Monday Morning Confessional

Monday Morning Confessional October 15, 2012

I confess that I started The Instructions by Adam Levin but never finished it. I loved every bit of it for the first fifty pages, but was put off by its length (1019 pages). I’m not sure I want to invest that kind of time in the book right now.

I confess that money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy vacations to fun places, and those are pretty cool.

I confess that I think limited atonement is a complete joke of a doctrine.

I confess that I am bothered by pleated pants.

I confess that I’m judgmental of anyone I might feel competitive with.

I confess that I’m probably too over-protective with my kids. I confess that I just pretty much assume every adult is out to get my children and so I try to never let them out of my sight. I’m sure that this is due in no small part to the fact that one of the challenges of being a pastor is trying to be hopeful about humanity given everything we know about people and how they hurt each other.

I confess that I bite my fingernails.

I confess that I don’t care about professional baseball. I had no idea Derek Jeter broke his ankle. I confess that I do care about NASCAR (I know this makes no sense), and yet I did not know that Dale Earnhardt Jr. was out for two weeks with a concussion. I have been reading a lot about politics… that’s my excuse.

I confess that I took my friend Randy to rehab this morning. He’ll be there for 28 days. I confess that I hope that he’ll be able to stay sober. I confess that I hope we can help him find a job when he comes out.

I confess that I find myself distracted and zoning out for long moments on most Mondays. Today is no exception.

Okay friends, I made my confession, time for you to make yours.

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