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The Allergic Pagan

I cried the day Obama was elected (but not for the reason I thought)

The PantyCon mock-up wasn’t describing a real workshop at Pantheacon, but it was describing a real event! One that happens all the time, everywhere. In happens in the minds of white people. It happens in social spaces shared with people of color. And it happens in physical reality.

Raise the Horns

How the Claim of Being Old Saved Modern Paganism

By claiming a historicity for his Witchcraft Gerald Gardner saved us all from a more authoritarian present. By leaving the door open for other Witches, Gardner helped keep the Craft vital, fresh, and forward thinking.

Shekhinah Calling

Why Witches Need Privacy

Anyone on the fringe is taught to constantly doubt themselves, and that insecurity saps our power. That’s what ridicule is designed to do. It takes our power so that we’ll never learn what a threat we might actually be.

A Witch's Ashram

Why Polytheist Spaces Are Important

Ideally our various communities in the wider Pagan umbrella can create webs of interconnected relationship. But sometimes its nice to be among people that share similar definitions, certain aspects of practice, and won't call you crazy when you say that the gods are speaking.

Under the Ancient Oaks

Books That Challenge, Books That Inspire

Here are reviews of the first three books I’ve read this year: Your Face Is A Forest by Rhyd Wildermuth, Bearing Torches: A Devotional Anthology for Hekate, and The Red Goddess by Peter Grey.

Energy Magic

Simplifying Magical Ethics (Part 1)

There is much to say about magical ethics, especially when you consider the variances from tradition to tradition and spiritual path to spiritual path. A person’s head could explode trying to keep track of what candle to put out first or which way to walk in circle without courting disaster.

Between the Shadows

D is for Death & the Afterlife

Having lost a good friend, and having almost died myself, I'm giving a great deal of thought to the Pagan idea of death this week. As with most things Pagan, it's not a simple matter, is it? Have you ever taken a moment to really think about it? The fact is that you are going to die someday; you and I and everybody we know. We're all renting; none of us get to keep the house. So what happens next?

Voodoo Universe

Love of Babalon – Diane Narraway

“My natural father was an alcoholic and my mother, the most intelligent person I know, a science teacher… I am therefore both scientific and hedonistic …What else could I be except a Witch!”

Quaker Pagan Reflections

Real Anti-racism Will Involve Mistakes

The truth is, racism has touched everybody. Everybody has internalized, implicit racism--certainly every white person. White people need to be honest about the fact that racism, like water, has seeped into all of our basements. We need to own our own messes, apologize when we screw up, and then get back to work figuring out how to clean out our basements and be better partners at deconstructing white supremacism.