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Sermons from the Mound

Paganism for Beginners: Wicca

Wicca is both a religion and a magical practice. Wiccans interact with the world on many levels – physical, spiritual, magical and emotional. Witchcraft is the craft of magic.Wicca and Witchcraft overlap – all Wiccans are also witches, but not all witches are Wiccans. But the practice of witchcraft (in the sense of doing spells and so on) is only part of the practice of Wicca.

Dirt Heart Witch

The Ole Time Good Spell Feri Pagan Tent Revival!

Have y'all heard of the Ole Time Good Spell Feri Pagan Tent Revival? Let's raise the roof with praise for our own sweet bodies, our elegant minds, our divine nature! Blessed be!

Born Again Witch

Born-Again Witch: Will – the Last Leg of Faith

“Why are you still a Christian?" he asked. "If what you just said was true, I don’t think I could be a Christian anymore."

Agora/The Zen Pagan

The Zen Pagan: The Fire Circle – All Kinds Magic Worked Here

In those discussions and debates -- and sometimes heated arguments! -- I'm come to the conclusion that the Fire Circle at a large Pagan gathering should welcome and invite as many types of magic as possible. Not necessarily all at once (that could be a bit of a muddle) but allowing them to arise and dissipate in their own natural flow. I call this principle "All Kinds Magic Worked Here".

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