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Under the Ancient Oaks

Paying Pagan Clergy – An Organic Approach

The goals of Pagan priesthood are to serve the Gods, to mediate for the Gods, and to serve the community. Let’s focus on the ends and let the means sort themselves out.

Quaker Pagan Reflections

Here I Am, Wasn’t I

There's an experience known to many meditators, sometimes known as the Here I Am Wasn't I? experience. The idea is this: you are meditating away, and just for a moment, you experience a flash of that simple, actual conscious presence that is the goal of your meditation. Then BAM! almost immediately, your awareness shifts to noticing how present and aware you are and just like that, you're no longer meditating, you're meta-tating, and you've lost exactly that present awareness you are now celebrating.

Agora/Alone In Her Presence

Alone In Her Presence: Ecstatic Monism – All Goddess…

I am an ecstatic monist, and I know there are many like me who are something like "spiritual but not religious" and not quite Wiccan, who are not Neo Goddess Feminist but are living in the lap of the Great Mother. Like me, these men and women are "all Goddess all the time" and are Alone In Her Presence. For us, the ecstatic monist Goddess is the immanent vessel that dwells within each of us and that is us, She that is the totality of everything and nothing.

Agora/Socially Responsible Magic

Socially Responsible Magic: Internal Work and Social Responsibility

People who are called to serve are often so focused on serving others that they neglect themselves and their own needs and eventually hit burnout. Avoiding that outcome involves the necessary action of taking care of yourself.

Agora/Seekers and Guides

Seekers and Guides: A Sticky Subject – Teaching Sex Magick (Part One)

Sex magick and sacred sexuality are a traditional part of the Craft, but there are many social and ethical issues around their teaching and practice. In this series, Sable Aradia suggests ideas and solutions for including sacred sexuality in Craft practice.

Wild Garden

Sensitivity How-To’s

Demonstrating appropriate sensitivity for cultures different from our own is arguably the topic which creates the most anxiety in those new to interfaith dialog. In the past, we have simply avoided discussions which might bring up uncomfortable differences, hoping to prevent possible misunderstandings. And yet, it is these very discussions which build our new friendships as well as community-wide networks of engagement.

Sermons from the Mound


It is surprisingly hard to design rituals for large numbers of people that can involve everyone in the ritual. Some of my more successful attempts at creating ritual involving large numbers of active participants have happened at Lammas.

A Witch's Ashram

A Polytheist Twist on Narrative Theology

My Pagan version of narrative theology stars me as my own hero.

The Urban Pagan Homestead

A Really, Really Ridiculous Lughnasad Ritual

Over the 20 years we worked together, we came up with lots of hilarious ideas that ended up on the cutting room floor because we thought maybe they were just a bit too irreverent. But in 2005, we decided that we would go ahead and put together a ritual that didn’t hold back...