Do You Hate Your Job? See what this video does to you…

Do You Hate Your Job? See what this video does to you… April 3, 2013

As a pastor, I find myself needing to talk about work and the American workplace constantly, and to constantly reevaluate my theology of work given the ever changing culture. In Public Jesus I wrote a whole chapter about work and vocation. More and more I am having conversations with people about work and how difficult it is to make sense of how we are spending our days. What are we working for? Are we doing something important with our lives, and if we are not, should we make a change? Does work have to mean something or is a McJob okay? Does work need to be lucrative to matter? Do we need to feel passionate about our job in order to do it well? How much power should I give an employer over my life? My happiness? Should I work to live? Can I live to work? Does my life matter to the kingdom if I keep doing a job I despise? Can God redeem my professional life? Do I need to quite my job if I work for a company that adds to the darkness of the world?

I’m not sure we’ve ever known a time in the American experience in which work caused more confusion for normal everyday folks.

I really want work to matter. I want people to feel as though they work for the common good, no matter what their job is. I think you should be able to work hard and still have time for your family. I think that bosses should want well rounded employees – not money generating robots. I want people who feel trapped in their jobs to become liberated from them. I want people who have a soul-crushing job to find a soul-sustaining job.

More than anything, I want Christians to know that when they go to a job, they carry the mission of God into that place. Their vocation is to image God in the workplace no matter what the job is. That is their primary reason for working & it should show in every single aspect of their work life.

This video tells an important story. I’m not sure quite what to make of it, yet. But I think it would be hard to do a job this difficult for this long if there wasn’t some important meaning there. What does this video do to you?

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  • Apropos of “stress” — the elephant in the room, perhaps –we would do well to remember that “he that would save his life will lose it.” By surrendering both our demand for happiness and security– and any insistance on the particular form that our “success” must take –we move that much closer to “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” which is “God with us”, here and now! “Take up your cross, the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” 🙂

    Indeed, it is only from the standpoint of abundant life, in Christ (in the kingdom) that we can live and work and be authentically creative and compassionate, realizing that “we” are not the doer–that, in fact, it is God who works in us both to will and to do of his good pleasure…

  • kalimsaki

    Since everyone fervently desires long life and yearns for immortality; and since there is a means of transforming this fleeting life into perpetual life and it is possible to make it lengthy; for sure anyone who has not lost his humanity will seek out the means and try to convert the possibility into reality and will act accordingly. Yes, the means is this: work for God’s sake, meet with others for God’s sake, labour for God’s

  • Give me a break. Work sucks. It doesn’t matter what the purpose is, whether it does any good for anyone, or whether it is some sort of mission. Work is hell. It is daily jail. You get in at 8, or 8:30 or 9 and you’re trapped until 5. You do the same tedious, repetitious tasks over and over and over. Those are hours buried alive. Work is daily jail and nothing, nothing about the purpose or meaning makes it one bit better. The fact is you’re trapped and miserable for 8 hours a day. That’s work.

  • Y

    What a blessing The Sacred Spirit has given this man, a long life with a sense of purpose that encompasses his community and family. My his spirit live on in all whose lives he’s touched after his body stops! That’s my idea of “on earth as it is in heaven.”