Talog Summer

Talog Summer August 6, 2010

I make no apologies for my lack of blog contributions these past few weeks, for this is ‘Summer’ and here in Wales our summers are desperately short and when we aren’t having rain it’s time to reconnect with nature. The computer is neglected, so are all other indoor activities, and with straw hat, gloves and basket I spend my days communing with creation and my Talog faeries.

The ‘garden’, my hard fought for little level patch that sits perched within the wild wooded steep valley side, had become a jungle. The trees had almost reached across to enclose and cut out all sun; the paths guarded by seven foot tall stinging nettels stung all who dared enter, while the wild vicious brambles snaked across the ground like trip wires to trip them. The patio of stone slabs and cobbles had become a patch of beautiful yellow buttercups growing knee deep, though a joy to behold they are such a nuisance, even though there is nothing for their roots yet to key into they still they seem capable of living without soil.

So I have not been idle, I’ve pruned, weeded and harvested; nettles and many other varieties of wild flowers now hang drying in my shed and kitchen, ready to heal or make magic; I have picked pounds of red currents, black currents and quinces, some are now jam while others are in the freezer, and I have enough wand woods to keep me busy all through the long winter months.

The garden is beginning to look greatly improved but it is far too much work for one old witch and I fear the good weather will end long before the job is completed; never-the-less it is sobering and satisfying work, and teaches a lesson regarding human presence within creation. It demonstrates to me how insignificant I am, for in the blink of an eye the Children of the Goddess, the faery folk, replenish the wild woods as though I was never here, just as patient Gaia will surely one day dismiss humanity.

My Lammas was celebration was in the cool of the evening, indulging in strawberries, cherries, home baked cake and wonderful homebrewed wine. I shared with my crows who argued with my magpies, and tormented my cats, then finally before returning indoors I left gifts for my beloved badgers. Life in Talog is good- I count my blessings and fill my heart with the hope that it is good for you also, this is my Lammas blessing to you all.


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