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A Word to the Witch

Historical Witchcraft, Shamanism and the Modern Witch

This conception of witch as shaman points to a divergence in modern witchcraft. To some of us, witchcraft is a calling, a state of being, and it is ferociously personal; to others, it is a religion, one that can be practiced casually and taught in classes. If you try to fit into one when you are really looking for the other, you will find yourself disappointed or very confused.

Pagan Families

Where Babies Come From: A Heathen View

Learn more about the Heathen concept of Wyrd, and how it relates to birth, children, and reincarnation.

The Allergic Pagan

Are monism and polytheism a matter of temperament?

It would be beneficial if we as a community would stop looking at one another as deficient because we perceive the divinity differently. It’s natural, when we discover something beautiful, to want to share it, and even to get frustrated when other’s can’t see it. But the fact is that our perceptions are selective. And by attending to one for of beauty, we necessarily cut ourselves off from other forms. The problem comes when we start insisting that our limited vision is all there is to see, rather than a piece of the puzzle.

Sermons from the Mound

Walking away from Omelas

Have you read Ursula Le Guin's classic short story, The ones who walk away from Omelas?Omelas is a privileged city, almost a utopia, apart from the one thing that enables its citizens to lead full, happy, and carefree lives - and that one thing is what makes many people walk away from Omelas.Would you walk away from Omelas? Or would you consider that the bargain is justified?

Under the Ancient Oaks

In Praise of the Wheel of the Year

Even if you don’t think a series of holidays from Iron Age Britain has anything to do with your life in the 21st century, marking the changing seasons is one of the most effective ways to stay connected to Nature, the source of our lives.

Raise the Horns

The Morrigan, War, & How We See our Gods

One challenge of modern polytheism is understanding the old gods, both the ways they were understood historically and the ways they exist in the modern world. One goddess who often presents such a challenge is the Irish war goddess the Morrigan. A guest post by Morgan Daimler.

Agora/Socially Responsible Magic

Socially Responsible Magic: Networking as Social Responsibility

Networking is a form of social responsibility -- it's not just for business. What skills can you learn from networking to connect with others and support them in their work?

Voodoo Universe

Agayu: The Volcano’s God of Fire

Some know the sacred energy of the volcano as Vulcan, Pele, Konohana Sakuya Hime, or Chaifi, but in the Afro-Caribbean religion of Lucumi (Santeria) this divine mix of fire and earth is the domain of Agayu.

A Sense of Place

Missing The Forest

Sometimes Forests need trees to hide them.