Monday Morning Confessional

Monday Morning Confessional April 16, 2012
I confess that I have not learned yet how to keep quiet and serve others. I confess that the following confessions are all over the place.
I confess that I finally did a full shut down on my computer last week for the first time in about a month. I confess that when it came back up, it did so w/an irritating change in my settings. When my web browser is up on the screen, it stays in the front no matter what. I confess that this bugs me because I typically write w/Word open on one side of my screen & the web browser open on the other side, overlapping in the middle third. I can click on one or the other & it will come to the front. Now when I click on the Word document, the web browser stays in the front. I have to minimize it to the tool bar in order to continue writing. I confess that I cannot find the setting to correct this. It’s really messing w/my muscle memory, not to mention my thought patterns. I confess that when my browser is on full screen, I cannot even put my mouse down at the bottom to make the toolbar appear so I can check the time. I confess that I’m both annoyed and powerless to find the correct setting to change. I further confess that this is why I only shut down my computer once a month… strange things happen which I cannot correct.
I confess that the following confession will make no sense to you if you have not taken the enneagram & learned about your type and others. I confess that I’m a 3 on the enneagram, so I am always trying to win the approval of people around me & find self-worth through achievement. I confess that for years I thought I was a 7, but I think I’ve finally realized that I really just decided 7 was the coolest enneagram type. So, as a 3, I set out to achieve 7-ness (and did a reasonably good job, btw – further evidence that I’m really a strong 3). I have decided that 3 is absolutely the most humiliating of the enneagram types – which Richard Rohr would say is the most convincing evidence that I’ve finally found my type.
I confess that I just got Martin Buber’s book on Hassidism for $1 at half-price books. I also got a biography of Teresa of Avila, also for $1. I confess that in all likelihood I will only skim read them both – although you never know.
I confess that I’m still gripping on what books to buy with my gift certificates. I  confess that I’ve added at least 2 titles to my wish list: Martin Buber’s I, Thou, and Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God is Within You.
I confess that Richard Land’s comments about President Obama & the Trayvon Martin case make me embarrassed to have been called a Southern Baptist for 18 years. I confess that I believe this man has clearly not spent any time in the gospels lately. Yes, Rev. Land, the only reason people are speaking up about Trayvon Martin is “to try to gin up the black vote for an African American president who is in deep, deep, deep trouble for re-election.”
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