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Editor's Choice

Between the Shadows

What’s *Your* Harvest? – Lammas for Urban Pagans

The traditional Lammas associations may not work so well for some of us, especially those of us in cities. So what do you do for your daily bread? What sort of harvest did you reap? Here is a simple ritual for Lammas for the urban Pagan.


Witch on Fire: Lammas Sacrifice and the Sacred Mission

That’s when my perception shifted, and I suggested that this harvest is about what is growing right here, right now, in our own back yards, thanks to our endeavors and partnerships with nature. For me? Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and flowers.

Paths Through the Forests

Festivities of Natural Annual Events Around The World: Australis Transequilux (Midway Global Solstice & Equinox)

The natural occurrences around the world and the festivities that result from them for this time of year.

A Witch's Ashram

The First Harvest of 2015

Change is coming, especially with Many Gods West this weekend!

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