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Sermons from the Mound

Pagans and Money

Whenever the subject of Pagans and money comes up, there arises the vexed question of what spiritual services to charge for. The ethics of charging money for spirituality-related events is always tricky. On the one hand, there are those who argue that if they expend energy, they should be paid for it, and on the other hand, there are those who argue that money is the kiss of death to spirituality.

Into the Mound

Patron Gods & Polytheism

Back when we were starting out, I fixated pretty firmly on the idea of ‘Patronage’ – that worshipers would choose or be chosen by (as you like…) a specific god who would become the god of their Altar, their House, their work. I experimented with the methods locally with some success, devised scripts and guidance materials, and it was included as a goal in the first version of ADF’s Dedicant Work. Fairly enthusiastically received, within a couple of years problems with the model became obvious.


Irish-American Witchcraft: Honoring the Liminal Gods

Although Morgan does honor the Irish Gods, respecting and honoring the aos sí is the core of her spirituality. Worshiping the liminal Gods is a vital thing, and forms an essential part of her practice of witchcraft as a religion and a craft.


Atheism, Polytheism, and Pagans: A Discussion

Polytheism. Atheism. Paganism. The writers at Patheos Pagan get together to discuss the role of deity in Modern Paganism and where we are headed in the future as a community.

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