Astral Project, And See The World Anew

Astral Project, And See The World Anew August 19, 2019

My first astral projection happened when I was eleven.  I had been trying to fall sleep for hours, and just couldn’t.  Around 2 am, I exhaled slowly and felt myself “slip” into another state.  It felt as if I were falling asleep, only I’d never felt that way before — so relaxed and floaty.

I cracked open my eyes to look at my alarm clock–I wanted to brag to my friends how late I stayed up.  Only, something was wrong.  My eyes took a few seconds to adjust and focus.  I realized I was looking at one of the handles of my dresser from very a close vantage point, as if I were mere inches away instead of several feet away, on the opposite side of the room.

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I startled and my body became paralyzed.  I couldn’t move at all.  I thought aliens had possession of me–that I was in a tractor beam or something.  All I could do for several minutes was stare at that dresser handle, paralyzed, until I calmed down enough to return to my body.

As soon as I could move, I ran to my mother and told her what happened.  Luckily, she’s witchy enough to know what it was and comfort me.

That night, as I tried to sleep once again, my mind reeled.  I couldn’t deny my strange experience.  I had floated outside of my body and across the room.  My spirit had actually traveled, even if it was only a few feet!  Moreover, I had experienced a hidden realm that overlapped with the physical world.

I think of my first astral projection as one of my initiations by the otherworld.  Since that time, I’ve had a few more, and they’ve opened my mind completely.  I can honestly say that  having had those experiences, I see the world completely differently.

Here’s What I’ve Learned From Astral Projection

There’s More To Life Than Meets The Eye

Skeptics want proof that astral projection is possible.  Having never astrally projected, they demand evidence for what it is and how it happens.  However, the only proof or evidence of astral projection is the retelling of a personal experience.  So it’s not easy for skeptics to believe others.

But think of it this way — we can’t see all of the energy around us, but we know microwaves and radio waves exist because we use them nearly every day.  We can’t hear all the sounds or smell all of the smells, but we know that dogs can experience more of those things.  We can’t see all the colors, but we know infrared and ultraviolet exist.  As humans, we can’t use echolocation or the instinct that helps birds migrate…

In other words, the human experience is very limited compared to what’s actually out there.  Why would anyone think we would be able to provide proof of an out of body experience?  The only logical answer is that there’s so much more out there beyond what we can experience or even know at this moment.

Schiavonetti_Soul_leaving_body_1808. astral travel out of body experience projection.jpg
Luigi Schiavonetti, Soul Leaving the Body, illustration, 1808. Public Domain.

Spirits Are Very Real

Spirits are everywhere, and they can and do interact with us.  One of my favorite astral projections I ever had was meeting my guardian spirit.  I can only describe “him” as an oversized, vaguely human-shaped figure who was made of crystalline blue-white energy.  Our thoughts spoke to each other, and he told me his name.  He cradled me in his arms as if I were a babe before setting me back down into my body.

Yes, spirits are very real, and they take form in the astral realm.  You can speak with several different kinds there.

Thoughts Are Extremely Powerful

In the astral realm, your thoughts are your words.  Thought-communication is easy and intuitive.  I hear my own thoughts and the words my guardian spirit said as effortlessly as breathing.

(By the way, this is yet another reason why you should clean up your inner self-talk ASAP.)

Your Will Is Powerful

With your will alone, you can direct your spirit to different places.  Your desires get you around.  Will is the currency of action, and it makes things happen.

On the physical realm, it’s easy to feel disconnected from will at times, but it’s alive.  It clearly makes things happen on the energetic/astral realm.

The World Is Made Of Energy

In the astral realm, energy is everywhere, coloring everything.  Every thought, emotion, and movement speaks volumes.  Some physical objects have visible energy within them, as a life force, and other things have another kind of energy that vibrates differently, more densely.

Energy in the astral realm can be felt easier.  It’s immediately clear if you’re dealing with a malicious spirit or a good one because you can sense the energy present.

You’ll Never Look At The World The Same Way Again

Astral projection can take years of practice to master, so don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get it at first. Keep at it. The rewards are beyond measure.

If you’d like to see books on astral projection recommended by Mat Auryn, check out his article here.

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