You Don’t Have To Wait For The New Moon

You Don’t Have To Wait For The New Moon May 20, 2019

Many people work with the cycles of the moon, growing their magic on the waxing moon and banishing on the waning moon.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can banish on the waxing crescent.  You can even manifest on the third quarter moon.  The moon’s energy will work with you if it can.  However, if it’s not in alignment with your goals, it certainly will not oppose you.

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That’s because there’s something far more important to have with any magical work: a strong will.

Physically speaking, you have a greater gravitational pull on the energy and objects around you than the moon does.  Heck, even your dog has a greater gravitational pull on the objects around you than the moon does.

This means that it’s more important for you to align with your desires rather than wait for the appropriate moon phase.


I’m not discounting lunar witchcraft.  Aligning with the moon phase certainly can help, especially new witches.  But don’t let the moon phase limit you.

It’s far more important to do your magical work when you feel called to do it, in the manner you feel called to do it.  Perform your work when you feel most able and ready, or when you have a strong desire or a need.  Don’t wait for a full moon.

If you need to work on a health spell for an ailing loved one, the crucial time is now, not in three weeks.  If you need to find a new place to live, craft your new home spell now, not when the moon is in Taurus or Cancer.

When and how often should you practice and have ritual?  The best answer is whenever you need to.

Take responsibility for your abilities.  Be confident and stand in your strength.  With a strong will, you can override any subtle energies, including the moon’s.  If your will is strong enough, I have no doubt that your will will manifest.

To me, trusting one’s own power and abilities to change the world is the very definition of witchcraft.  May your intuition and will be strong.

So mote it be.

~ Align with Starlight Witch ~

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