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Remembering Ancestors of Blood, Spirit, and Place

An interfaith blogging project for the month of October! Patheos Pagan writers partner up with writers from the Progressive Christian, Jewish, and Spirituality channels to develop personal ancestor remembrance practices.

Gateway Goddess

Ancestral shadows haunt Samhain in St. Louis

I would ask, as my local spiritual community gathers this year, if my ancestors of blood and spirit have gained insight which might help us to heal the racial rifts that have so painfully split our region.

Quaker Pagan Reflections

Honoring an Ancestor

I honor Ann Putnam the younger as a spiritual ancestor. She was the only one, out of the whole mad pack of accusers, ever to accept the guilt for what she had done, and to ask forgiveness of the surviving families and of God.

Between the Shadows

A Story for Samhain: Not Yet

This is Part 1 of a true story of life, death, and rebirth; of gods and mortals and the connection between them at the edge of the Veil.

Raise the Horns

Dear Time Magazine, Witches Are Real!

Are Witches real? I certainly think so since I'm writing this and self-identify as a Witch. I just wish others were aware that Witches are a part of our society, and a growing one. Fairy tale witches might not exist, but Witchcraft is a real and thriving tradition in the present day.

Under the Ancient Oaks

How Do We Know What the Gods Want?

Unquestioning belief is not a Pagan virtue. How do we know what we know about the Gods? It requires using all our ways of knowing.

Agora/Queer of Swords

Queer of Swords: Halloween – The Secular Festival of Becoming

Looking beyond the Undead Tomato costumes and the candy corn, is there really something basic and important underlying Halloween that is largely unrecognized?

Ride the Spiral

Death and rebirth

On Staff of Asclepius, where I am a contributor, I talk about the theme of death and rebirth this Samhain.

Daughters of Eve

Renewal and Rebirth; My Path to Justice

In walking through this pain with my students -- and in my own being -- I remember that each day is a gift. Each day is a chance to make a choice to start over -- to renew our spirits and align our power to a vision that we want in the world. My vision is a place of justice -- a world that is safe and right for all people to thrive within it. It is the wish I whisper every morning, and the prayer I recite to the Gods every night. It is the vision that closes that 18-inch gap between my head and my heart; my insides and my outside; my emotion and my action; my past and my present. It is the future that I am envisioning, and the moment of rebirth that I am embracing.

Greening the Spirit

‘And beyond death I bring peace and freedom…’

We do not all have traumatic events like the near-death experience Carl Jung described to help us focus on what is really important to us. Still, the spiritual experiences of transcendence that many of us find in ritual and meditation play a similar role in teaching us that ‘I’ and the body are not the same.