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The Urban Pagan Homestead

Is It Really Just About God and Goddess?

Is the love story between the Goddess and God the only story there is? Jenya writes on the Biggest Love.

Paths Through The Forests

Festivities of Natural Annual Events: Australis Equilux / Borealis Equinox

A global overview of the seasons during this solar-earth event, and the celebrations, rituals and customs that spring forth from them.

Quaker Pagan Reflections

Stories that Last

To write is to share the truth of your life, your heart. To teach is to hold that sharing in trust, and to nurture it. And many of my students have lives, have hearts, of extraordinary beauty.

Daughters of Eve

Summer of Change: A Journey to Spiritual Self Care

My spiritual world explores change as a means to growth. It is a beginning to a road that we have yet to experience or understand, and while sometimes our experiences appear to be the same the lessons are usually not. This conflict between the desire to grow and the need for things to stay the same, brings about a strange dilemma. It is the understanding that I must live through the discomfort and fear to get to a place of personal movement, that I cannot avoid change.

Voodoo Universe

Voodoo: 5 Reasons this Extraordinary Religion Makes People Scared

New Orleans Voodoo and Haitian Vodou are the Frankenstein monsters of religions. People love to point fingers, sticks, and flaming torches at that which they have created, yet tragically don't understand.

Under the Ancient Oaks

Nine Things I Think

Nine Things I Think: Pagan Pride Day, CUUPS surveys, football players behaving badly (and criminally), future speaking engagements and more.

Raise the Horns

Five Very Pagan British Pubs

Five pubs worth visiting when living in or visiting England, all with cider and rather Pagan overtones.

The Allergic Pagan

Roots of the Deep Ecology Tree: Neo-Pagans, “The Dirt Worshippers”

The history of Neo-Paganism is part of a larger history of nature religion in the West, beginning with the American Transcendentalists, conservationists like John Muir, and early environmentalists like Aldo Leopold and Rachel Carson, all of whom appreciated a religious dimension to our relationship with the environment.

Agora/Heathen Woman

Heathen Woman: Honoring Our Ancestors, Part Two

Why should I honor the ancestors I knew personally instead of reaching far back into my heathen ancestry? Why not call on a past hero or even a king? My most recently deceased ancestors knew my flaws and gifts, and I knew theirs. We have a special bond.