Circles Around The World: Full Moon Celebrations

Circles Around The World: Full Moon Celebrations July 26, 2018

All across the world, people gather in preparation for the full moon.  They cast their circles, one by one, and enter the space between the worlds.  Our languages are various.  Our origins, everywhere.  Our gods, diverse.  We are witches and Pagans at the height of power!  Hail the full moon!

Circle Dancing, Franz Stuck, Wikimedia Commons.

This is our time.  We are in the liminal space.  The sun and the moon are in opposition to each other, yet they bring us into balance.

This is the night when thousands of candles are lit, and incense, sage, and herbs waft to the heavens as sacred offerings to our gods.

From an astral distance, our circles might look like clustered and interlocked rings, like the flower of life.  In more sparsely populated parts of the world, the circles are more rare, but significant all the more.

Some circles contain several people gathered together in a sacred room, or on a grassy plain, or in a forest, beneath trees with shattered beams of moonlight. Other circles contain only one or two people.

We spark up the energy as they carry out the most ancient of celebrations.

Simply knowing that my people are out there, casting, stoking bonfires, picking tarot cards, and making their desires manifest gives me goosebumps.

full moon witch pagan circle spiritual happy
Full moon, bringing our desires to fruition, Wikimedia Commons

At the full moon, we celebrate the flowers from the seeds we planted fourteen days ago at the new moon.  We also harvest the fruit from the seeds we planted six months ago, during the astrological new moon that corresponds to this full moon.*

The moment of truth is here!  Did our magic work?  Are we reaping fresh fruit or rotten vines?  Pages flip in our books of shadows.  We look back in time, viewing our former selves objectively, as if from above.  What did we ask for?  What did we get?

Now, we know ourselves better than we knew before.  We know what feeds us best, what has worked, and what ultimately hasn’t worked.

If we practiced long and hard enough, and if we’re lucky, maybe we can see the illuminated pathway the gods have lit for us.  If not, we’ll try again, for that’s how we grow stronger.

Source, CC0.

We dance, we sway, we raise the energy up.  We speak our words of power.  We commune with our gods.  We release our intentions and magic into the world.  A resounding “so mote it be!” fills the air.

We give thanks.  The circles come down, but the magic lingers on.  We carry the celebration forward in our hearts.

We know that we are the powerful creators of our own destinies.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  Happy full moon.


 ~ Align with Starlight Witch ~

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* The astrological new moon corresponding to the full moon is the moon about six months ago in the same sign.  For example, new moon in Aquarius occurred February 15, 2018.  The Full moon in Aquarius is set to occur July 27, 2018.  

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