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Remembering Ancestors of Blood, Spirit, and Place

An interfaith blogging project for the month of October! Patheos Pagan writers partner up with writers from the Progressive Christian, Jewish, and Spirituality channels to develop personal ancestor remembrance practices.

Raise the Horns

Pagan Pilgrimage: Glastonbury

Glastonbury England has been a religious site for thousands of years. Even before recorded history people came to marvel at the wonders of Glastonbury, and after Britain's conversion to Christianity it became a center of the new religion. Today it's a place of pilgrimage for Christians, Pagans, and a whole host of other seekers and believers. Glastonbury is a bit off the beaten path, but very much worth a visit.

Under the Ancient Oaks

Thinking About the Gods

If you believe the Gods are many and have agency then you cannot also believe They can’t affect you unless you permit it. The two propositions are logically inconsistent.

A Sense of Place

Finding Land Spirits and The Fae

Helpful tips to finding the Fae and Land Spirits, and also, advice to make your car better!

Sermons from the Mound

Art, Agriculture, and Ancestors

Each year in October we move as pilgrims through the rural landscape, stopping at each station to read, consider, pause, interact, take pictures, try the food.

Quaker Pagan Reflections

A Love Letter

This is my love letter to the servant-leaders of the world. Being a leader, a real, true, leader, whose commitment is to the Beloved Community, often means being the one who sets the limits and holds the boundaries. The ache of leading does not mean you are failing; it means that you accept that your work is service, and you are trying very hard to do it right.

Voodoo Universe

Ancestral Remembering – The Funny Thing About Memory

Reconciliation is a huge issue. I feel like there is no way to write this as a person of both African-American and Native-American descent without mention that we may never reconcile the past and most of us are still fearful for the future. These things weigh heavy on my mind on the heels of both Columbus Day and Cornel West's arrest this week.

Agora/The Busy Witch

Ancestor Remembrance Project: I Remember Nana

I wish I remembered more about my great-grandmother’s racing days. I know she and Granddad raced sporty little Corvettes, maybe sometime right after the Second World War, and I know she drove alone and won trophies, but the stories of the races were not something I remember her sharing.


When Grief Becomes Ritual, When Remembering Renews

Last year, I lost a beloved companion. Reclaiming's Spiral Dance ritual, now in its 35th year, was the sacred space in which I mourned. Each year, hundreds of people gather in this place to celebrate and dance with the dead, those whose names we know, and those whose names we do not know -- because what is remembered, lives.