Monday Morning Confessional – Suck it, Nerds.

Monday Morning Confessional – Suck it, Nerds. September 24, 2012

I confess that I’m ridiculously impacted by other people’s opinion of me, and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever really embrace the idea of just being who I am without trying to manage my own reputation.

I confess that I am now worried that the above confession will cause people whose opinion of me I value to think that I’m somehow weak or pathetic.

I confess that I love the phrase, “Suck it!”, even though it seems on the edge of being too profane for polite conversation. When Liz Lemmon says, “Suck it, nerds!”, I want to get up and dance.

I confess that I like the idea of eating healthy, but do not like healthy foods. I confess that I like the idea of eating organic food but like neither the price tag nor the spots on my apples.

I confess that I have never watched a single moment or read a single word of the Twilight saga.

I confess that I still wake up in the middle of night having dreamed that I’m most of the way through a semester course at college and have not yet gone to class, or have missed a test inadvertently. I confess that I was lost at a huge school like K-State and should probably have gone to a small college. I confess that it took nearly a decade after college was over before I stopped waking up on Saturday mornings scared to death that I had slept through the alarm that was supposed to wake me up to go drive a school bus (my horrible college job).

I confess that I feel the most affinity with hipster culture (in terms of arts, music, politics, worldview), but I constantly feel like an outsider because I can’t pull off certain important boundary markers: I’m a Bon Iver fan with a PC; an Arcade Fire junkie with zero fashion sense and no skinny jeans.

I confess that I am struggling with my own self-confidence right now. I think gen-xers have an innate fear of abandonment, which is how my low self-confidence seasons typically manifest. I confess that I know this is part of the struggle I open myself to as I pursue the type of spirituality which subverts the small self, or the ego. I confess that I’m in times like this I’m really grateful for my wife, who is simply the most faithful and generally accepting human being I’ve ever known.

I confess that I’m stalled out in my reading of the Bethge biography of Bonhoeffer. I’m about 400 pages in – less than half way – and really need a good 10 hour day to jump start.

I confess that in 2000, around 31 million people lived below the poverty line. In 2010 that number had grown to around 46 million, (16 million of whom are children). I confess that these numbers constantly haunt my subconscious mind.

I confess that I’m a baby when I don’t get my own way.

Okay people… I made my confession. Now it’s time for you to make yours!

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  • I confess that I still want to tell people what to think… Show them that it doesn’t have to be as hard as they are making it… Help the butterfly out of the cocoon… (Help Jesus evade the cross!?) Even as I continue to struggle, at times, in of my own cocoon [ Hurts so good… ♥♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♫ ♥ (cf. Rumi’s “Chickpea” poem)]

    [p.s. I have those same dreams — the end of the semester is approaching and I realize that I’ve been missing class, missing assingments, but there may just be time to pull it out, if only I can…]

    [p.p.s. Apropos of our distaste for “eating healthly”, see link below]

  • Aaron Tiffany

    speaking of not watching a series of movies and saying, “SUCK IT, NERDS”, with no regards—I confess I have never watched any of the Star Wars movies. I am making it one of my lifetime movie goals to keep it that way. I do not think it will be a problem. So, “Suck it, nerds!”

  • Den

    I confess that I have watched about fifteen to twenty minutes of the first “Twilight” movie, and must say that as a consequence – I haven’t had any desire to watch any more of it. There’s only so much teenage angst and “Meh!” that a Boomer like me can stomach.

    I confess that I don’t worry much about what people think of me. Given the mass appeal of my blog – the soundtrack of which is a restful serenade of crickets and spring peepers around a small back-country pond – I supsect that most people don’t think of me much anyway. Somehow, that works out well for us both – I think.

    I confess that the statistics of hunger and poverty in this country, and in the world at large, stun and challenge me to get my mind adjusted to harsh reality. WWJD was a challenge during the nineties – I don’t think a lot of us worry about that sort of thing now.

    I confess that I need to exert the effort to partake of the discipline of confession more frequently. G-d does not hear from me often enough on this regard. I confess that I am a slacker at confessing.

  • I confess that I have a Messiah complex.

  • Elijah Heintzelman

    I confess that I’m not looking forward to this post because i hate apologies. I confess that i hate them because I’m very bad at it. I always make one of the groups I’m apologizing too feel uncomfortable. But apologies must be made all the same. I confess that this MMC post is going to be pretty short because every time i try to make this long apology, i slowly drift into self-justification, so I’m gonna try and keep it short.

    I would like to apologies to anyone who i might have offended with the way I “talk” on MMC. This is referring to the pretty constant use of profane language. I hadn’t really thought much about how much it might hurt other people and that was pretty rude.

    So just a recap: i apologize and i hate apologies.

  • John R Huff II

    I confess that I cannot stand to be around or listen to any Republican.

  • Chad

    I confess that I wish I could confess that I had not read any of the Twilight saga. Unfortunately, I pre-screened it for my 13-year-old daughter and got half-way through it before the feeling of nausea got the best of me. I told her she was welcome to read it, but that it was horribly shallow. She decided to read something else, bless her.

    I confess that despite being repeatedly admonished in the Bible to “fear not” and to “not worry” I am completely terrified of the future. Trusting God for the unknowns has never been my strong suit.

    I confess that I am one of those nerds you just told to “suck it”. But I refuse to be offended.