Samhain Season and Crazy Dreams

Samhain Season and Crazy Dreams October 17, 2018

If you’ve had crazy dreams these past few weeks of Samhain Season, you’re not the only one.  The last few days, I’ve woken up dead tired, and it’s not from the change in the seasons.  At least, not entirely.  I feel worn out from doing so much in my dreams.  Nearly everyone I’ve spoken with lately has been dealing with the same thing.

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As soon as I awaken, crazy images flash on the backs of my eyelids.  But before I can remember more than a flash here and there, the dreams flee with fleet feet.

In recent dreams, I wandered through the rooms of a house that was mine, but somehow, was never explored.  In another dream, my indoor cats got loose, causing frantic searching in the wilderness, only to find they were safe.

There’s a creepy aspect to some of them lately too. I recall swallowing a tiny dead kitten whole, just like a snake.  And I’m a vegetarian.

Persephone, by RahLuna. Creative Commons 3.0

I have to think that all these crazy dreams are happening because the veil between the worlds is so thin.  Whenever we fall asleep, the other world is reaching out to us, giving us messages whether we want them or not.  Especially in Samhain Season.

If we don’t listen to the otherworld in our waking lives – for example, if we’re too busy to meditate, practice, or let ourselves daydream – you can bet the otherworld is coming for us in our sleep.


If you’ve woken up tired lately, it could be that you’re doing massive amounts of work with the gods, your beloved dead, and spirits, as well as the usual mental processing of dreams.

Keeping a dream journal can help you remember your dreams and work through them.  I recommend keeping a blank book and a writing utensil by the bed.

Dark Forest Girl, by roltirirang. Creative Commons 3.0

Ask your spirit guides to help you interpret the dreams. If you actively spend time listening to spirits and looking for their signs, they won’t pervade your dream mind quite as much.

I for one love having these crazy dreams. I will take my own advice to heart, and give the spirits some time to talk while I’m awake.

Enjoy the ride while it lasts.  The veil will thicken soon enough.


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  • For most of this month, it’s been the same for me. There were a few nights in a row where things were really intense, and I was lucid. I have also had “visions” in the state between dream and awake, and one that I drew, was connected to my work. It was a hurricane with a ray of green light that came down from atop, through the eye of the hurricane, and then down. I don’t know if this may be connected with a previous hurricane vision I had (the storm was massive enough to cover half of the U.S. and it was over the U.S.) or not – and that was from earlier this year.

    What I get does not come through in sequential order and sometimes I may wait years until I get another piece of the puzzle.

    Things have slowed down since though. My dream sequence is “shortened” (compacted) now it seems.