Pagan & Shinto News: ‘America’s Stonehenge’ Torn Down After Bombing

Pagan & Shinto News: ‘America’s Stonehenge’ Torn Down After Bombing July 10, 2022

Top stories of the week in Paganism and Shinto:

  • ‘America’s Stonehenge’ torn down after bombing
  • Japan: Suspect behind ex-PM Abe’s shooting says he planned to target religious group exec
  • King Arthur’s tomb dig to unearth secrets of ancient Britain

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Georgia Guidestones, Dinasaurus, CC BY-SA 3.0

Pagan News

US: StellaLuna in Southington strives to bring mystical experience, witchcraft to local community
The Bristol Press
Lauren Josenhans, owner of StellaLuna LLC, said she opened her shop to bring a mystical experience to the local community…

Why a growing interest in witchcraft is leaving us spellbound
The pandemic has affected us in ways we’ve yet to fully comprehend, but one of the more unexpected is a new wave of witchcraft…

UK: Lammas tradition sees big white glove return to Exeter
Exeter City Council
Hundreds of people in Exeter have been witnessing the age old tradition of the Lammas Fair as the big white glove returned to the city streets…

Shinto News

Suspect behind ex-PM Abe’s shooting says he planned to target religious group exec
The Mainichi
A man under arrest for allegedly shooting former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during a stump speech here has told police that he intended to target a senior official of a religious group, sources close to the case have said…

Shinto group-linked booklet calling homosexuality a ‘mental disease’ sparks backlash in Japan
The Mainichi
LGBTQ rights activists and supporters protested in front of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)’s headquarters on July 4 after an intra-party panel meeting circulated a booklet claiming that “homosexuality is a mental disease or addiction.”…

Other News

‘America’s Stonehenge’ that some see as satanic torn down after bombing
The Guardian
A peculiar granite monument that some have dubbed “America’s Stonehenge” but a conservative politician condemned as “satanic” has been torn down by authorities in rural Georgia hours after it was heavily damaged in a bombing by vandals…

King Arthur’s tomb dig to unearth secrets of ancient Britain
The Times*
Arthur’s Stone in Herefordshire, near the Welsh border, is said to be the last resting place of the mythical King, and is now being dug up in a joint venture by English Heritage and the University of Manchester to discover how ancient Britons lived, died, honoured their dead and celebrated their ancestry…

Israel: 8,000-year-old Yarmukian ‘Mother Goddess’ figurine uncovered at Sha’ar HaGolan
Jerusalem Post
The 20-centimeter figurine was found broken in two pieces next to the wall of a home at the Sha’ar HaGolan Yarmukian archaeological site…

Greece: Massive golden statue of Zeus comes back to life
Greek Reporter
The massive golden and ivory statue of Zeus that once stood in the temple to the god located at Ancient Olympia has come back to life after 2,500 years…

UK: 1,600-year-old Anglo-Saxon cemetery holds speared man and wealthy woman
A wealthy pagan burial ground, dating from the first years of the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain during the fifth century A.D., has been uncovered near London ahead of a high-speed rail project, known as High Speed 2 (HS2)…

Ancient Egyptian statues found in English garden
Arab News
Two stone statues of sphinxes dating back 5,000 years and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars have been discovered in a garden in the English county of Suffolk…

Jordan: Snake monument in Petra offer clues to the past
Al Bawaba
Petra’s Snake Monument in the southern part of the rose-red city offers clues to the role of serpents in Nabataean’s religious practices, according to a German scholar…

Germany to return looted goddess statue to Cameroon’s Nso people
Quartz Africa
The mythical statue known as Ngonnso’—which had been missing for 120 years—beyond its ethnological and cultural significance, is the statue of the founder and first queen-mother of the Nso Kingdom who is highly revered as a goddess by her people…

Why many churches were built on top of ancient Greek temples
Greek Reporter
Surprisingly, many Christian churches were built on sites where ancient Greek temples once stood, and many temples were once used as churches at some point in history…

Saudi Arabia: A mysterious cult that predates Stonehenge
Spread over a vast, remote landscape in north-western Saudi Arabia are millennia-old archaeological remains that could change our understanding of prehistory…

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