My 8 Favorite Grounding Stones

My 8 Favorite Grounding Stones August 1, 2018

There’s nothing like the dense energy of a stone to re-activate and heal your lower chakras.  If you’ve ever felt too floaty, weak, nervous, or agitated, or if your upper chakras are too lit up, a grounding stone can harness the extra energy and make you feel more at peace.

Photo by Faith Goble, CC2.0, rotated and cropped.

Because crystals and rocks are the #1 things pagans, witches, and Wiccans carry, I thought it’d be fun to discuss a few of my favorites. So here we go — my 8 favorite grounding stones (not in order).

1. Pyrite

Pyrite, also known as fool’s gold, has a mildly grounding property.  This shiny, sparkly mineral is sometimes equated with fiery earth energy.  Use it when you want to energize your lower chakras or recharge your batteries.  It can also promote a sense of contentment and peace, and is a great stone for kids.

Pyrite, Source

2. Hematite

In my airy-faery 20’s, I lived in the ethers and loved it. I had few responsibilities and ample time to read spiritual books, meditate, and hang out with magical people.  When I wanted to return to earth, a smooth, shiny piece of hematite always did the trick.  This stone is not only physically heavy, it’s also metaphysically heavy.  Its presence is immediately felt — it feels like a weight dropping into the lower chakras, anchoring the soul deep in place.  Seeing as it’s one of the earth’s most commonly found minerals, it makes sense that this stone grounds people.

Back in my younger years, I could only hold it for a few seconds at a time before I had to drop it and flit away, but now, I work with it all the time.  I’m much more balanced and can work with the intense energy.  That being said, it might be too much for some airy-faery people.  If that’s the case, look into one of the other stones.

3. Smoky Quartz

Beautiful and mystical, smoky quartz resonates with the lower chakras and the unknown.  Its colors can range from clear, brown, gray, and even black.  It gets color from additional silicon in the formation of the crystal.

Smoky quartz cleanses not only your energy, but also the energy around you.  It’s like quartz, but with extra strength and intensity.  I find it’s useful when I need to focus on my own energy and not be bowled over by someone else’s strong energy.

4. Black Tourmaline

My favorite stone for grounding and creating harmony with lower chakra energy is the dark crystal known as black tourmaline.  I wear it every day in my topmost pocket, and for a good reason.

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It’s an empathic protection crystal and cuts through chaos, confusion, and would-be energy vampires.  It helps me place my feet on the best path so that I can move forward.  Some people believe it shields the wearer from harm.  Although its crystalline structures are sharp, but I like it in its raw, natural state.

5. Red Jasper

This red stone activates, opens, and heals the lower chakras.  Its high iron content gives it its color and grounding properties. Red Jasper is a slow energy realigner, which can be good for people who need to ground gradually as opposed to suddenly.  It promotes a sense of peace and safety.

Red Jasper probably would’ve been a better stone for me in my faery days than hematite, as it also has a lot of quartz and feels lighter.

6. Bloodstone, aka Heliotrope, or Green Jasper with Inclusions

Bloodstone, Source

This lovely green stone with reddish dots or streaks can help with ungrounded emotions.  If you need heart chakra healing as well as grounding, this stone can assist and comfort.  It also boosts self-esteem.

7. Staurolite, aka the faery cross (fairy cross)

This metamorphic stone feels like the earth — elemental, natural, and a little dirty.  If you’re looking for a deep cleanse in your lower chakras as well as grounding, this is the perfect stone for you.  It helps to calm energy and accept the truth of situations.  It provides a steady, even energy that helps you make long overdue changes in your life.  Staurolite can help you stop smoking and quit other addictive behaviors by letting you shine as you are.

Staurolite, source

8. Garnet

Garnet is formed by metamorphic and/or igneous processes, including high temperatures and pressures.  These minerals have been through some stuff deep below the earth’s surface, and came out all the better for it.

The name garnet is also thought to be related to ‘pomegranate,’ as the finer specimens of garnet have a similar dark red color.  I know another story about someone who went beneath the ground and had a tough encounter that made her stronger — Persephone.  The three are linked according to some sources.

This mineral helps heal the lowest chakra, which is also red.  When I’m feeling weak or just need a boost of energy or confidence, I wear garnet and it helps me get through the day.

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What are your favorite grounding stones?  Comment below and let me know.  If one gets enough mentions, I’ll edit the article to include it as a fan favorite.

I’ll be writing another post soon about my favorite elevating stones. Subscribe to stay tuned.

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