Energetic Cloaks For Protection, Glamor, and Power

Energetic Cloaks For Protection, Glamor, and Power October 1, 2018

Sometimes, a witch needs to don an energetic cloak.  Whether you want to move through a marketplace relatively unseen or to sparkle like sunlight on water, a magical/energetic cloak might be just what you’re looking for.

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 If you’ve never worked glamor before, you’re in for a treat.  Casting energetic/magical cloaks are a relatively easy way to test the glamor waters.

Casting a magical cloak is almost like casting a miniature circle around oneself.  Close your eyes and imagine raising your arm high.  Use whichever arm is more dominant, or the “sending” arm.  Slowly draw a wide circle over your body and head in a big circle, and imagine pulling a bunch of heavy, rich fabric over you as you do so.  Use a clockwise motion to put one on, and a widdershins motion to remove it.

Here are the various types of psychic cloaks and their purposes.

Protection Cloak

As an empath, a protective cloak was the first I ever cast.  Once it slid over my shoulders, it helped get me through the gloomy days of my youth until I could be free. Protective cloaks remain one of my favorites.  On days when I need separation from the world, a cozy, dark protection cloak can feel like I’m wearing a blanket.  My favorite colors for protective cloaks are black, gray, and brown.  These dark colors are great for keeping secret, or hidden, and for making a barrier between you and the outside world.

magical cloak protection glamor pagan wiccan witchcraft

Mirror Cloak

While you could cast a drab gray or brown cloak to blend into the background, I advocate experimenting with a mirror cloak.  Its reflective surface can reflect energy anyone is putting on you and bounce it back to them.

Subtle Glow Cloak

A transparent or semi-permeable cloak can let you get around without much notice, but can still let your energy be detected by some people.  This is handy if you’re searching for someone in a crowded area or looking to make a new friend whose energy aligns with yours.  Transparent or pastel colors are nice for this, including light blue, light purple, and light green.  You could also don one what has a jelly-like layer, which will let you be seen and let in some energy, but not all.

Glamor Cloak


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When I want to appear to others and be noticed, I wear a fancy cloak.  This is helpful for when you’re putting on a show, trying to meet someone, or you just want to sparkle and shine.  Maybe its your birthday, or you’re getting married, or you want extra zip in your ritual.  Maybe you’re appearing as a public figure and you just want that energy out there.

One of my favorite glamor cloaks is translucent with sparkling energy that looks like glitter.  You could also go for semi-transparent colors such as white, titanium, gold, silver, bronze, copper, or rainbow colors.

Power Cloak

Any color of cloak can be used to summon power and help you draw the right kind of attention.  These will be transparent as well, as you want to be noticed and not hidden behind heavy energetic fabric.


I’ve found reds and oranges command attention and give the wearer a fierce aura.  Sunshine yellow can also be quite compelling.  User beware — these take a lot of energy to maintain.

Double Cloaks

You may want to draw two cloaks over yourself to layer your intention.  For example, to move through a place without being noticed much, cast a protection cloak close to your body and a mirror cloak over it.  Experimenting with two different glamor cloaks is also fun.

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Energetic cloaks take a certain amount of energy to put up and maintain. Be aware of the energy it takes to maintain them.  Before casting them, be sure that your physical and emotional energetic states are stable so you don’t run out of energy and crash and burn.

It’s also important to realize when you can no longer maintain them.  Just like a rechargeable battery, it’s better to take them down consciously rather than letting them fall due to low energy reserves.  Save some of your energy for yourself and for whatever else you may want to accomplish after that.  If you must do this for more than a short duration, pack a snack to give you more energy.

The more you practice energetic/magical cloaks, the longer you can maintain them and the more powerful they will be.  Have fun!


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