Eclipse Magic: How To Properly Harness The Power Of An Eclipse

Eclipse Magic: How To Properly Harness The Power Of An Eclipse July 3, 2019

A lot of people say we shouldn’t do any magical workings on an eclipse, but I’ve had such great success with them.  It’s like an energetic portal opens–my work is more powerful, more successful, and deeply meaningful.  I look back on my book of shadows entries and I’m amazed at the absolute successes of my eclipse rituals. While I admit that the energy can be a little chaotic at times, I’ve found ways of navigating around it and wanted to share them.

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When a new moon happens, every 29.5 days, the moon and sun are in the same degree of the astrological sign.  But about 2-5 times a year, the sun or moon will eclipse the other.  The energy is more intense because the sun and moon are together or they’re directly apart.

What does this mean for people who are sensitive to the physics of the moon and the sun?  There’s always a slight draw on our bodies from these celestial beings, and this is magnified during new moons and full moons.  The draw is even more intense when it’s an eclipse because the sun and moon are exact in the degrees instead of a bit wobbly.

Very sensitive people will feel more intense energy during this time, which could be interpreted as chaotic energy if you’re ungrounded.  This is why a lot of people advocate against working with eclipse energy.  It may actually be good advice if you’re a beginner witch, but it might not apply to someone who is more adept.

Here are the Ways I Work with Eclipse Energy

Ground, Ground, Ground

Eat more food if you feel drawn to.  Wear hematite or another grounding stone to help you get through the eclipse time.  Connect with the earth by walking barefoot, gardening, or taking a walk.  It’s important to get in your body, even if you have to sit with uncomfortable feelings.

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A salt bath is a good idea, as well as burning herbs.  Cleanse your space and yourself.  This isn’t the best time to read a witchy book in the bath.  Instead, meditate to cleanse your mind.  Go ahead and realign your chakras or your other energy centers at this time.

Use Good Timing, or Wait

Feel out the energy within you and the energy of your ritual space before you start your ritual.  If you’re feeling chaos, it will likely pass once the sun and moon have moved apart from exact alignment, and it’s okay to do your work just after an eclipse.  This still has the power of the eclipse, but is actually more like the energy of a regular new moon or full moon.

Keep your Ritual Simple

When you perform your ritual, do what typically works.  This isn’t the time to recite some weird text or call in all of the spirits and deities. Use a ritual format you know and trust.  This limits the randomness and potentially chaotic energy in your ritual.

With that being said, if it feels right, it could be a good time to introduce yourself to one new spirit or deity, as eclipses are seen as energetic portals.  I tried this recently, and had great success with it.  The veil was quite thin and I was able to easily communicate with them.

Raise Energy in a Surefire Way

Use an energy-raising method that gets good results. I prefer dancing, moving clockwise in the circle, using music, and sharing energy with the spirits and deities.  This probably isn’t the best time to use drugs to get you to that higher place.  The potential for spinning out is too strong.


Work the Magic for Yourself and Not Others

This is a personal opinion, I prefer to do no healing for others or hexing during eclipses because of the potential for chaos.  During eclipses, I only work on self-improvement, personal strength, and/or manifestation of one specific aspect or boon.

The work I’ve successfully performed includes jar spells, candle magic, spirit and deity communication, manifestation magic, and divination.

Practice Post-Ritual Care

I can’t emphasize this enough.  You’ll need to re-ground.  Eat something.  Drink something.  Release your extra energy to the earth.  If you’re still spun up from the magic, exert that energy in a useful way, such as going for a walk or cleaning your house.

Eclipse energy helped me write my most recent book, Intuitive Witchcraft.  It also helped me complete it by becoming stronger and a more clear vessel for communicating my ideas.  Eclipse magic will likely help with this next book too, Air Magick.

Whatever eclipse magic work you do, I wish you well!  Feel free to leave any additional tips in the comments below.

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Astrea is the author of Intuitive Witchcraft: How To Use Intuition To Elevate Your Craft (Llewellyn Worldwide). She also leads the fire dancing group Aurora Fire and stirs up magic for the Blessed Be Box, the service that ships a "ritual in a box" with all vegan and cruelty-free items. You can read more about the author here.

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