it to the grocery and other places where I have to keep my energy calm or focused.


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Selenite is a great mineral for channeling your higher self and for accessing the upper chakras.  It assists in clarity of the aura and aligning.  When you wear it or have it close by, anything that isn’t necessary can fall away easier.  I wear it every day in my topmost pocket along with black tourmaline, a grounding stone.


This gorgeous, clear crystal one of my favorites.  Apophyllite’s crystalline structure looks similar to quartz, but the energy that comes off it is entirely fae/spirit guide/higher self.  It’s been called the crystal of happiness because it uplifts people so much.  It lights up the upper chakras with an gentle, yet insistently opening energy.  Apophyllite also fires up intuition and the third eye chakra.


 As a child, I was obsessed with Fluorite.  When I had a bit of pocket change, I’d count my pennies out and buy purple, clear, and green octahedrons.  Due to its gentle and uplifting energy, it’s a great stone for kids.
Fluorite has been known to heal trauma and also harmonizes the wearer’s energy.  It metaphorically softens rough edges and gives a sense of peace.


This might be the most transcendent stone of the list.  Moldavite was created when a huge asteroid struck the earth and formed green and black quartz crystals with iron oxide.  Due to their unique formation and origin, they are classified as a solely extra-terrestrial crystal.

When I wear it, I feel very elevated — as if connected to star energy.  My third eye and crown chakras are lit up with a fierce, blazing energy that can be too intense sometimes.  It’s rather special and quite different, and can be useful for astral work.  There’s also a hidden occult history of the stone, which is interesting AF!

Rose Quartz

Everyone knows about the creamy pink allure of rose quartz.  Self-love pours out of it, opening the heart chakra and pulling everything into place.  It heals the heart and strengthens the mind, making thoughts trend toward more positivity. It can also attract love and friendship toward you and bring out your best qualities.

I’ve found that this has a “slow burn,” as it needs a bit of time to work with energy, but it works quite effectively.  It’s another great stone to keep in the bra.

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Let me know if I forgot your favorite elevating stone.  I’m always up for learning more and adding to my (probably too vast) collection.  For more articles about stones, crystals, and minerals, check out these articles.

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