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Editor's Choice

The Witches Next Door

Lammas – Bread Magic

The celebration of Lammas may reach back into Pagan European Harvest rituals and clearly the word “Lughnasadh” has been traced to much older traditions. It was during the beginning of August that the grain from the fields would start to be harvested. The first bread that was made from the harvest was treated with special [Read More...]

Energy Magic

A Lammas Ritual

Looking for a Lammas ritual or new components to add to an existing one? Here is a ceremony to consider.


The Cartomancer: Fixing Blind Spots with Cards

Cards: They answer questions. Not only that, but they also teach us to be better at asking the really good questions. The questions that map our concerns beyond our fears.

Quaker Pagan Reflections

The Value of a Garden

I love this little patch of ground we live on. And tending its soil and eating its produce feeds something in me, in us, beyond our bellies alone.

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