Ch-Ch-Changes April 15, 2012

A week ago I took a blogging sabbatical. Since then I’ve received a lot of feedback, mostly supportive. Even so, by Saturday I had decided to permanently archive this blog, and quit blogging altogether. Then I received some advice, and had significant conversations that gave me new insight. This insight not only changed the way I thought about blogging, but the way I thought about my spiritual path.

So this blog will change significantly. The minor change is that I’ve decided to turn off comments. If necessary I can be reached by e-mail if someone has something important to tell me regarding my writing. My inbox is always open, and I will reply as I can. Otherwise you have the whole wide internet in which to discuss things. Twitter, Facebook, G+, private groups, e-mail lists and myriad forums. If you want me to reply to your comments, then engaging in conversation on G+ is the best bet, but no guarantee.

The major change will be in content. I have in the past attempted to write for a mainstream Pagan audience. As Agora grows and provides a far better representation of mainstream Pagan views, I’ve decided to change my focus. From now on I plan to write solely from a polytheistic viewpoint with the purpose of exploring a single religion and pantheon as an ecosystem. So a few times a week, but not every day, I will write about my attempt to rediscover, or build anew, a holistic Hellenic religious ecosystem. You may not find this interesting. That’s ok.

Also, you may have noticed the look of the blogs and Pagan channel page have changed. We launched a huge site upgrade, which many people worked many long, long days to midwife. I think it looks snazzy, and love that the Pagan blogs and columns look more like a family rather than separate entities passing in the night. Still a wee bit of tweaking to do, but no big site changes in store for awhile. We have no desire to emulate Facebook!

So I will post on Tuesday, explaining the new focus of the blog in greater detail. In the meantime, check out the new look! And I thank everyone who offered support and advice!

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