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Editor's Choice

Daughters of Eve

Beltane Magic: Birthing A New Reality

Beltane is here and I have been struggling to find a sense of excitement for the season for weeks now. My lack of connection is not because I am distant from my beliefs, and I am very aware that it is usually one of my two favorite sabbats of the year, but I am finding [Read More...]

Nature's Path

Multicultural Maypole in Baltimore

I frequently attend a Maypole dance...I was surprised to learn a few years ago that this holiday was outlawed in past centuries because it was seen as a challenge to social stratification.

Raise the Horns

Brigid: Warrior Saint and Historic Rebel

St. Brigid is both historical figure and character of folklore and shared more than a name with her Pagan Goddess counterpart. It is through St. Brigid that the clearest glimpse into Brigid the Goddess can be found.


Encountering Gods, Forcing Belief

Plenty of Pagans encounter frustration when they first approach the divine (and maybe even long after). Often, the problem lies in the assumption that all gods are the same or that there's only one way to be Pagan.

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