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Into the Mound

A Beltaine Blessing

This charm is my “repaganization” of a Beltaine Blessing from the Carmina Gadelica. Some other time we’ll talk about the place of rhyme and meter in Gaelic charms. For now, this blessing.

Greening the Spirit

Beltane-The Sleeper Awakes ?

Taking pleasure in the world is Pagan. Paganism is about the here and now, about appreciating what is around us.

Agora/The Zen Pagan

The Zen Pagan: I Don’t Know

Some teachers have called this "don't know" the very heart of Zen. There are many layers to it, but one of the most important is its warning against certainty.

The Witching Hour

You Call it May Day, We Call it Beltane

The season of spring has arrived! The rites of fertility have begun! This is a holiday with a colorful past, and strangely enough, one of the only major festivals on the pagan calendar which has never been Christianized.

A Witch's Ashram

Procession of the Species

Beltaine is full of magic. But Arts Walk and Procession of the Species weekend in Olympia has its own magic.

Between the Shadows

Seekers and Guides: Maypole Magic

Ever wanted to know how to make and dance a maypole, but were afraid to ask? Here's a how-to guide, along with some maypole music and magick!

Born Again Witch

Born Again Witch: Divorced from all meaning

In my introductory piece I wrote about the day I lost my Christian faith. I didn’t become a Pagan right away, even though that would have made a great story. A heroine’s quest. I would probably buy that novel, but my life isn’t a novel. Mine is a story of apostasy, of conversion, of empowerment, and of transition, experienced from different angles all at once.

Sermons from the Mound

A lament

We must turn away from seeing only things And learn to see the sacred in everything We must rise up against the oppressors Without becoming oppressors ourselves

Voodoo Universe

Make A Magickal Protection Window Box

Join us as we make a magickal protection window box using sage, basil, chives and more.

Energy Magic

Beltane Then and Now

More than a time of exciting hookups and poles with ribbons, Beltane was celebrated throughout Europe as an important part of the agricultural process.

Paths Through the Forests

Cultural Quandaries: Spring & Sex

What would we do if we were to align procreating celebration themes with how Nature normally does it - with the time frame of having your offspring in spring? This would mean human procreating themes in Late Summer not Spring.