Intuitive Witch Walks: Your Passport To Another World

Intuitive Witch Walks: Your Passport To Another World June 24, 2019

Taking a walk, as a witch, is a wonderful spiritual practice in and of itself.  So many things can happen can on intuitive witch walks that it’s hard to put them all into words.  If you’ve never taken one, put this on your list of things to accomplish by the end of the week.

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There’s taking a walk, which focuses on exercise and interesting views… and then there’s taking an intuitive witch walk.  An intuitive witch walk is what I call it when you venture out, read the energy of a place, walk intuitively, and do what comes naturally to you.  These special walks can happen anywhere–down a country road, in a forest, in the desert, in the suburbs, and in the city.  I love taking these intuitive witch walks, and in this article, I’d like to share a few ideal practices with you.

Follow Your Intuition About Direction

As you venture out on your walk, follow your intuition about which way to go.  Left or right? Forward or back down the path you came?  Should you go up high, or down low?  Maybe you’ll want to rest for a moment, or keep going…  Feel the energy of a place and make informed decisions about it.  If the energy feels good, consider resting for a while to soak it up and reflect.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Look around you at the plants, rocks, and/or buildings.  Feel whatever is beneath your feet — the ground, trail, asphalt, concrete, rocks, or whatever else there may be.  Feel the energy of the area.  Appreciate the plant allies nearby and their unique energies.

plant tree nature spirits find pagan witch walk forest

Recently, while on an intuitive witch walk, I felt the beautiful energy of two juniper bushes.  It was so lovely that I had to stop and rest for a while in order to exchange energy with them.  It felt like they were sending me waves of peaceful energy in stereo.

If city sounds affect you negatively, it’s okay to wear earbuds, but if you’re in a completely natural place, enjoy the natural sounds.  You might not get a lot of those nature sounds from day to day, especially if you live in the city.

Find What’s Hidden

Take your time.  Take a break and sit if it feels right.  See the shadows dance as the breeze moves the plants.  Use your intuition to feel out what’s hidden and where to look.  Find tiny treasures in every leaf, bud, flower, berry, stem, trunk, etc.

I had been sitting in the woods for several moments before I noticed this tiny cluster of mushrooms nearby.  These mushrooms might be fried by the heat of the sun in a couple of hours, but at that perfect time, we found each other and shared a smile (as much as mushrooms can smile, that is). 

plant tree nature spirits find pagan witch walk magic mushrooms faery fairy fae fey fay place special

Ask For A Sign Or A Gift

Recently, I decided I wanted to take an intuitive witch walk in order to find a crow feather for the muse altar I was creating.  I used my intuition about which way to walk, and wouldn’t you know it, that’s where I found one.  This gift from my muse spirit to me was special and was a confirmation of our connection.

I’ve also asked for a random gift from the gods or nature spirits from time to time, and have received many things.  I’ve found money, ribbons, a seashell, and pretty rocks.  Sometimes I feel the walk alone is present enough, with its lovely vistas and natural wonders.  Are dew-covered spiderwebs glinting in the sunshine gifts?  I think so.

However, I don’t abuse my requests for signs and gifts.  I don’t want the otherworld to think that I always need confirmation from them.  It’s more about a meaningful or amusing interaction with them than asking for proof of their powers.

Notice What’s Out of Place

Even if you don’t ask for a sign, the otherworld may still be speaking to you.  Is there anything that looks like it doesn’t belong, or something that looks different?  Can you relate to it?

Seeing something out of place might be an answer for a question you didn’t know how to ask.  It could also be a “hello” from the world or the otherworld.

plant tree nature spirits find pagan witch walk out of place rock path

The other day, this large rock was out of place on the path before me. It served as the perfect metaphor to how I felt about a certain situation at the time. When I saw the rock, I sat down at a nearby bench and appreciated that feeling. 

Notice What Wildlife Visits You

Wildlife is autonomous, but they can also be used by the gods or spirits.  If you break the word “wildlife” down, it’s meaningful–“wild life” is a powerful force, and one that should be appreciated on intuitive witch walks.

Once, while I was walking on a forested trail and doing some energy work, I called upon Artemis.  Immediately, a pack of six or seven deer ran straight toward me.  It was almost like a Disney moment, except that they veered off the trail and kept running.  That connection with her through the deer was not lost on me.  It was a breathtaking experience that I still remember with awe.

Recently, while I was sitting on a bench in the woods, a robin landed near me and pecked at the ground.  I hadn’t connected to any deity, but it was certainly a familiar bird to me.  I associate it with home and peaceful times.  I was eating too, so it was a lovely communion.  It made me feel like I was at home and also special to be so close to a wild creature.

Experience The Gods and Nature Spirits

See if you can see faces in the leaves of nature spirits.  Try to hear their laughter in the wind.  Call to the gods and listen for their response.  The gods speak to us in many ways, some of which may surprise you.

plant tree nature spirits find pagan witch walk

Harvest Goods

If you’re lucky, you might be able to harvest a few herbs or food.  This is more likely  near harvest time, though there are some places where you could harvest year-round.  When I lived in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, there were no shortage of rosemary topiaries growing in people’s yards.  My stealth clippings of a few sprigs here and there didn’t diminish the beauty or the magnitude of the yard.  I always advocate for sustainable harvesting to honor the life and spirit of the plant.

When I’m walking in the woods, I sometimes come across animal bones.  There are many people who treasure these, and I leave them for those people.

You may want to carry a witch bag with you with baggies or jars to harvest things.


Before going back inside, I thank the place and any individuals who stood out to me.  Intuitive witch walks are a form of intuitive witchcraft, and are a special practice with free association.  They let you escape into a dreamy time, where magic is possible anywhere, anytime.

Here’s another article about getting into nature–Lisa Wagoner and I must have had similar ideas at the same time.  Kudos to her for finishing her article before I did.  🙂 Prepping for the Pagan Spirit Gathering took me away from my blog for a while; however, I’m back and more refreshed than ever!  Pagan festivals are such great ways to recharge the spiritual batteries.

I hope your intuitive witch walks are wonderful, and that you always find something to take your breath away.

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Astrea is the author of Intuitive Witchcraft: How To Use Intuition To Elevate Your Craft (Llewellyn Worldwide). She also leads the fire dancing group Aurora Fire and stirs up magic for the Blessed Be Box, the service that ships a "ritual in a box" with all vegan and cruelty-free items. You can read more about the author here.

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