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Editor's Choice

Energy Magic

10 Spells For Money and Prosperity

Need to open magical avenues for quick money or increased prosperity? Here are some tried and true spells to increase your cash flow.

Raise the Horns

Paganism, the 60′s, and the Grateful Dead

If Paganism is a culture and not a religious grouping then the music and fandom of the Grateful Dead has long been a Pagan institution. The best moments I've had as a Pagan I've also experienced with Deadheads.

Quaker Pagan Reflections

Are We the Land?

My religion is connection. My bare feet curl against the wet and gritty stone of my front porch. I remember my bare feet walking over grass, pine needles, and the grass mulch of my father's garden, so long ago when I was young. My theology is what my bare feet know.

A Witch's Ashram

One True Thing

Remember that one time that one god walked through my living room? Or the dream I had just last week about the work that other devotees are doing, things I shouldn’t know? Or that consistent, still, small voice that whispers to me when I am still and quiet. The gods are real.

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