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Agora/Jewish Witch

Jewish Witch: Despair, Tikkun Olam, and Rewilding Witchcraft

My job, as a Witch, is to explore my own wildness--to embrace it and understand it and fashion it into a weapon that heals. My job is to embody that deep paradox. My job is to face it without denial, rather than ignore it and thus let it control me.

Wild Garden

Same and Different

It’s often said that people fear they will lose their religion if they join interfaith groups, then find that their interaction with people of other spiritual paths actually strengthens and enhances their own. It’s also a source of pride for me that I can share something I kept private for so long and find that it genuinely touches the hearts of people who did not know about us.

A Word to the Witch

The Importance of Attribution

I love this rendition of "Earth My Body." I love the additional music, I love the video, I really do. I just have one big problem with it, and it's this: "the opening and closing chant is a very old song with an unknown author." No, it isn't ...unless you consider 1987 to be very old.

Under the Ancient Oaks

True Blood Meets the True Death

I watched all seven seasons of True Blood and while I enjoyed it at times, I can’t say I’m sorry to see it come to an end.

Paths Through the Forests

Are We Becoming Bionic?

Technology is something we use right? What if it has become the other way around?

Voodoo Universe

Coffee Magick 101: Wake Up People !

Tea leaf reading has stolen the historic spotlight here, and most people are unaware of coffee divination as a magickal system. Reading coffee grounds, tea leaves and the like is officially called Tasseography.

Raise the Horns

The Margins of Pagan History

Writing about Modern Pagan history presents extraordinary challenges. Things one person thinks are important might be inconsequential to another which makes determining what was truly "important" a somewhat thankless and often difficult task.

Daughters of Eve

The Dance of Power: navigating privilege and marginalization.

Being a Black Wiccan Woman navigating mostly White spaces has fostered interesting experiences in privilege, power and intersectionality. Those terms are not easily understood even when you have the experience of facing multiple oppressions. . Then, I became a shelter worker and I was quickly hit with complexities of privilege, power and authority.

Greening the Spirit

Living in the Here and Now

For some people, the retirement years are the most productive. They feel free to be completely who they are 24/7 and do not have to be constrained by social norms. But we also have to recognize that time passes very quickly, and the pace appears to speed up the older we get. In the lead up to the season’s change at the Equinox, it is good to take stock of where we are. Are we in a good place in our lives? Do we have a forward direction? Are we earnestly seeking to know and manifest our True Will?