Pagan & Shinto News: Shrine Revives Shinto-Buddhist Rite After 550-Year Hiatus

Pagan & Shinto News: Shrine Revives Shinto-Buddhist Rite After 550-Year Hiatus September 6, 2020

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • Japan: Kyoto shrine revives Shinto-Buddhist rite after 550-year hiatus
  • Proposed reforms may make legally-binding Pagan weddings possible in England & Wales
  • ‘Witchcraft panic’ grips France as police link horse mutilations to ‘satanic cult rituals’

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Left: Entrance to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, Tokyo-Good / CC BY-SA. Centre: Handfasting, Jeremy Duncan05 / CC BY-SA Right: Horses stock image, Wolfgang Claussen from Pixabay

Pagan News

Proposed reforms may make Pagan weddings possible in England & Wales
Pagan Federation Blog
“We have had to opt for a civil service either at a registrar’s office or licensed building as well as a handfasting ceremony if we wish for a marriage to be legally recognised. This paper and its recommendations on changes to the law has the potential to change that.”

UK: Tourists slammed for leaving used face masks and underwear at ancient pilgrimage site
“Disgusting” images have emerged showing used face masks, thongs, socks and bras hanging from trees at an ancient pilgrimage beauty spot in the Scottish Highlands…

Obituary for Idaho witch who ‘exploded into glitter and bats’ goes viral
A unique obituary for an Idaho witch asking people to carve a pumpkin in her memory has gone viral on social media…

How Black diviners in the fashion industry balance creativity and magic
Whether training to be a priestess or tending to “witch duties”, Porsche Little, Bria Scott and Akua Shabaka share the importance of their spiritual practice in everyday life…

Two real-life witches tell all
On Milwaukee
In this podcast, Julie interviews Molly, who was in a coven for 8 years, and Renee – aka Luna, the witchiest of the witches.

Autumn Equinox 2020: the science behind the changing seasons
The Telegraph
When does autumn begin, and what happens during the equinox?…

Shinto News

Kyoto shrine revives Shinto-Buddhist rite after 550-year hiatus
The Japan Times
A well-known shrine in Kyoto held a Shinto and Buddhist rite originating in the 10th century after a 550-year hiatus on Friday, as part of its efforts to revive ancient rituals…

Los Angeles Tanabata Festival Cancelled
The Rafu Shimpo
The Los Angeles Tanabata Festival Committee has announced they have cancelled the 2020 festival over safety concerns…

What the pocket monsters of Pokémon can teach us about Japan’s Shinto faith
ABC News
For Japanese players, raised with a knowledge of Shinto — the country’s oldest and largest faith — the Pokémon universe is more than a cartoon fantasy.

Other News

‘Witchcraft panic’ grips France as police link horse mutilations to ‘satanic cult rituals’
Daily Express
A growing number of gruesome horse murders in France has sparked a panic over potential witchcraft rituals, as police investigate whether ‘satanic cults’ could be behind the spate of mutilations…

UK: Lawyer at forefront of campaign to pardon people accused of witchcraft backs call for memorial in Fife
The Courier
A top lawyer leading a campaign to pardon those accused of witchcraft has backed a campaign for a memorial in Fife….

Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro removes a painting of Afro-Brazilian deities from presidential offices
The Art Newspaper
The Brazilian president allegedly requested the removal of Os Orixás by the artist Djanira da Motta e Silva at the behest of his wife, an Evangelical Christian…

Ancient Greek ruins of Mycenae saved from raging wildfire
The ancient ruins at Mycenae, some of the most important in Greece, have been saved from wildfire that has ravaged the surrounding land, according to officials…

UK: Bronze Age tradition of keeping human remains uncovered
An tradition of keeping human remains as relics during the Bronze Age has been discovered by researchers…

Mexico: Santa Muerte Worshipers Confronted by a Christian Preacher
The Wild Hunt
Phillip Blair, an evangelical Christian preacher, and leader of the Torch of Christ Ministries, came to preach at a famous shrine dedicated to Santa Muerte…

UK: More than 130,000 children assigned to faith schools despite parents wanting a non-religious school
More than 130,000 children have been assigned to faith schools since 2014 despite their parents wanting to send them to a non-faith school…

Lovecraft Country: Who is Mama Oya? The African Goddess’ mythology explained
Screen Rant
In Jordan Peele’s season 1, episode 3, “Holy Ghost,” Leti calls upon the African Goddess Mama Oya. Here is the mythology behind the powerful Goddess…

A Japanese Sea Spirit Battles COVID-19
The world has become enchanted with a three-legged mermaid called Amabie, said to help fight plague…

Worldwide ‘witch hunts’

Ghana: Government must provide relief for women attacked on suspicious of ‘witchcraft’ – Amnesty International
My Joy Online
Amnesty International Ghana has charged government to provide support for all women who have been assaulted on suspicion of ‘witchcraft’ with an immediate effect…

Ghana: ‘We won’t close down “witch” camps’ – Gender Minister
Ghana Web
The Minister of Gender, Child and Social Protection, Mrs Cynthia Morrison, has said her Ministry has taken a second look at closing down witch camps in the northern part of the country, as they serve as a safe haven for people, mostly old women who are alleged to be ‘witches’…

Ghana: Another alleged ‘witch’ butchered
Modern Ghana
A 60-year-old alleged ‘witch’ has been attacked and butchered by residents in Sumpini near Busunu in the West Gonja municipality of the Savannah Region…

Malawi: Man stoned to death over ‘witchcraft’ allegations
Malawi 24
An irate mob in Dedza on Tuesday stoned to death a man, accusing him of ‘bewitching’ another a man who died in South Africa in August…


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