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Raise the Horns

Imbolc Ritual 2015

Imbolc offers many reasons to celebrate. This year my coven is using it to bless new candles for our Temple space and to celebrate the return of the light. We also use it as an opportunity to once again welcome the goddess Brighid to our rites and to her rightful place in our hearts and sacred space.

Nature's Path

If Unitarian Universalism is so great, Why am I ‘still’ a Pagan?

Not long ago I was asked why I was ‘still’ a Unitarian Universalist? It turns out that I have many answers.

Between the Shadows

B is for Brighid: Goddess, Saint and Lwa

I am a Flamekeeper. I keep a sacred flame for the Goddess Brighid, also known as Brid, as part of a worldwide sisterhood called the Daughters of the Flame. I've been a part of the order off and on for almost twenty years now, and we honour Her in all Her aspects: Pagan goddess, Christian saint, and Voodoo lwa.

A Word to the Witch

Throwback Thursday: Initiation Variety Pack

This post was originally published on the Pantheon blog on Patheos, June 3, 2010.   I was first initiated into a religious tradition when I was twelve years old. I underwent a symbolic death and rebirth, was ritually cleansed, and was recognized as a member of the spiritual family with a celebratory feast. That is [Read More...]

Daughters of Eve

Magical Beginnings Begin Again

I was initially taught that magic was a candle, some incense, a clear intent, a pentacle disk and a stone or two on a nicely decorated altar. Today I know that my magic needs no tools, and often comes down to my will and my action. Adding the tools help to enhance my methods. The last five years have been a fight for my life and it was that magic that helped me to make it through.

Under the Ancient Oaks

When You Can’t Turn It Over To God

Life is complicated. We can’t pretend it’s not, and we can’t expect a divine helicopter parent to take care of it for us. But we have resources for dealing with life’s complications, and we are far more resourceful than most of us assume.

Quaker Pagan Reflections

Peace and the Language of the Unheard

Peace is effortful. Peace will involve struggle. And though I would never agree that violence is necessary to reach it, I would very much agree that no justice means no peace.

A Witch's Ashram

Imbolc, aka False Spring

Imbolc has grown on me over the years. Like the growing light of the days, finally discernible after the long dark of winter nights, Imbolc makes its presence quietly known. I’ve never had a strong connected with Brigit, Bríd, or any of the patron saints and gods of this holiday. I admit that the lore [Read More...]

The Urban Pagan Homestead

Brigid, First of My Mothers (a poem)

A poem for the First of my Mothers~ the "Lady" Brigid (she laughs when I call her "Lady" but I like it :))

Pagan Families

Kids Can Charm the Plow

Honoring the earth is especially important when planting-time begins. This chant to the tune of 'Twinkle, Twinkle' is a great way for kids to participate in this important ritual!