Monday Morning Confessional – (on Tuesday Afternoon)

Monday Morning Confessional – (on Tuesday Afternoon) July 3, 2012
I confess that I’m very late in writing the Monday morning confessional this week. I confess that I’ve been very lax about blogging lately because I’ve been focusing on a writing project that took all of my spare time. I I hope to have news about that soon.

I confess that I’m sad to hear that Andy Griffith has died – I loved the Andy Griffith show. I confess that I think I’ve seen every single episode of the Andy Griffith Show, and not a single episode of Matlock. I confess that I got to meet Andy Griffith in 1997 at the GMA convention mixer. He he was doing publicity for his gospel album and seemed a little bit cranky to have to be there in the first place. There were several of us standing around him at the time and he told a dirty joke – it was awesome.

I confess that I finally had to switch to running in the mornings, and it’s not going very well. I was able to crank the mileage back up to 5-6 miles a day, but I have not had much energy. I confess that I’m not a morning person, especially when it comes to exercise. Early morning conversation – especially w/caffeine involved – and I’m in… running? Not so much. I confess that I’m old enough to feel awful creaky and sore when I first wake up. I can’t wait till fall when I can get back to running at the end of the day.

I confess that I’ve been very disappointed in the way many of my Christian friends have responded to the Supreme Court decisions about immigration and the Affordable Care Act. I confess that we don’t know how to talk about politics as Christians.

I confess that Public Jesus is finally available. More on that in the coming days.

I made my confession, you make yours!

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  • I confess that I was legitimately bummed when I couldn't find MMD yesterday. I confess that I freaking love MMD and try to stay caught up on it.
    I confess that I use the word sexy far to often, when referring to myself. I confess that I think sexy is a fun word, so why not use it ad often as possible?

  • I confess that I have a son who never misses a(n) MMC. He panicked last night when he went looking for it and couldn't find it. I confess that he will be relieved to see it show up, despite the lateness.

    I confess that I don't know if it is "a MMC", since you might read it as "a Monday Morning Confessional", or if it is "an MMC" since it could be read just that way which of course would be pronounced as "a em, em, see" forcing the "a" to become an "an". I confess that the English language has too many exceptions to too many rules.

    I confess that I have a bum knee. I tried to run yesterday and managed to drag my leg along for three miles, but the pain finally stopped me. This knee seems to only be bothered by running. I can spend an hour on an elliptical machine and my knees does fine. My wife and I walk for 8-10 miles and it still does fine. It only hurts when I run on it. With so many good and pain-free options for exercise, not being able to run shouldn't bother me. I confess that though I hate running, I now want to run and it is driving me crazy that my knee hurts when I do. I confess that it is very coincidental that I didn't want to run until some outside pressure told me that I can't/shouldn't. I confess that I was one of those children that didn't want to play with a toy, until I was told that I couldn't play with it. After that, it was all I wanted.

    I confess that I have had to mostly give up talking about politics. I confess that I don't know how to talk about politics as a Christian. I confess that I argued on both sides to the point that I have done damage to relationships and people. What makes this sick is that I don't even think that I feel strongly enough about any of it to even bother arguing at all. I simply get so frustrated with seeing a person absolutely vilify the other side that I can't help but try to balance the scales. I have played the roll of the balanced liberal who has a heart for all people against my red faced republican friends and I have played the roll of the fiscally responsible conservative who wants to help people but believes that bills should be paid against my stubborn liberal friends. I confess that this approach, though instinctual for me, almost never bears healthy fruit. I need to stay out of political dialogue completely.

  • Love it…

  • Sorry MMC not MMD

  • This appeared on my Facebook wall yesterday (appropos of our general inability to discuss politics intelligently):

    "The nature of American Politics is deception. Two parties working for the same Boss both claiming the common man's interest at heart…" ~ Robert Brenton

    I don't know who Robert Brenton is, but it seems like an idea worth keeping in mind as the election year rhetoric contines to heat up.

  • Russ

    I confess that I probably get more worked up than I should when I see pastors publicly denigrating those with whom they disagree with politically. I guess I have trouble reconciling the thought processes of a person who teaches God's Word (which is really all about love) on Sunday but spend the rest of the week verbally bashing and wishing harm on those from the other side of the political spectrum. And, no, I'm not talking about Westboro. This is a local community church in Nebraska.

    I confess that it's hard to pray for them when I've been the target of some of their rage. Some days are easier than others.

    And to Wayne: I love that quote! Thanks for sharing!