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Editor's Choice

The Allergic Pagan

EGO-Paganism and the Tyranny of Structurelessness

Ego-Paganism is not focused on connection or relationship, but on individual freedom and self-expression. Ego-centered Pagans may be tangentially concerned with ecology or polytheism or occultism, but in practice, they are concerned only with expression of their unique individuality and defending their freedom to do so against all authoritarian threats, real or imagined.

Nature's Path

The Blessings of Darkness

Darkness is not just the absence of Light; darkness is its own thing. Sometimes it’s essential – neither seeds nor babies can grow in the light, nor can wounds heal if held open


Socially Responsible Magic: How Scarcity shows up in Internal Work

An exploration of how scarcity shows up in internal work and how we need to examine our scarcity mindset in order to understand how scarcity is present in peoples' lives.

The Witches Next Door

Iron Pentacle: A Tool For Relationships

Sex. Pride, Self, Power and Passion – Look at the myths from practically any culture and these themes are right there, up front and center stage. Ask any family therapist, spiritual counselor, life coach, or mentor what they spend most of their time talking with their clients about and you’ll find the lists to be [Read More...]

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