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Raise the Horns

Lammas Ritual 2014

A Witchy Lammas (Lughnassa) Ritual inspired by medieval harvest customs. Praise to the Goddess of the Field and the Lord of the Grain!

A Word to the Witch


A funny thing happened in Margot Adler's cabin one night...

The Witching Hour

A Fitting Memorial for Margot Adler… a Bench in Her Beloved Central Park

One of Margot's friends from NPR is spearheading an idea to get a bench installed in her name in Central Park, near where she lived. For those who don't know, Margot walked in Central Park as often as she could and was an avid birder.

The Allergic Pagan

I miss you already Margot

None of the recent deaths of prominent Pagans has struck me so hard as the death of Margot Adler. Here are some reflections on her life, and Margot's own words on what death meant to her.

A Witch's Ashram

(Not) Working with the Ancestors

I'm not entirely ignoring my Ancestors. I'm honoring them, but I am not working with them. Why not, you may be asking. Here is my list of excuses.

Under the Ancient Oaks

A Meditation on Earth

It is helpful to understand the interconnectedness of all the Earth. But when it comes to forming meaningful relationships and to taking action that results in tangible change, there really is no place like home.

Agora/Alone In Her Presence

Alone In Her Presence: On Death – Riding Shakti’s Great Exhale

Death kindly seems to be stopping everywhere I look these days, in the faces of those whom I adore and care for, and in the hearts and minds of many within the world: death of loved ones, death of relationships, and even the death of nations. Perhaps Earth herself? Whether by choice or happenstance, death is stopping to remind us of Her part in the ebb and flow. Do you resist her invitation? How does the person practicing alone grow from the experience of death?

Voodoo Universe

Dr. John Montanee Chili Recipe- Drum Up Some Heat

New Orleans loves it's dead, and it's food. It's ironic then that not very many people remember the name of one of the city's most powerful Voodoo figures of all time, namely Dr. John Montanee (Montagne.)

Agora/Jewish Witch

Jewish Witch: Finding Asherah

It breaks my heart whenever I hear modern Jews talk about the end of Israelite paganism with relief and back-patting, as if the worship of a beloved goddess were akin to alcoholism or online poker.