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Remembering Ancestors of Blood, Spirit, and Place

An interfaith blogging project for the month of October! Patheos Pagan writers partner up with writers from the Progressive Christian, Jewish, and Spirituality channels to develop personal ancestor remembrance practices.

Agora/Jewish Witch

Jewish Witch: Ancestors and Genocide

There are only so many prayers you can say for the dead before, like the dybbuk of Jewish legend, they begin to graft themselves onto you.

A Word to the Witch

Talking to My Ancestors at Samhain: Religion In A Crisis

Aside from it being that time of year, my ancestors are generally my first line of defense when things go wrong or I feel the need to protect me and mine. I have a well-established relationship with them (I have a smaller ancestor altar year-round) and I know they have my back.

Daughters of Eve

Journeying With the Ancestors of Blood and Heart; A Self Reflection

Part of my work the past three years has focused on the stories and experiences of my ancestors, learning about them and connecting in several different ways. I realized a long time ago that I knew very little accurate information about the real history of the ancestors of my African American lineage. I know the same stripped down stories that are taught to us children in our broken American school system, but those stories are neither completely accurate or spiritually fulfilling.

Ride the Spiral

Honoring the dead: Harvey Milk

Honoring Harvey Milk as part of October's series on honoring the dead.

Raise the Horns

Kirk Cameron Doesn’t Get Halloween (But He’s Not the Only One)

Kirk Cameron doesn't know a whole lot about Halloween, but that's not surprising, most people don't (including those criticizing him). What the blogosphere and Cameron got right and wrong while discussing the history of Halloween.

Under the Ancient Oaks

Sacrifice and the Fear of Real Gods

Real Gods are a lot scarier than the polytheist next door killing, cleaning, and cooking a chicken in his back yard and seasoning it with prayers and invocations.

Voodoo Universe

Voodoo Cruise Exhibit Sinks To A New Low

Obviously these things are not about real life. Seeing is believing however, and when most people have images that look like the demented maniacs found in television, film, and these theme attractions, how are they supposed to form a different truth.

Agora/Seekers and Guides

Seekers and Guides: The Downward Spiral – Depression and Suicide in Paganism (Part 3)

Sable Aradia continues with her series on depression and suicide. This article explores complimentary or alternative therapy options, both mainstream and experimental.

The Urban Pagan Homestead

A Piece of the Sun from God ~ A Poem

Luckily, I got a piece of the Sun from God ~ @jenyatbeachy @dirtheartwitch on @patheospagan shares a poem on the changing seasons