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Greening the Spirit

Beltane-The Sleeper Awakes ?

Taking pleasure in the world is Pagan. Paganism is about the here and now, about appreciating what is around us.

Under the Ancient Oaks

A Druid With a Camera

The stereotypical tourist with a camera is a stereotype for a reason – it’s easy to get caught up in taking pictures and miss out on experiencing a new place or event. But photography has taught me a few things I might not have learned otherwise.

Between the Shadows

Seekers and Guides: Your Mileage May Vary – Embracing Contradictory Truths in the Craft

Witchcraft and Wicca often ask us to embrace contradictory truths, especially about the nature of the gods. But all, or none, can be true at once. YMMV.

Agora/The Witches Next Door

The Witches Next Door: Beltane Rituals – Beyond the Bang

What if boinking a beloved (or beloveds) isn’t your idea of celebrating Beltane? What if you don't associate the arriving Rites of Spring with the the literal act(s) of, ahem, raising the Maypole?

Pagan Families

Beltane for Kids

Beltane – it’s one of the biggest holidays of the Pagan year, rivaled only by Samhain. And yet for many, it is one of the most difficult holidays to relate to. The emphasis placed on (hetero!)sexual activity and fertility can be alienating for many groups of people, including our own children.

Sermons from the Mound

A lament

We must turn away from seeing only things And learn to see the sacred in everything We must rise up against the oppressors Without becoming oppressors ourselves

Voodoo Universe

Make A Magickal Protection Window Box

Join us as we make a magickal protection window box using sage, basil, chives and more.

Energy Magic

All Hail The Mayhole!

Why should the maypole get all of the attention in a holiday that honors the male-female joining? I present to you...the mayhole...

Raise the Horns

Beltane Past: Fire and Folklore

We know very little about the ancient celebration of Beltane. It most certainly existed, but it was probably very different from how most of us celebrate it today.

Paths Through the Forests

What Good is (Nature-Based) Paganism?

My spirituality is in this world. Not some other spiritual realm, not a promised afterlife. It's in the only life I know that I have for sure, this one of sinews and stones and seagulls. And even if I have nothing more after I die, I have the legacy I leave for those who will undoubtedly come after I'm gone.