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Between the Shadows

Sacred Earth & Sovereignty: Pagan Temples and Why They Matter

It seems that I find myself in disagreement with two writers I respect: Jason Mankey, and, to a degree, John Halstead. Their stance certainly appears to be the common consensus; but I believe that Pagan temples are not only a damn fine idea, but that they are important and necessary. These are my reasons.

Voodoo Universe

Grains of Paradise: A Spicy Bit of Magick

Hoodoo folk magick says to place the grains in a piece of red cloth and tie it up with a picture of St. Michael as a Gris-Gris or herbal spell for safety.

Star and Snake

Going Clear: is O.T.O. a “black magic cult”?

In the documentary "Going Clear" author Lawrence Wright called Parsons "the head honcho in this black magic cult", the O.T.O., Ordo Templi Orientis. I don't identify as a member of a cult or as a practitioner of black magic. So what does "black magic cult" actually mean?

Daughters of Eve

Paganism in Full Color

The only thing that is truly colorblind is my love. My love for people has pushed me to explore that I cannot completely understand the experiences of others, but I do understand that others look, feel, think and live differently than I do. Why is this so challenging to understand or for people to extend this courtesy to others?

The Urban Pagan Homestead

On Water ~ A Poem

I attune to Water Held in flesh And call to Kin in chalice held...

Under the Ancient Oaks

Paganism – A Guide for the Nonreligious

If the Gods call to you we hope you’ll answer Them. If They don’t, then we hope you’ll respect us as we attempt to live our lives in the way we’re called to live them.

Paths Through the Forests

Wordless Wednesday: Fall in Eureka Springs

Fall in Eureka Springs by Natural Images by Sandi Brackeen Would you like to see your nature-inspired photography and other artwork here on Wordless Wednesday? Contact us at pathsthroughtheforests[at]gmail[dot]com with a photo and link of the piece you’d like us to consider.

Agora/Making Light

Making Light: Hephaestos

Bury everything I've made and very little of my industry will survive a thousand years to be studied by archaeologists apart from a little bit of pottery. I'm a textiles person and a painter. But here we have a guy who works with metal and gears who gets it. While that's not my art, I have a very deep appreciation for the minds of makers in all the arts. Athene is software; Hephaestos is hardware. When both function together, they are more than the sum of their parts.

Agora/The Busy Witch

The Busy Witch: Cleansing My Space and Spirit

Now that we’ve passed the spring equinox, I find myself shaking off the stupor of the winter and longing for a little renewal. Here are a few ways I cleanse my space and spirit.

A Sense of Place

Small Revolutions in Urban Reclamation

It’s a system that has died, been reborn, is on life support and is completely managed by man, so what am I finding?