What Would Your Superpower Be? Jimmy Fallon & a Little Friday Funny

What Would Your Superpower Be? Jimmy Fallon & a Little Friday Funny May 3, 2013


Okay I’ve thought about this quite a lot actually. After debating world needs v. personal calling and desires, i.e., what I would like to do with my life versus what the world needs, etc. I have to say regarding what superpower I would like to have if I could have any superpower I wanted. I think my answer would be:

the ability to speed read super-fast with 100% retention in any language.

Can you imagine that? Not only could I read everything in English – theology, philosophy, history would be my area of concentration (not that I’d really have to concentrate much because I could speed read). But I would be able to speed read Chinese literature and philosophy. I’d be able to rock some French and German philosophers and theologians in their native language – not to mention Greek and Hebrew. This would be the greatest superpower I could imagine. Except maybe the power to cure cancer with only by speaking the person’s name. That’s a good one… or the ability to cleanse that air and environment from all pollution telepathically. That could do some good…

Personally I thought the Samuel L. Jackson idea was pretty strong – not that I get in that many arguments.

Enough already. What would your superpower be?

Peace, Love, & Friday Funny!

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  • Paul Waters

    To be able to devote sufficient time and attention to my wife, children, household chores, and ministry – and still have time and energy for my own space…….

  • jcon526

    Teleportation, hands down. However, your speed-reading idea sounds great, but I would have to stay away from news websites or I’d get depressed easily…

    • Tim Suttle

      yeah – teleportation, that’s a really good one. Can you imagine? No airline tickets? …especially if it worked like in the Harry Potter series, where you can apparate with someone else as long as they were touching you. Nice…

  • Ross Gill

    At the risk of getting all serious, since today is Ascension Day, how about the power to be a witness of, to and for the risen Lord?