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Editor's Choice

Between the Shadows

Reawakening a Pagan Theology (CNPC Keynote Address 2015)

Is there such a thing as a “Pagan theology?” If so, what are the common threads that bind us together? What are the differences that divide us? There is a strong argument that praxis, not theology, defines what it is to be Pagan, but our theology is becoming increasingly important in our Pagan identity and community relationships. Is it time to reawaken the issue of theology, and what might that mean?

Voodoo Universe

Black Salt, White Salt, and Red Brick Dust All Over

Hoodoo practitioners put Red Brick Dust almost everywhere- the thresholds, the windowsills, the property line... anywhere that needs to be protected.

Nature's Path

The Polytheist in the Sunday Service

It is intended to be inclusive language, and I very much appreciate that intention, but it can be jarring to sit and think "okay, which deity should I be addressing for this?"

Greening the Spirit

Attending to the Now

Standing poised between two different influences can be difficult – it is simpler to go with one or the other, but Pagans would not be Pagans if we did not like doing difficult things.

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