The 7 Best Stones to Keep In Your Bra

The 7 Best Stones to Keep In Your Bra June 29, 2018

I’ve always been attracted to putting semi-precious stones and crystals in my bra.  It just seems like such a natural place for them.  I’d never heard of anyone else doing this until I joined witchblr and saw I wasn’t alone. 

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It makes sense that pagans and witches use the stones in their bras.  Rocks and crystals are the #1 thing that pagans, Wiccans, and witches carry, and for good reason. The vibration of crystals and minerals can assist in several ways, including healing, attracting, repelling, grounding, and more.  Placing these bosom buddies so close to our heart chakras can have several added benefits.  One woman said wearing crystals in her bra is the “secret weapon to building the life I want,” and another said that bra stones helped her live a more fulfilled life

In this modern political climate, we need all the help we can get.  There are more reasons for wearing crystals and rocks in your bra than reasons not to.  Here are seven of my favorite stones to keep on the top shelf — I’ll also discuss their purposes and a few different ways to wear them.

1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the most common bra-stone, by far. There’s something about wearing it in the “chest pocket” that makes me feel so relaxed and at peace.  It’s reputed to soothe and inspire unconditional love.  I find it’s perfect for revving up one’s love life and attractiveness, and also for cultivating self-love. 

For those people who are wary about wearing rose quartz as a necklace, out in the open, wearing it as a bra-buddy can conceal your intentions and keep curious fingers away from your décolleté.  

2. Tourmaline

Tourmaline is my preferred protection stone against energy vampires and weak moments.  I don’t know if you’re a highly sensitive witch like I am, but if you aren’t, I can tell you that it has a soothing, grounding effect. It really helps me align my lower chakras.

Photo by James St. John, CC2.0

Despite its sometimes jagged edges, it feels natural against my chest.  I wish I could wear tourmaline as a necklace — I don’t because I already wear a lot of black.  One more piece of black can put me over the edge, into goth-goth.  The privacy of wearing such a lovely, dark stone in a secret place makes me feel quite happy.  I feel like just saying this makes me goth-goth. 

3. Sodalite

Sodalite is a stone that empowers you to speak your truth, which is especially important in this political climate.  It’s a beautiful indigo stone marbled with white and light blue, and can empower you to speak up and be honest. Maybe you need your voice to be heard, or maybe you just need to be honest more often. This peaceful stone helps.

4. Selenite

This is another stone with jagged edges, only instead of being dark, it appears to have been made from a shaft of light. It has an elevating, bubbly feeling, which is perfect for connecting to the divine. It’s the champagne of stones, clearing upper chakras and connecting you with the divine. When I wear it, I feel like I’m floating rather than walking. That being said, if you’re clumsy or find yourself in need of stabilization, pair it with a grounding stone like Tourmaline.

5. Citrine

One citrine-lover swears this bra-stone brings her money.  I like it because of its sunny disposition.  If you want more positivity and joy in your life, give this beautiful stone a try.

6. Moonstone

Moonstones are nice to wear on the full moon and during your own personal moon times.  If you want to increase your feminine energy, it’s probably your main staple.  However, if you feel too light-headed or drained, you may want to consider pairing it with a grounding stone like tourmaline, or only wearing it when you’re in a good environment. 

Moonstones. Photo by Max Pixel, CC0

7. Amethyst

Whether you need to hold your ground or be sober and level-headed, amethyst can keep your intentions firm.  It can also repel negativity like none other.  Think of it as your “life coach,” inspiring you to make better choices and uplifting you spiritually. 

How to Wear Crystals in Your Bra

Now that we’ve discussed some of the best bra stones, let’s talk about wearing them.  Ideally, the stones you’ll wear in your bra will be quite small – smaller than a marble.  Flatter is also better, in general.  You’ll want to cleanse the stones, charge them, ideally in moonlight, and set them with intentions. 

Guess what I’m wearing in my bra! CC1.0

There are a few ways to wear these charged stones in your bra.  The first and most obvious is to tuck the stone directly against the breast. If you have a sturdy cup that doesn’t show the lump and holds you in tightly, this might be the most effective.

However, that method doesn’t work for me. I wear a looser kind of bra, so I opt for a small mesh bag held in place with a safety pin. This also helps at the end of the day when I “release the krakens.” All kinds of things used to fly out of my bra – glitter, stones, acorn caps, lighters… like it was midnight at the fae club.  This doesn’t happen anymore, though, thanks to the pin.

The mesh bag method helps me keep track of the stones better, too.  The next day, the little bag is still in place if I use the same bra, and I don’t have to crawl on my hands and knees and look for tiny gemstones under beds and tables.

While researching this article, I found there are even bras that have an elastic strap to wear a crystal.  The crystal isn’t touching the skin, but it’s a nice esthetic.  There’s also at least one website selling stones with attached bra clips.  


This list of stones for the bra is not exhaustive, but they’re my favorites.  Other people have suggested tiger’s eye, fluorite, aventurine, and pyrite.  If you have any others you like, or a story about an experience wearing a bra stone, please leave a comment below. 

However you use the power of semi-precious stones, I hope they bring you everything you desire.  If you liked this article, please give us a thumbs up and help us spread the word.  

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