Pagan & Shinto News: Canadian Police Investigate Needle-Filled Lemons Possibly Linked To Witchcraft

Pagan & Shinto News: Canadian Police Investigate Needle-Filled Lemons Possibly Linked To Witchcraft July 19, 2020

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • Canada: Police investigate needle-filled lemons possibly linked to witchcraft
  • Italy: Huge Atlas statue to guard Sicily’s Temple of Zeus once more
  • UK: Researchers believe huge Iron Age religious structures found at Navan Fort

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Left: Lemon stock image, Leon Ting, Pixabay. Centre: The Greek god Atlas, supporting a Buddhist monument, public domain. Right: The Navan Fort Armagh Northern Ireland, Giuseppe Milo / CC

Pagan News

Needle-filled lemons on Canadian hiking trail prompt police probe tied to witchcraft
The Charlotte Obsever
A strange police investigation with possible ties to witchcraft is underway in Canada after lemons full of sewing needles were found by hiking trails around Port Coquitlam, about 25 miles north of the U.S. border…

Asatru Folk Assembly takes root in Minnesota
Star Tribune
A Nordic heritage group that religious scholars have identified as a white supremacist organization is sinking permanent roots into this Swift County town…

US: Azealia Banks suggests her Voodoo might’ve helped with Nick Cannon’s firing
Celebrity Insider
According to Azealia Banks, her voodoo tricks might’ve helped facilitate Nick Cannon’s firing from ViacomCBS…

UK: Emmerdale’s Samantha Giles uses witchcraft in lockdown – and cast spell to find husband
Witchcraft fan Samantha Giles – who was Bernice Blackstock in Emmerdale and used magic to find love – has written a book about Lancashire’s Pendle Hill witches…

US: Man unearths ‘witch bottle’ with hair and teeth inside – but is urged to ‘put it back’
An avid relic hunter has made a rather creepy discovery in New Orleans, unearthing what he believes to be a ‘witch bottle’ but people aren’t so sure he should have dug it up…

These witches want to introduce you to the world of sex magic
Huffington Post
Magic is real for these women, and they say one of its most potent forms — sex magic — can alter our lives in powerful ways…

Shinto News

Sacred rope exchange event held at World Heritage waterfall
Kyodo News
An event to exchange a “shimenawa” sacred rope hanging over the top of a World Heritage waterfall was held Monday to prepare for an upcoming festival at Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine in Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan…

At least 54 cultural assets in Kyushu damaged by heavy rain
The Japan Times
At least 54 cultural assets including World Heritage sites have been damaged by floods and mudslides caused by this month’s heavy rain in Kyushu, local governments said Wednesday. They include the national treasure Aoi Aso Shrine, which was founded around 1,200 years ago…

The making of the eternal forest at Meiji Shrine
Japan Today
As Meiji Shrine prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary, we look at how this city oasis was born out of marshes and farmland…

Other News

Italy: Huge Atlas statue to guard Sicily’s Temple of Zeus once more
The Guardian
A colossal statue of Atlas, buried for centuries among ancient ruins, will soon take its rightful place among the ancient Greek temples of Agrigento on Sicily…

UK: Researchers believe huge Iron Age religious structures found at Navan Fort
Archaeologists believe they have uncovered evidence of Iron Age temples and other religious complexes…

CT scan reveals 3,000-year-old ‘child-like’ mummy is made of grain shaped to represent Osiris
Mail Online
A CT scan revealed the remains of a child-like mummy were actually just mud and grain packed together and shaped to represent Osiris, the Egyptian god of death…

UK: Stonehenge Tunnel decision delayed again
Highways Magazine
Just one day before transport secretary Grant Shapps had been due to announce whether the planned £1.7bn scheme should go ahead, the DfT announced the decision would be put back until the autumn following more archaeological finds at the site…

Japan: National Ainu Museum opens in Hokkaido after COVID-19 delay
The Japan Times
The country’s first national museum dedicated to the indigenous Ainu people of northern Japan opened Sunday after repeated delays due to the coronavirus pandemic…

Google’s new tool lets you translate Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics
Arab News
If you’ve ever wondered what messages the Ancient Egyptians were trying to convey with their hieroglyphics, Google’s new tool might just be able to help…

Fire goddess will judge if museum conveys message of Ainu culture
The Asahi Shimbun
In the Ainu language, the goddess of fire is Apehuchi Kamuy. She is the subject of a wood sculpture Kaizawa was commissioned to create for display at the National Ainu Museum and Park (Upopoy), which opened to the public on July 12 in the town of Shiraoi…

US: Denver museum repatriates sacred carvings to Kenyan tribes
Denver Post
At the Denver museum, the discovery of 30 wooden statues sent curators on a quest to return the items said to hold the souls of ancestors…

Goddess Hygieia is the only deity we need to worship in 2020
As the hygiene category steals the limelight, a quick ode to its eponymous owner, a Greek Goddess the world is worshipping, inadvertently…

The queer witches from TV who make us proud
Syfy Wire
From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to Motherland: Fort Salem, we’ve gathered the 12 queer witches from TV who make us beam with pride…

Nigerian ‘witchhunter’ preacher sues Atheist for $52 million for challenging her harmful ideas
Patheos Nonreligious: Hemant Mehta
A preacher and self-styled “Lady Apostle” named Helen Ukpabio, who has been accused of promoting the idea that babies can be possessed by demons — allegedly leading her followers to torture babies — is suing one of her critics for tens of millions of dollars…

Pandemic impact on “witch-hunts”
The Wild Hunt
The current pandemic has had an impact in countries around the world in a variety of ways, particularly in how it has affected economic and social infrastructures. One unwelcome impact is how it has driven up the cases of “witch-hunts” which are fueled by ignorance, superstitions, and the belief in malignant magical practices…

Malawi: Man killed over witchcraft accusations
A 41-year-old man has been brutally killed by irate villagers in Rumphi over allegations that he bewitched his sister-inlaw who died last month…

Nigeria: Child Witch Persecution And Police Intervention In Ogun State 
Sahara Reporters
The news that a couple tortured their granddaughter for witchcraft circulated widely on social media…

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