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Daughters of Eve

Gliding Into the Darkness; The Turning of the Wheel

Carl Jung took the work of Sigmund Freud and expanded the concepts of what he referred to as the “shadow side of the psyche,” the unconscious mind that holds the secrets and the hidden parts of our being, often triggered to the surface when we do not wish them to be. I continue to work to integrate those two parts of myself into the oneness that I am, even while walking through what seem to be endless challenges.

Agora/The Busy Witch

The Busy Witch: Finding New Depth in the Darkness

This year, I’ll be pushing myself to make deeper connections with the people who’ve come before me, through both writing and ritual, and instead of only spending a day or two remembering, I’m committing to an entire month of reflection and dialogue. It’s a daunting process, but one I’m really looking forward to.

Ride the Spiral

Trust, part two

In about 2-3 months I'm going to be moving into my own place. A spirit I work with has helped this to be less scary than it normally would be.

Agora/Seekers and Guides

Seekers and Guides: The Downward Spiral – Depression and Suicide in Paganism (Part One)

I’ve been there: standing at a Samhain altar, about to priestess for my community for the very first time, when we were told that Jodi, a sweet woman who was always smiling, was not late; she was dead by her own hand, and just that morning. Statistically, Pagans are more likely to experience many of the risk factors for suicide than the average population. Learn about the symptoms and causes of depression and what to do if you or a loved one is suffering.

Raise the Horns

On Ritual Without Faith

Rituals don't have to be religious or spiritual to be purposeful. Active ritual in your daily life can make you a better person, partner, and friend.

Under the Ancient Oaks

The Journey Into Spirit

Kristoffer Hughes’ new book is really three books in one: his personal story of service to the Reaper, cosmological speculation about what comes after death, and a very down-to-earth, very helpful look at grief and the process of bereavement.

Paths Through The Forests

DIY Autumn Adventures – Fruiting Trees

You can enjoy the fruits of harvest wherever you are. This is a great time of year to pick some fruit in your neighbourhood. It can be surprising how many people have fruiting trees with no intention of harvesting the bounty, but who will share if asked -- giving you the opportunity to pick, plant, and preserve with local fruit.

Numinous and Concrete

Broken Families, Broken Lives: #NJC Ch5

“The mass incarceration of people of color is a big part of the reason that a black child born today is less likely to be raised by both parents than a child born during slavery.” - Michelle Alexander

The Urban Pagan Homestead

13 Thoughts to Ponder ~ on Autumn

A new feature from Jenya T. Beachy: "13 Thoughts to Ponder" ~ Meditations on the season of Autumn.