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Raise the Horns

The Right and Wrong of Imbolc

February 2 is a busy day on the calendar. Many Modern Pagans celebrate it as Imbolc, and in the Catholic Church it's traditionally known as Candlemas. Throughout the United States millions see it as Groundhog Day. That these holidays are all celebrated on February 2 is no coincidence, though that does not mean they are necessarily related.

Nature's Path

CUUPS – Who We Are

What is CUUPS? Over the past few months we’ve conducted a series of surveys to determine who and what we are. We've found five key points that describe UU Paganism as it actually is today.

Between the Shadows

Seekers and Guides: A Ritual to Re-Enchant Your Tools at Imbolc

Imbolc falls quite close to the full moon this year. Regardless of tradition . . . we have a chance to take advantage of both energies to give our tools a magical "power-up."

A Word to the Witch

Imbolc, Poetry, and Tea with the Queen of Faerie

My coven has two English professor types in it, along with an assortment of other writery academics and creative ne'er-do-wells. It should shock no one that Imbolc for us has become mainly a celebration of poetry (Imbolc---> feast of Brighid----> goddess of poetry----> SHAKESPEARE! Obviously). Then, one of our members came up with the idea of having food as a ritual. Specifically, a Southern high tea. With the Queen. Of Faerie.... And since then we have taken to combining the two ideas and having tea with Brighid for Imbolc.

Daughters of Eve

Magical Beginnings Begin Again

I was initially taught that magic was a candle, some incense, a clear intent, a pentacle disk and a stone or two on a nicely decorated altar. Today I know that my magic needs no tools, and often comes down to my will and my action. Adding the tools help to enhance my methods. The last five years have been a fight for my life and it was that magic that helped me to make it through.

Under the Ancient Oaks

When You Can’t Turn It Over To God

Life is complicated. We can’t pretend it’s not, and we can’t expect a divine helicopter parent to take care of it for us. But we have resources for dealing with life’s complications, and we are far more resourceful than most of us assume.

Quaker Pagan Reflections

Peace and the Language of the Unheard

Peace is effortful. Peace will involve struggle. And though I would never agree that violence is necessary to reach it, I would very much agree that no justice means no peace.

A Witch's Ashram

My First Gods

Our first experiences shape our future experiences. The first gods who appeared to me continue to have an important place in my shrines and heart.

The Urban Pagan Homestead

Hear from Me this Secret ~ An Imbolc Meditation

Where does God live in You? The Goddess calls to us, Her Beloved Children, at this turning of the Wheel, to come and hear a secret...

Pagan Families

5 Ideas for Kids’ Imbolc Fun

Imbolc is often an overlooked holiday, but with these 5 fun ideas kids won't be able to wait to celebrate it!