Monday Morning Confessional – 2012 Year End Confessions

Monday Morning Confessional – 2012 Year End Confessions December 31, 2012

Father Adam – a Benedictine monk who is my spiritual director – always says “God is good. People are crazy.” That sums up the year 2012. Here is my year-end confession.

I confess that I am not a very good celebrator of New Year’s Eve. Growing up my family celebrated with Dick Clark on East Coast time and were usually asleep before 11:30. I confess that I haven’t seen midnight on New Year’s Eve in at least half a decade. I’m going to try and make it this year.

I confess that on Nov. 30th I predicted that the politicians in Washington would take us over the fiscal cliff, and it looks as though I got that one right. I’m not super concerned because I have put my hope in Jesus, not in governments and politicians. Nevertheless, I still maintain that this is a plague on the houses of congress no matter their party or ideology. Shame on you politicians and lobbyists.

I confess that tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year; college bowl games on New Year’s Day. I confess that this day has been getting better and better as Nicholas has started to tune in with me. Lewis doesn’t love football yet – I’m still hoping.

I confess that last year on New Year’s Day I was formulating a plan of attack to try to get a publisher for the book idea I had. I confess that this New Year’s Day I will be feeling very grateful that I have signed the contract with Zondervan. Now all that is left is to write it up. That will by my obsession in 2013!

I confess that I’m amazed that scientists put an SUV on Mars in 2012.

I confess that I really enjoyed Nate Silver going 50 out of 50 on predicting the presidential election – not because of the outcome, but because a nerdy numbers guy totally gamed nearly ever pundit and so-called political analyst. Score one for the nerds.

I confess that I think the 2012 presidential election has been a catalyst to a newly vigorous and destructive bout with the culture wars. It saddens me. Our culture is now even more polarized and unfriendly. 2012 was a step back in terms of loving our neighbor and loving our enemies alike.

I confess that I ran four miles on Christmas day 2012 when the wind was blowing about 13 mph and the temperature was 13 degrees… and it was awesome. I confess that for some reason, I always remember the runs I take on holidays. They are these odd little milestones, like “I made it to another Christmas without quitting the exercise routine.” It is snowing cats and dogs in KC right now. I hope it lasts long enough for me to get in a late afternoon run in the whiteness on New Year’s Eve 2012. There’s nothing like breathing in snowflakes.

I confess that while running over the past few weeks I’ve been listening to the unabridged version of Les Miserables on audiobook. My goal was to try and finish the book before I go see the movie. Not sure I’m going to make it. Still the book is fascinating – even the sprawling, loquacious, and detailed accounts of things like the different fashion tells of the social classes, or the five chapters he did on the battle of Waterloo. I confess that when I hit those long sections where it should be 4 hours of detail about the French Revolution, I usually turn the speed up to x3. I confess that when I turn up the speed, I usually pick up the pace of the run… works out well.

I confess that I was bummed when Lance Armstrong went down in 2012. I wanted to believe. I confess that I read Tyler Hamilton’s memoir The Secret Race in a single day last week. It was intoxicating. Armstrong cheated…

I confess that I don’t know a single person who thought the end of the world would come on Dec. 21, score one for common sense.

I confess that I think 2012 was a year of too much suffering: Hurricane Sandy, Gen. Petraeus’ downfall, mass shootings in a movie theater, a grade school, a Sikh temple, killing of diplomats in Benghazi… it’s a mad world. Still I confess that I refuse to despair. I refuse to lose hope. God is good. It’s only that people are crazy, and even that’s not all bad!

Okay friends – I made my confession. Time for you to make yours.

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  • It was a Sikh temple, not a Buddhist temple.

  • Lance is simply an escape goat for the sport. The entire sport dopes. Lance is the amazing athlete that the yellow jersey signals. They should hav addressed the sport. Instead the sacrificed Lance. Everyone in the sport knows it.

    • paul jones

      lock ledger
      Lance Armstrong always claimed he was a DRUG FREE winner of the TDF.
      The only thing everyone in sport knows is that he is NOT.
      Hes an amazing lier . You stupid little fanboy
      He didnt win those yellow jerseys clean did he? Or do you take drugs aswell?

  • Scott Stone

    I confess that I’m glad the year is over. Even though it is nothing more than an insignificant point of demarcation, 2012 was a trying year personally and professionally.
    I confess that my only resolution this year is to live more in the moment. I spend to much time thinking about what could have been and what I hope for. I want to spend more time appreciating how blessed I am each and every day.
    I confess that one of the few joys of the year was the new friends that entered into our lives. A couple who on the surface most would think we would have nothing in common with have become some of the dearest people in our lives. I thank God regularly for this gift.
    I confess that I hate winter with a passion. My definition of cold is anything below 80 degrees. I know my constant complaining annoys my wife and I should probably work on that. But the fact is I think I enjoy a better quality of life when the warm fresh air can blow through my house. My disposition is just better when the weather is warm.
    I confess that maybe Green Bsy was a poor choice to lay down roots.