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Numinous and Concrete

An Open Letter to White America

The rallying cry of "Black Lives Matter" is important because, within these systems, they clearly don’t. Black lives, in the United States, only matter to the systems of capitalism and imperialism as resources to be exploited and cast off.

Under the Ancient Oaks

Tell Me Who You Are, Not Who You Aren’t

Too many of us define ourselves by what we’re not. That allows what we don’t want to set the ground rules and frame the conversation. Instead, let’s keep our eyes on what we want to become.

Shekhinah Calling

Tuition Hikes, Ferguson, Witchcraft, and Thanksgiving

To me, Witchcraft is about touching the undercurrents that shape our reality and redirecting their flow. Right now, our reality flows towards oppression, hopelessness, and death. Can we redirect it towards liberation and life?

Raise the Horns

Pagan Things Made By Pagans For Pagans

Instead of hitting the big box stores this holiday season, how about supporting Pagan and Pagan-friendly artisans and entrepreneurs? From soap to jewelry to edibles we've got you covered this Yuletide! It's the perfect shopping list if your coven plays Secret Befana!

Between the Shadows

A Pox on Black Friday! #BoycottBlackFriday

I deplore Black Friday. I do not think I can make it clear enough how much I hate this custom. I want it to die in a fire. In pain. Here's why.

A Witch's Ashram

Ferguson is Not an Isolated Injustice

I'm not so sure that Ferguson is fixable. This may be a depressing message leading up to Thanksgiving. This holiday too is built on violence and racism. I give thanks for people everywhere who work for justice, for peace, for the full dignity of all human beings.

Pagan Families

Enchanted Composting

Composting has done more to create a sense of intimacy with the land than our short-lived full moon offerings or telling secrets to the trees.