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Raise the Horns

Lammas Ritual 2014

A Witchy Lammas (Lughnassa) Ritual inspired by medieval harvest customs. Praise to the Goddess of the Field and the Lord of the Grain!

Pagan Families

July Link Round-Up: Body theology, parenting, loss, and the spiritual path

A round-up of resources from around the web on body theology, raising Pagan children, pregnancy loss, and the spiritual life.

The Witching Hour

A Fitting Memorial for Margot Adler… a Bench in Her Beloved Central Park

Just saw this on Facebook, via Margot Adler’s page. One of Margot’s friends from NPR is spearheading an idea to get a bench installed in her name in Central Park, near where she lived. For those who don’t know, Margot walked in Central Park as often as she could and was an avid birder (she even reported [Read More...]

The Allergic Pagan

I miss you already Margot

None of the recent deaths of prominent Pagans has struck me so hard as the death of Margot Adler. Here are some reflections on her life, and Margot's own words on what death meant to her.

A Witch's Ashram

The Sweetness of Bees

Bees are on everyone's minds these days. From clothing to names to stings, bees are in my life, as well.

Under the Ancient Oaks

A Meditation on Earth

It is helpful to understand the interconnectedness of all the Earth. But when it comes to forming meaningful relationships and to taking action that results in tangible change, there really is no place like home.

Agora/Jewish Witch

Jewish Witch: Finding Asherah

It breaks my heart whenever I hear modern Jews talk about the end of Israelite paganism with relief and back-patting, as if the worship of a beloved goddess were akin to alcoholism or online poker.

Agora/Queer of Swords

Queer of Swords: Going Groundclad

I don’t remember now who coined the term, but we jokingly call the alternative to ritual nudity going groundclad. It works fine for us. We’re an Earth-based religion – why are we so obsessed with being clad by the sky anyway?

Voodoo Universe

Please Don’t Forget: In Memory of Margot Adler

One of the things I cherished about Margot Adler was that she knew her stuff. Paganism today is too often sold and regurgitated drivel, and I say that as both an academic and a member of the Pagan community for over two decades.