Monday Morning Confessional

Monday Morning Confessional November 12, 2012

Quick Note: the purpose of Monday Morning Confessional is simple. Confession is good for the soul. It’s good to get things off your chest, even if they are small things and random thoughts. I post these each week in the hope that you will join in. Make your own confession! You’ll feel better 🙂

I confess that I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside this morning. The K-State Wildcats are number one in the BCS poll (K-State is my school), and this is not something that happens very often. To make things even better, Colin Klein is the leader in the Heisman race at the moment. I confess that I probably care too much about college football. I confess that I’m a little nervous about our next 2 games.

I confess that winter has arrived in full force. It’s cold in Kansas this morning – time to unhook the hoses from the house, fill up your windshield wiper fluid, and buy salt.

I confess that I love when daylight savings time ends. I typically go for a run every evening when I get home from work. The week of daylight savings is one of my favorite running weeks of the year because I’m suddenly running on the Mill Creek Trail at dusk. I’ll get 2 or 3 miles out, far from the roads and highways, and the deer are totally surprised by my presence. I can just see the confusion in their eyes. “Where did you come from? You guys are never out this late.” It’s as though I’ve caught them with their pants down. Apparently deer do not observe daylight saving’s time.

I confess that I love winter. I confess that it’s sometimes hard to tell if I really love winter, or I just hate summer so much that I think I love winter. But it’s getting cold, the days are shorter and I’m starting to get excited. I get the drawbacks of wintertime – dry skin, static electricity, and wind chill – but I can’t help myself. I love winter. I love the cold. I love that the sun comes up late and goes down early. I love that I don’t break into a friggin’ flop-sweat every time I walk outside. I love that I don’t have to mow the lawn. I love that there is no humidity. I love that there are no leaves on the trees so I can see the pond behind our house. I love sledding. I love the sensation of warming up. I love to watch my boys exhale and laugh about how they can see their breath. I love the Hoth Ice Planet (best setting in any Star Wars Film). I love family movie nights with popcorn & blankets and a fire. I love how silent the world becomes just outside my house when the snow is falling late at night. I love the winter sundown when the western sky is exploding with pinks and purples so bright, I love a good book on a cold winter afternoon. Let’s hear it for winter!

I confess that Olafur Arnalds is my current favorite music to read and study by. Amazing artist – I highly recommend.

I confess that I spent the last 6 weeks preaching through each of the chapters of a book I wrote. I confess that I’m not sure I will inflict my writings on my own church like this again. I confess that I am, nevertheless, very grateful for the support and encouragement of Redemption Church.

I confess that my wife and I are watching the show Scandal right now. We watched two episodes last night. I confess that I thought it was going to sort of like the West Wing, only with a Washington attorney who helps people through their scandals. I have a feeling it is moving more towards a soap opera. Why does every show do that?

I confess that my observance of the Daily Office has been shamefully lackluster over the past two weeks. I confess that I’m giving myself a pass because it’s been a tad crazy. I confess that I’m re-engaging this week, and will be attempting to try and hit 4 or 5 of the daily offices each day. If you want to follow along, I’ll be doing The Morning Office from The Book of Common Prayer here each morning. I’ll be doing the Midday Office from Phyllis Tickle’s The Divine Hours here. My early morning office & vespers will be from my own liturgy. Compline will probably be stuff I have memorized (Apostle’s Creed, Lord’s Prayer, & my favorite prayer of the day: “Protect us Lord, while we stay awake. Watch over us as we sleep. That awake we may keep watch with Christ, and asleep rest in his peace. Amen.”).

Okay, I made my confessions – time for you to make yours!

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  • Jodi B

    I confess that I, too, care way too much about college football. I confess that right now I don’t care that I care. (Go Cats!)
    I confess that it annoys me that the early darkness causes problems when trying to explain it/answer questions about it to a 6 year old. Driving home at 6 pm Saturday, I was asked “Is it the middle of the night?”
    I confess that I already becoming way too anxious about the holidays approaching and that I will remind myself daily of their true meaning and not to be stressed out. I confess I know already that I will fail in this endeavor.

  • Josiah H

    I confess that my family is going through a tuff time and it sucks. Its horrible to watch my family get attacked and see them hurt. I confess that I always and probably always will struggle with wanting to be everyones superman and in times like this I realize how un super i am ad howmuch i really have to trust God. I confess that in this time I realize that I am blessed with a wonderful family and I’m terrible at seeing that.

  • I confess that “I” have been the occassion (at least) of much harm…

    “Half the harm that is done in this world
 is due to people who want to feel important. 
They don’t mean to do harm. ­ 
But the harm does not interest them.
 Or they do not see it, or they justify it. 
Because they are absorbed in the endless struggle 
to think well of themselves.” – T. S. Eliot

  • John R Huff Jr

    I confess I enjoying reading Tim’s Momday Morning Confessionals, which today was more like a chapter in a book. He He