Can I Do Magic When The Moon Is Void Of Course?

Can I Do Magic When The Moon Is Void Of Course? August 8, 2021

When the moon is void of course, things can feel low-energy, liminal, or like you’re waiting for something to happen.  I’ve learned how to work with these moments and dance with the feeling of disconnection.  While you wouldn’t want to use the void time for manifestation (if possible), there are some magical things you can do.  This article explains what void of course means, how long it lasts, how you can find out when it’s happening, and what magic is favored during this time.

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Gibbous moon. Photo courtesy of Pxhuel

Meaning of a Void Moon

When the moon is void of course (aka V/C or void), it means the moon won’t make any major aspects with any planets or the sun for the remainder of the time it’s in that moon sign.  It’s a low-energy time when magic is not as beneficial as it could be compared to when there are other astrological energies at play, positive or negative.  It can last anytime for a few minutes to over a day, and it happens every couple of days.

What A Void Moon Feels Like

Everyone is affected by the moon, especially through our emotions.  When the moon is void, you might feel sluggish or emotionally disconnected.  It doesn’t affect everyone, but many sensitive magical practitioners feel that way.

How To Know When The Moon Is Void

Knowing when the moon is void can be very useful.  To get a handle on when this happens, check an astrological app like Time Passages or a website that has that information, like We’Moon’s Void of Course Moon Dates.

You can also get an annual planner that has that information in it such as the Llewellyn Daily Planetary Guide or the We’Moon Datebook.  These books are so helpful because you can use the information to plan when to have conversations and work big magic (when the moon is not void of course), and when to take it easy or do some more relaxed magic (when the moon is void of course).

WeMoon 2022 Magical Dark Cover for the article can I do magic when the moon is void
The We’Moon Datebook 2022 theme is Magical Dark, and I’m thrilled to have a short passage in it.

Magic When The Moon Is Void

Manifestation is not preferred when the moon is void because there is a general lack of connections possible, but it’s not completely ruled out.  I’ve always said that whenever you do magic, the moon will help if she can. However, if you’re working on something important, you might want to find a time that’s aspected better.

Here’s what you can do instead:


Void times make me spacey, so it’s the perfect time to give in to a trance state.  You can let your thought drift into a daydream or lie down and relax.  Keep your eyes open if you wish and gaze lightly at something.  Play some music and let your mind expand.  Feel your energy and enjoy doing not doing anything.  You can use this time to feel more expansive or enter a specific brainwave state, such as the high-frequency gamma state that monks try to attain.  A low-frequency brainwave state is another possibility.

Automatic Writing

I love automatic writing, and if you’ve never experienced it before, try it when the moon is void.  Clear your mind, relax, and allow your hand to write.  It’s generally advised to use protection before doing this, as you could open yourself up to the spirit world.  It’s also a good idea to review what you wrote with a grain or two of salt.  If it sounds too good to be true or mean-spirited, it may be that something came through you and is trolling you.  Banish them and carry on.

Bath Magic for Cleansing and Releasing

Water is associated with emotions, and a void moon is a perfect time to cleanse and gently release stuck emotions with a bath.  Even the act of submerging yourself in water is transformative because baths are an intimate interaction with an element. Water magic should never be underrated for renewal.


The moon doesn’t have to aspect anything important to do divination.  In fact, because trance states can come easier during this time, it’s actually a great time to do it.  Use what you will–tarot, a pendulum, runes, or what not to gain a broader perspective.

Shadow Work

Shadow work is like brushing your teeth.  If you put it off, things get disgusting.  With that said, it’s not always easy because the shadow is elusive–always changing into something else and escaping notice.  Take time when the moon is void to embrace that slippery shadow.

Intuitive Witchcraft

Do what feels right to you when the moon is void.  Maybe you’ll clean up some clutter and burn some incense to clear the energy.  Maybe you’ll do a tea spell based on what you feel will help.  There’s a simple formula for intuitive magic, and I highly recommend it for what to do when you don’t know what to do.

Reading a Magical Book

One of the best things I’ve done lately is pick up reading magical books again.  There’s a wealth of information out there.  If you have a stack of books on your bedside table, open the page and start reading.  It’s a surefire way to get into a magical zone, and I feel reading is a magical practice in and of itself.

Take a Witch Walk

Sometimes, walking in nature or a semi-natural place can be so refreshing.  It can help your mind shift from wanting to do things, and instead, you can fall into a state of natural relaxation.  You can also use your intuition to choose where to walk–I call this the intuitive witch walk because there’s always something magical that happens.

Other Things

If none of the activities above sound appealing, there’s always magical cleansing, releasing, relaxing, and resting.


I hope this article inspired you to do magic when the moon is void. The trend with these activities is that they all take very little energy.  With a little planning and awareness, we can use those void times for our benefit.


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