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The Allergic Pagan

HP Pride: Be Interviewed on

Whether you call yourself an “Atheist Pagan”, “Atheist Witch”, “Pagan Humanist”, “Druid Naturalist”, or none of the above -- if you have a love for the myth and ritual of Paganism, but not its supernatural or non-empirical aspects -- then we'd like to interview you.

Raise the Horns

How the Claim of Being Old Saved Modern Paganism

By claiming a historicity for his Witchcraft Gerald Gardner saved us all from a more authoritarian present. By leaving the door open for other Witches, Gardner helped keep the Craft vital, fresh, and forward thinking.

A Sense of Place

Elemental Ethos: Water

The metaphysical associations with water tend to be the realm of emotions and felt experience. These associations do not surprise me, particularly when one looks at the symptoms of dehydration: sleepiness, irritability, dizziness, delirium, heart palpitations, confusion, fuzzy thinking, seizures, and nausea. Is it any wonder that our ancestors then associated Water with emotional experience?

Shekhinah Calling

How the dress can help you understand Pantycon

If someone is seeing something that you're not, then you should treat that moment as an opportunity, not a nuisance. You'd think that, as mystics and magic practitioners, we'd be chomping at the bit for such an opportunity.

A Witch's Ashram

Why Polytheist Spaces Are Important

Ideally our various communities in the wider Pagan umbrella can create webs of interconnected relationship. But sometimes its nice to be among people that share similar definitions, certain aspects of practice, and won't call you crazy when you say that the gods are speaking.

Under the Ancient Oaks

The Lore vs. UPG – A False Dichotomy

Privileging lore and dismissing experience is the direct result of living in a Protestant-dominated culture. A religion with real Gods is messy, unpredictable, and scary. Even though I’m fond of order, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Energy Magic

Simplifying Magical Ethics (Part 2)

Thursday’s blog post discussed ethical considerations such as the power of intent and working for others without their permission. Today, we move further into the subject, beginning with Karma and Three-Fold Law...

Between the Shadows

Quantum Woo: The Moment of Choice – Precognition, Magick & Quantum Mechanics

It is the moment of choice that shapes the universe we live in. Sometimes bad things happen that are no one's fault and sometimes the only choices before us are the best of a handful of bad. That's the limitation of magick and precognition: you can choose one of many possible worlds at the point of each decision, but most decision points do not provide you with unlimited choices.

Voodoo Universe

Voodoo Feast is in the Air … It Begins by Tehron Gillis

On the other side people converse in preparation of a ceremony that you had only heard rumors about. The altar, the symbol in cornmeal on the floor, and the flags send questions coursing through your head. It begins.