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Agora/Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft

Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft: Indoctrinating Against Indoctrination

It's not enough to simply tell your children about other faiths while helping them to only practice your own. If you truly want to protect them from being indoctrinated by others, you have to help them experience the faith of others, too.

Agora/Alone In Her Presence

Alone In Her Presence: Turning In to Turn Back Out

I wonder how many of us are in need of turning back in just a little bit? Not depressed, or sad, we are living full and meaningful lives, but we've lost connection. In times like this the only thing I know how to do is a hard reset and return to basics.

Agora/The Zen Pagan

The Zen Pagan: The Politically Incorrect Pagan

Since no one else seems to want to say it, I will: the fake workshop listing in the joke program was legitimate satire and the authors don't owe anyone an apology. If anyone owes an apology, it is those who were calling for the authors to be ejected from the conference.

Nature's Path

Building Beloved Community

I deeply value communities in which the same congregation can equally love and support UU-Christians, UU-Jews, UU-Pagans, UU-Humanists, UU-Atheists, UU-Transcendentalists, and many others.

Wild Garden

Interfaith as a Pagan: Assumptions

One of the primary reasons that I became involved in interfaith work was to help others examine their assumptions with respect to Paganism. And, especially when I started attending events ten to fifteen years ago though less so now, people were largely surprised to learn that Paganism even existed. They were even more surprised to learn that a middle-class American Caucasian cis-gendered male (i.e. me) could be a Pagan and a polytheist.

A Sense of Place

The Problem with Subsistence Living

There are many of us who would like nothing more than to live a subsistence lifestyle. We would like to be able to live light on the land, in partnership with the Earth and the other creatures we share Her with. Unfortunately, there is a deep and unavoidable problem with that lifestyle, and we can’t reconcile the life we want with the life we find that we must live.

Energy Magic

The River Meditation

On Monday, the Energy Magic blog focused on an important subject: Where does your energy go? What follows is a brilliant meditation developed by my husband, Eric Rasbold, for visualizing your energy flow, plugging up the leaks, and widening the passages to let more flow to your desired recipients.

A Word to the Witch

How Magic Works in Real Life

The truth is, the things you ask for can happen, but you better be ready for them. You better make sure you are ready, and be careful what you ask for. Because it's not that they won't happen if you aren't. It's that the Universe will make you ready. I call this phenomenon the Drop Kick of the Gods.

The Urban Pagan Homestead

We Are the Earth ~ A Spring Chant

I wrote this earworm a bunch of years ago and found myself singing it today. I think you might just like it! (includes a link to a highly unprofessional recording of my very own voice!)