Meditation For Witches And Pagans: Open The Door To Trance

Meditation For Witches And Pagans: Open The Door To Trance September 3, 2019
Meditation is an important skill for witches and pagans to learn.  One of the best things it does is to train us to quiet our mental chatter.  This lets us listen to our intuition more clearly, helps us focus on our magical work, and gives us access to higher awareness and trance states.
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If you’re anything like me, your journey with meditation may have started a little rocky.  When I started meditating, as a teenager, there was a voice in my head that told me I wasn’t doing it right and that I looked silly.  I tried to push it away, but it only got louder.  Eventually, I sat with that voice, listened to it, and embraced it as my shadow self.  I knew it wasn’t my intuition or the truth because it didn’t have anything positive to say–it only spoke my fears and insecurities.
After I embraced my fears, I was able to sit with myself and be okay with not knowing what I was doing and possibly looking silly.  Meditation became easier because I could let that voice go from time to time.  I still encounter that voice, and it may never go away completely.  However, these days, it’s much quieter and it doesn’t talk as much.  This positive result is because I did the shadow work (and continue to do that work).
Without the negative voice of the ego in my head, I can easily connect with higher part of myself and really feel my own energy.  I call this the meditative mindset.  I can align my chakras, cleanse my own energy fields, and know what kind of magical work I need to do.
You can also enter a trance state, either at a higher frequency (good for blissful magic) or a lower frequency (good for meditative mindsets).  This is like entering a whole new level of awareness.  Through a trance state, you can do more advanced magical work.
Photo by Alice Popkorn, CC2.0
Meditation is a magical practice I utilize every new moon and full moon — it’s also incorporated into nearly every ritual I do.  I use my intuition to figure out what I should meditate about.  This can include topics such as the feelings in my body, my current emotions, my aspirations, a specific goal, or even a tarot reading.  Generally speaking, these are magical practices about the present moment and the energy at hand.
But you don’t need to meditate about the present moment.  You can access your memories and events that happened in the past.  This is helpful for healing or to access more information.  You can also access the future and divine the things to come.
You can send your mind out to a different space entirely if you wish.  Trance states assist greatly with magic that requires a high level of concentration or meditative journeying to the otherworlds.  It can even help you astrally project.
astrea fire dance fans
Flow arts like fire dancing can bring on a meditative mindset. Photo of the author by Rob Badger, all rights reserved.
If you’re new to meditation, find some way to let go of the mental chatter.  You don’t have to site in a traditional pose to meditate if that doesn’t feel right or if you’re not having good results that way.
You can enter a meditative mind state by going for a run or a walk.  You could dance or practice a flow art like fire dancing.  You could make art, such as painting or pottery, or use any other way that works for you.
 This tonal frequency video is one of my favorite things to listen to when meditating.  You can listen to them while you meditate in the bath, or as you meditate and walk, or as you meditate in your own private space.   They’re extremely helpful to me and get me in the meditative/trance state almost instantly.
If you like this video, check out the many other ones available on youtube.
 I hope your meditation practice is fulfilling.  Please let me know if you have any questions about meditation, and I’ll do my best to answer them.
Bright blessings.
About Astrea
Astrea is the author of Intuitive Witchcraft: How To Use Intuition To Elevate Your Craft (Llewellyn Worldwide). She also leads the fire dancing group Aurora Fire and stirs up magic for the Blessed Be Box, the service that ships a "ritual in a box" with all vegan and cruelty-free items. You can read more about the author here.

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