Little Master’s Big Art – Summer Art Camps for Kids

Little Master’s Big Art – Summer Art Camps for Kids May 2, 2012
Ken and Kristen Deladurantaye are good friends of mine from Redemption Church. They run an incredible art school for children called Little Masters. Both Ken and Kristen are phenomenal artists in their own right. Ken has drawn for us during worship & Kristin threw pottery on a wheel once in a service, to this day one of the more moving images of worship I’ve ever been involved in.
They have developed a whole style of teaching art to kids by using the great master artists. They teach an artist, mimic some part of their style and learn the basics of art history while keeping their hands messy. It’s brilliant. My kids have done several classes. The experience has been transformational for a lot of little budding artists who are struggling to find their place in a world that is dominated by sports. As an artist, I’m so glad this program is out there helping kids to nurture creativity and use their imagination.
I just wanted to put the word out there about their summer program. (Here’s a link to their website)I asked Kristen to give me the highlights and this is how she described it:
“We have 9 weeks of summer camps for preschool and elementary ages. Each week is a different topic, we have camps based on literature, texture, collage, the seasons and sculpture. In each camp kids will not only have fun creating their own art but will also learn about Master Artist and will be able to experience working with all kinds of different mediums.” 

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