Pagan & Shinto News: Volunteers Needed To Help Lift Up First Stone At Brittany’s New ‘Stonehenge’ Site

Pagan & Shinto News: Volunteers Needed To Help Lift Up First Stone At Brittany’s New ‘Stonehenge’ Site July 3, 2022

Top stories of the week in Paganism and Shinto:

  • France: Volunteers needed to help lift up first stone at Brittany’s new ‘Stonehenge’ site
  • Charges dropped against elderly Japanese man for nailing Putin voodoo doll to sacred shrine tree
  • US Supreme Court upholds right to pray on the 50-yard line: Can Pagans now Circle there also?

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Pagan News

France: Can you help lift up first stone at Brittany’s new ‘Stonehenge’ site?
The Connexion
More than 200 volunteers are needed to lift the menhir in the same way that stones at Stonehenge were in 2,700BC…

US Supreme Court upholds right to pray on the 50-yard line: Can Pagans now Circle there also?
The Wild Hunt
There is concern within the Pagan and other religious communities that the 6-3 ruling in favor of Kennedy by the Supreme Court yesterday, will result in those who follow minority religions or beliefs being subjected to, forced, or pressured into publicly engaging in prayers that do not reflect their beliefs…

Essential texts for activist witches
Patheos Pagan: Fivefold Law
Following is a list of books that can help us use the tools at our disposal as effectively as possible…

Isle of Man: Former witchcraft museum in windmill transformed into unique home for sale for £425k
Ise of Man Today
The Witches’ Mill was built in 1828 and became part of a museum of witchcraft in the 1950s…

Documenting the unique Stonehenge Summer Solstice Pagan celebration
Photographer Matt Badenoch attended the Summer Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge and captured the unique cultural experience from start to finish…

US: ‘Out of the broom closet,’ Lansing pagans detail coming out with their religion
Fox 47 News
Members of Lansing Area Pagans say that in smaller communities like Lansing, which has a population of just under 120,000 people, revealing oneself as pagan often comes with social stigma…

US: Pagans in uniform
Media reports on followers of old Norse paganism focus on reactionary followers with white supremacist beliefs. But practitioners of the faith in the military are trying to correct the record…

The ‘sonnenrad’ used in shooters’ manifestos: a spiritual symbol of hate
Religion News Service
The far-right today shares more than just ideas with white supremacists of yesterday – they also share some pagan-inspired symbols…

Shinto News

Charges dropped against elderly Japanese man for nailing Putin voodoo doll to sacred shrine tree
Two weeks ago, investigators arrested Mitsunobu Hino, a 72-year-old resident of Matsudo, on charges of property damage after Hino was seen on security camera footage carrying a wara ningyo at a shrine shortly before one of the dolls was found nailed to the ground’s sacred tree…

Temple in Nara displays dolls to pray for end of war in Ukraine
The Asahi Shimbun
A temple here has decorated its premises with hundreds of dolls to pray for peace in Ukraine…

Sacred trees in Japan
In the modern city of Tokyo, mature forests and trees form a spiritual bridge between past and present…

Want to start your Tanabata festival right? Here’s how to watch the Perseid meteor shower
Meteor showers are a pretty spectacle in the night sky, but at least one of them holds a significant meaning to one of East Asia’s (and those from East Asia) most celebrated festivals: the Tanabata Festival in Japan and its Chinese counterpart, the Qixi Festival…

What is forest bathing?
Forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku in Japanese, means to soak in the forest through all of your senses. In practice, forest bathing can be a slow, mindful walk in nature, where you pay close attention to your surroundings using your senses (e.g. sight, smell, hearing, touch)…

Other News

Albania: Ancient statue of Artemis found in Durres
Exit News
An Albanian-French archaeological dig in the Byzantine Forum of Durres has yielded a fascinating find, believed to be a bronze statue of the goddess Artemis…

Italy: Frescoes from the time of Hadrian unveiled at ancient Roman baths
Frescoes dating back almost 2,000 years to the time of the Roman emperor Hadrian will now be on display to the public when they visit Rome’s ancient Baths of Caracalla…

Israel: Statues of Roman goddesses returned to rightful place of honor at Tel Ashkelon
The Jerusalem Post
The remains of five marble statues have been rescued from anonymity and placed standing using a special frame between the southern portion of the basilica and the odeon, a small covered theater…

UK: Stonehenge criticised over anti-bird mesh
Stonehenge has been criticised for the use of anti-bird mesh in areas previously used as nesting sites…

Poland: Mystery surrounds ‘spooky magic witch circles’ found ‘hidden in plain sight’ at opposite ends of the country
The First News
Spooky ‘magic circles’ used to ward off evil spirits have been found hidden in plain sight at different ends of the country…

Benin Bronzes to be repatriated to Nigeria from Germany
The Wild Hunt
Officials from Germany and Nigeria have signed an agreement to return artifacts taken from the Edo people of the Kingdom of Benin more than a century ago…

US: Mine can be built on Apache sacred site, Oak Flat, federal appeals court rules
Religion News Service
A coalition of Native American people said they will go to the Supreme Court after a divided federal appeals court ruled the government can proceed with the transfer of Oak Flat, an Apache sacred site in Arizona, to a private venture that’s planning an underground copper mine…

Reproduced statue of ancient Egyptian goddess Serket welcomes visitors in airports of local touristic cities
Egypt Today
The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, represented by the General Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority, placed a number of archaeological reproductions of the statue of the ancient Egyptian goddess Serket in the airports of various Egyptian tourist cities, standing with her arms open and welcoming visitors…

How the crocodile became an enduring Egyptian symbol
Egyptian Streets
In ancient Egypt, the crocodile used to be revered for its might and agility; it was also closely associated with the Nile river, where it often dwelled…

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