Pagan & Shinto News: Archaeologists Re-erect Structures At Sanctuary Of Hecate In Turkey

Pagan & Shinto News: Archaeologists Re-erect Structures At Sanctuary Of Hecate In Turkey September 13, 2020

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • Archaeologists re-erect structures at Sanctuary of Hecate in southwest Turkey
  • 2,400-year-old mask of ancient Greek god Dionysus found in Western Turkey
  • UK: Man pleads guilty to using ‘threatening’ language towards Wiccan woman

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Left: Hecate statue, Vatican Museums / Public domain. Centre: Bronze mask depicting Dionysus 200 BC – 100 AD., I, Sailko / CC BY-SA. Right: Pentacle stock image, LunarSeaArt, Pixabay.

Pagan News

UK: Man pleads guilty to using ‘threatening’ language towards Wiccan woman
NWE Mail
Appearing in the dock, the defendant pleaded guilty to using threatening, abusive or insulting words towards the victim, a follower of Wicca.

TikTok witches are fighting for the online future of witchcraft
Contemporary witches face a new set of challenges, and this time, they’re online…

US: 4-State pagan festival
KOAM News Now
Pagans from Joplin and Pittsburg met to share art, crafts, and culture…

The true history of modern moon names
Patheos Pagan: Melissa Hill
Where do modern moon names come from? We’ve all seen the “Algonquin Moon Names” on social media…

How an Arab witch honours and contacts his ancestors

Patheos Pagan: Bader Saab
I highly respect my ancestors, both my Beloved Dead and my Mighty Dead. I don’t usually call their names and ask for their help, but I always try to know who my ancestors were, how they lived, what I can learn from them, and always respect their memory…

How millennials turned away from religion and embraced new lifestyle cults
New Statesman
From Harry Potter to wellness to astrology, Tara Isabella Burton argues that young people are not abandoning faith but reinventing it to suit their own lifestyles…

Autumn begins September 22: Make it extra special this year
While I continue to wipe the perspiration from my brow while I opt for Pumpkin-flavored COLD brews, I remind myself the Autumnal Equinox will be here on September 22…

Shinto News

New Japanese craft gin from Edo-period sake brewery contains the essence of “wa”

Unique blend of botanicals includes seaweed, tea, wasabi, and Japanese cedar, as a nod to the wood used in red shrine gates…

The tranquillity of Yasukuni Shrine repeats ‘old lie’ of conflict
The Times
Yasukuni, in central Tokyo, is where the spirits of Japan’s war dead are revered, among them 14 convicted Class A war criminals, including the executed wartime prime minister, Hideki Tojo. Few religious sites in the world are so bitterly divisive…

Cannabis, hemp, CBD: the Japanese cannabis landscape
Health Europa
Hemp is revered as a sacred plant in Japan’s religions. Japan’s indigenous religion, Shinto, regards it as a symbol of purity and fertility and has been using it in ceremonies and rituals in various forms…

Other News

Archaeologists re-erect structures at Sanctuary of Hecate in southwest Turkey

Daily Sabah
Holding worldwide significance as the largest temple built in honor of the Greek goddess, the site in Lagina will draw more visitors with its rejuvenated architecture…

2,400-year-old mask of ancient Greek god Dionysus found in Western Turkey
Greek Reporter
An extremely expressive terra-cotta mask, thought to represent the Greek god Dionysus, was recently unearthed during excavations of the ancient Greek city of Daskyleion in Western Turkey…

Archaeologists uncover coffins at ancient Egyptian burial site
Arab News
Archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered an ancient burial site hidden away near the Giza Pyramids for more than 2,500 years…

UK: Stonehenge Tunnel to undergo further ground investigations
New Civil Engineer
Highways England has announced that the next phase of ground investigation work for the proposed A303 Stonehenge upgrade will begin next week…

Sudan’s ancient pyramids are at risk of flooding
Record floods in Sudan have threatened sites housing the royal pyramids of Meroe and Nuri, two of the country’s most important archaeological areas, an official said on Tuesday…

UK: ‘Ghost of Scots witch’ captured in terrifying photo at Clootie Well
Daily Record
A pair of ghost hunters claim to have captured the spooky image of a witch at one of Scotland’s most atmospheric sites…

US: Airbnb home with ‘devil worship’ decor made ‘family feel unsafe,’ renter says
Yahoo! Life
Frederick paid $1,150 for two nights at the two-bedroom home. But the family encountered “seemingly satanic items and stuff for witchcraft rituals” when they arrived…

Rio Tinto CEO resigns after destruction of 46,000-year-old sacred Indigenous site

CNN Business
Rio Tinto (RIO) CEO Jean-Sébastien Jacques has resigned under pressure from investors over the company’s destruction of a 46,000-year-old sacred Indigenous site in Australia to expand an iron ore mine…

Top 10 goddesses in fiction
The Guardian
In ancient myth – and novels by authors from Neil Gaiman to Toni Morrison – these ambiguous figures are sometimes repressive, sometimes inspiring…

‘It’s Radox for the mind’: forest bathing in south Wales
The Guardian
Deep in the woods of the Wye valley, a sensory adventure based on an ancient Japanese therapy provides balm for troubled times…

The mystical, magical, terrifying supernatural cats of Japan
Zocalo Public Square
Japan’s magic catlore is wide and deep—ranging from the fanciful, magical shapeshifters (bakeneko) to the horrendous demonic corpse-eaters (kasha)…

Where to find the world’s most soul-stirring sunrises
The Telegraph
There is something special about witnessing the sunrise, in watching those first fingers of pale yellow light pull at the edges of a blanket of darkness…

Japan’s ancient vegetarian meal
Believed to align the mind, body and soul, shojin ryori is a fascinating insight into the careful balance of new and old perfected by Japan…

Worldwide ‘witch hunts’

UK: 300 years on, will thousands of women burned as ‘witches’ finally get justice?
The Guardian
Lawyer seeks pardon for 2,500 Scots who were tortured and killed in ‘satanic panic’ begun by James VI…

Malawi: Traditional healers asked to work within the law
In a drive to combat mob justice that results from ‘witchcraft’ accusations, police in Rumphi on Saturday engaged traditional healers at Mhuju in the district…

India: 75-year-old woman branded as ‘witch’, killed by neighbour in Jharkhand
She the Peope
A 75-year-old woman was branded as witch and killed by her neighbour in Salami village of Gumla, Jharkhand…

Zimbabwe: Three men on the run after allegedly killing relative over ‘witchcraft’
Three Chimanimani villagers are on the run after allegedly murdering their 65-year-old female relative accusing her of ‘witchcraft’…

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