How Often Should We Practice And Have Ritual?

How Often Should We Practice And Have Ritual? October 13, 2018

How often do we need to practice?  How often should we connect in order to effect the change we wish to see in the world?

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I don’t know if you’ve ever lost your regular practice due to extreme situations like moving, higher education, caring for elderly parents, etc…  but it happens to everyone from time to time.  I feel that it’s important to jumpstart your regular practice again to reconnect and experience union with the divine, if that feeds your soul.  But after that, how often should we practice?

When starting up your practice again, I recommend beginning with the moon esbats and solar sabbats.  There’s a lot of information on the internet about the current astrology and the solar holidays.  Using those days as springboards to connect with yourself and the gods can help reform alliances and reform your neural pathways for ritual, letting you command more spiritual energy.

If we only celebrated those esbats and sabbats, we’d be pretty busy.  With thirteen full moons per year and eight sabbats, that means we’re holding spiritual space 34 times each year, or almost three times a month.  If you flake out sometimes (which is okay), it might be closer to two, but that’s still quite a bit.  However, for me, that’s not quite enough.

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I need a deeper communion with the gods. I want to feel their reassuring energy.  When I observed all those esbats and sabbats, there were times when something felt like it was missing.  A foggy feeling would come over me.  My energy wasn’t right somehow, no matter how much I tried to self-correct it through awareness, energy pull-backs, meditation, or breathing.

I needed more ritual and general practice.

And so, I started practicing based on my need and intuition.  Sometimes I channel Artemis on one of my runs.  Sometimes, while driving, I hold positive space every person who comes across my path.  Or maybe I’ll be walking in the forest and feel so much gratitude for the moment, that I have to stop, touch earth, and have a quick ritual to honor the spirits of place.  I started an intuitive morning practice that helps me shift from the dream state to the mundane world.  In short, I practice and have ritual when it feels right.

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I practice when I have low energy and I’m feeling lost.  They help me pick myself up.  I find myself making more positive changes and feeling better.

When I’m blissed out on life and overflowing with joy and so much spiritual energy I could burst, I practice.  Those days, I’m able to give back to my gods and others.

I also practice when I’m in the middle energy ranges, too, when nothing is wrong and nothing is awesome.  No matter what I’m feeling, ritual and practice help my situation.

The amount of practice I do seems to correlate strongly with the amount of growth my soul is undertaking.  When I’m working through new revelations, I’m practicing often.  I need more energy and guidance to process those big ideas and energetic shifts.

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It makes me feel that practice and growth are reflexive upon each other – because I practice, my soul grows and I understand myself more.  Because I grow, my practice assists me in grounding the new energy and assimilating it into my life.

Practice as much as you need.  Listen to your intuition.  If connecting would help a situation, give it a try.  I hope you find the best flow for your practice.


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