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Numinous and Concrete

Toppling Prisons, Healing Culture – Studying the New Jim Crow

There is a call to help overturn the devastation of the War on Drugs and mass incarceration through the Prison Industrial Complex. But before we start a movement, we have to know what we are up against.

Raise the Horns

Beltane Traditions

Beltane is a holiday rich in tradition, and many of its most cherished traditions can be traced directly back to the pagans of antiquity. Celebrate the start of May with maypoles, Morris Dancers, May Queens, and the Jack in the Green.

Star and Snake

The Book of the Law

New blog! Brandy Williams, author of The Woman Magician, explores Thelema as a living tradition. Thelemites are a people of the book. What is the Book of the Law?

A Sense of Place

Wishful Ducklings

There is something here, a notion of human beings living in community with nature; not perfectly achieved, but present. An ambition, or a dream, manifest in typically messy human fashion, with tax issues, ludicrous town controversies, and renegade geese.

Voodoo Universe

High John the Conqueror Root and the Mayor of Hell

People use High John the conqueror Root for justice, eloquence, money, healing, power, love, gambling, just about everything you can imagine. It can be grated or shaved and used in gris-gris bags or sprinkling powders.It is sometimes anointed with other herbs and oils to increase its power, and there is quite a bit of legend that says you can anoint it with the urine of your lover if you like to bring extra gambling success.

Under the Ancient Oaks

Obligations of a CUUPS Leader

What are the obligations of a CUUPS leader? How do they differ from the obligations of a coven or grove leader, from the obligations of a priestess or priest, or from the obligations of other lay leaders in UU congregations?

Pagan Families

Plant a Tree

Arbor Day is a fun holiday for kids, and as Pagans it's very close to our hearts. Here's a prayer to use while giving offerings to your local tree spirits!

Greening the Spirit

Wicca and the Spiritual Quest

All spiritual traditions recognize that there are times when it appears that the Gods have turned their backs on us. The Divine link that we may have sensed within us and within our rituals disappears. But then, when there seems there is no way forward, something happens -- we go back to the beginning.

The Mythological Art of J.W. Waterhouse