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Editor's Choice


Atheism, Polytheism, and Pagans: A Discussion

Polytheism. Atheism. Paganism. The writers at Patheos Pagan get together to discuss the role of deity in Modern Paganism and where we are headed in the future as a community.


Spear of Athena: Relationships are Relationships, or I Need a Break

All of the polytheists that I know, though by no means does this mean all polytheists ever, affirm that the gods have individual agency. In this article, Conor shares some of the implications of this.

Between the Shadows

From the Shadows: Transphobia is Anti-Feminist

I learned a new term this week, I'm sorry to say. The term is TERF, which stands for "Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist." This is not what my feminism looks like.

The Zen Pagan

Marriage Equality: Seven Easy Answers

Southern Baptist Samuel James has posed "7 Questions for the Victors" on the marriage equality issue -- but forgot to turn comments on for his post. Fortunately, I have this forum to reply. So: seven easy answers.

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