Pagan Theology Series

Pagan Theology Series August 5, 2010

For the next few weeks on the Pagan Portal at Patheos we’re going to be engaging in the discussion of Pagan theology. Who are the Gods? What is their nature? Their origin? How do we account for a plurality of religious experience? What is our relationship to the Gods? Why do we exist? Is there a greater purpose?

We’ve started off the series with Mana for Heaven: Bonewits Polytheology and American Capitalism by Alison Shaffer, a comparison of the “worship bargain” to multi-national corporations. P. Sufenas Virius Lupus delves into syncretism in Polytheology: Syncretism, Process Theology and “Polyamorotheism”. I try to hash out a rationale for the plurality of religious expression and experience in Resolving the Polytheistic Paradox.

Please feel free to join the dialogue! This is an exciting series and we hope it can inspire discourse about Pagan theology.If you are interested in contributing to the series, either because you have a viewpoint not yet expressed here, or want to respond in a more in-depth way to the articles already posted, please feel free to drop me a line: sfoster at

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