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Editor's Choice


Too Busy to Witchcraft

Have you ever thought you were just too busy to practice your Craft? Feeling disconnected or like you're failing because you can't carve hours out of your week for elaborate ritual, meditation, being out in nature, or any of the other stuff that introductory books say you're supposed to do?

Under the Ancient Oaks

A Skeptic’s Guide to Gods and Spirits

We live in a thoroughly materialist culture – many of us are reluctant to discuss our spiritual experiences for fear of being dismissed, ridiculed, or even shunned. Yet these experiences are real, powerful, and waiting for us to figure out what they mean. What can skeptics do when they counter Gods and spirits?

Into the Mound

Demons & Daemons; Animism & Dualism

There's always discussion in Blog-land on the topic of ‘demons’, and on their relation to the idea of ‘daemons’. I find the Hellenic category daemon to be a useful way of understanding the general category of ‘spirits’ in a Pagan sense. I understand Hellenic ‘daimons’ to be spirits of almost every type, up to and including the Olympians themselves and down to the smallest imp. We examine the relationship between the later occult notion of 'demons' and the more traditional Pagan concept.


Mysteries of the Grail: Seeker, Shaman, and Sovereign – Part 2

The quest for the Grail is the process of moving from the knight, or seeker, into the initiate of the mysteries. But initiation is not enough; to become sovereign, we must take what we've learned back out to heal the Wasteland, heal not just our selves but our communities, our land, our world. Very often, the quest for the Grail is catalyzed by difficulties and challenges in our own lives.

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