Negligent Parents, Lawbreaking Kids: Stunning Article on Parental Accountability

Negligent Parents, Lawbreaking Kids: Stunning Article on Parental Accountability August 22, 2013

LZ Granderson writes a weekly column for CNN, and this week’s entry was stunning. Granderson laments the lack of accountability for the parents of children who commit horrible, unspeakable crimes. He begins,

“A detail in the fatal shooting of 14-year-old Shaaliver Douse by a New York Police Department officer earlier this month has been stopping me from grieving his death. The tragedy happened around 3 a.m.

Why was a 14-year-old boy out that late without his mother, Shanise Farrar, who called the shooting an assassination? Or his aunt, Quwana Barcene, who said the bloody gun police say was found near his body was part of a cover up? Where was the supervising adult who should have been with a 14-year-old boy walking the streets of New York at 3 o’clock in the morning? “I’m not saying that he’s the best one, but he’s my angel,” his grieving mother said.

Her “angel” was a suspected gang member who police say was chasing and shooting at an unidentified man when they encountered him. Her “angel” was arrested last month for attempted murder of a 15-year-old. Her “angel” left their apartment around 8 p.m. and she had no idea where he was until the next morning when detectives informed her that her son was dead. I want to mourn for her loss, I really do. But as callous and as heartless as this sounds, I just can’t get past what awful parents she and the boy’s father were. Children may be born angels, but with all the temptations out there in the world, it takes work to try to keep them that way.”

Granderson gives examples of other crimes perpetrated by children, then quotes the reaction of the parents. Their statements are stunning – unanimously talking about their children in glowing terms. I’m honestly not sure how to feel about what he is saying. If my child did some terrible thing, it wouldn’t change the way I feel about them. I’m sure I’d be saying the same things as these parents.

It’s important to remember that society plays a role in this type of injustice as well (a point Granderson mentions but does not tease out). Poverty is linked to violent crime. We cannot simply point the finger at the parents, because we all perpetuate a system in which economic and social justice does not exist for all. Want a simple example? U.S. Median household net worth for whites: $110,00. U.S. Median household net worth for blacks: $4,955 (2012). The average fifteen year old African American kid is living a completely different life than the average 15 year old white kid. Same goes for their parents. I have a hard time judging.

Still, Granderson is a leader in the black community, and he makes a good point. He’s emphasizing the importance of accountability not just after the crime, but accountability before the crime, in the home between parents and children. Our problem, he believes, is that we don’t do accountability anymore in our society, we do blaming.

“Parents are supposed to instill a sense of right and wrong in their children and then keep up the due diligence necessary to make sure they don’t veer off that path. When parents don’t do that, we end up with three 15-year-olds assaulting and breaking the arm of a 13-year-old on a school bus in Florida. “This is life. I am sorry what happened to the victim,” Julian McKnight Sr., whose son Julian was one of the boys accused in the attack, said after a court appearance. A second appearance is scheduled later this month. “It’s just the way it is. My son ain’t never been no bad person, he just got mixed with bad people, that’s all … he sorry.”

I am not a perfect parent with all the answers. But I do know that it was the father, and not the son, who was apologizing — and that, my friends, is our problem in a nutshell. We don’t teach accountability, we don’t expect accountability and I’m not even sure we even know what accountability looks like anymore. Some of us have become so addicted to pointing fingers at others for all the wrong that happens in our lives that self-assessment has become synonymous with blaming the victim.

What do you think? Do parents bear the blame? Does society bear it with them? It’s conventional wisdom to say “there are no bad kids, just bad parents.” Its that true? Could it also be true that sometimes good parents are playing a game in which the deck is so stacked against them that they literally cannot be good parents?

Granderson has me thinking, and I appreciate the article. Mostly what I’m thinking right now is this:

How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever?
How long will you hide your face from me?
How long must I take counsel in my soul
and have sorrow in my heart all the day?
How long shall my enemy be exalted over me?

– Psalm 13

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  • I commented on the piece: This article is infuriating to me. It is arrogant and thoughtlessly myopic. I am a proud father of three, and I love every element of fatherhood. My family is today ensconced in the suburban middle class, but I can easily recall when my first priority was simply staying alive. These “negligent” parents are rooted poverty – poverty of mind, of aspiration, or resources. It is all they know. Can I stand here and fault them for embracing parenthood – the one love, perhaps the only hope they can imagine – without “proper” planning? How dare we condemn them for failing to bequeath what they did not possess? Such vitriol is poisonous, snobbish, and small-minded.

    • Tim Suttle

      Glad to hear your comments, Jovan. I want to hear more about poverty of aspiration. I think you are onto something there. I wonder how much flack Granderson is taking for his article. I read down through the comments this morning looking for yours, and they are mostly positive, and a bit nauseating. It’s interesting to me that it what most comments seem to respond to was the tone he took – a kind of judgment or blaming of the parents… not a lot of them talking about how the deck is stacked against many good parents, although a few did. I gave up before I found yours. I wanted to see how people reacted to what you wrote. peace, ts

  • Rebecca Trotter

    When I did prison ministry pretty much every single kid I met came out of an abusive home. People who think that problem is that kids aren’t being taught right from wrong are deluding themselves. I never met a kid who hadn’t been taught right from wrong. It’s been 20 years since I was doing prison ministry (outside Chicago in the early 90s at the height of drug and gang violence in the inner cities). So perhaps something has changed, But odds are good that what I saw there still holds and this message that it’s up to parents to get a grip on their kids is actually counter-productive.

    Most parents whose children do these sorts of things are sorely lacking in the tools needed to discipline properly. As a general rule, they are dealing with a lot of stress themselves and fall back on what they know from their own upbringing: fear and violence. Many parents believe that establishing control through fear is what will keep them on the straight and narrow, but paradoxically, it actually makes it more likely that the parent will lose control over their kid later on. As I explained in a blog post I did a while ago on the subject:

    “A child who has been controlled by fear quickly figures out that the teachers at school cannot do anything nearly as bad as what they are used to at home. So once they aren’t afraid, the fact that they have never actually been taught how to behave and why they should (other than to avoid pain) comes out. They start acting up. The school struggles to deal with their behavior. . . Then when a kid who is difficult to manage gets on the streets, the gangs often swoop in. They like kids who act out and are so used to getting their ass beat at home that they take their initiation lumps with pride. And they are very upfront about the fact that they will put you in the hospital if you step-out-of-line. Which makes the belt wielding mom look like child’s play to deal with. At which point the mother who started off thinking she was going to keep her baby out of jail loses any control she ever had over the kid.”

    Without teaching parents how to parent with love, affection, and positive regard along with boundaries, calls to hold parents accountable for their kid’s behavior is very likely to exacerbate the problem:

    “People who live in poor, high crime areas generally want their kids to avoid going to prison. And . . . they believe that spanking a kid and putting a fear of authority into them is a necessary first step. Few people simply enjoy beating children. Nearly always, the sort of abuse that the kids I saw endured started with a parent who understood almost nothing about normal child development and began spanking early and often in order to make sure their kid was brought up right. However, the problem with spanking is that it doesn’t actually teach anything and second of all, the kid becomes immune to it fairly quickly. The first time you smack a kid’s hand it’s a shock and the kid freaks out. The 20th time? A small price to pay for a chance to climb on the counter. So, kids keep misbehaving and parents have to escalate in order for the spankings to continue suppressing the undesired behavior. Which creates a great vicious cycle in which parents become increasingly frustrated and intent on forcing compliance. Since most parents really believe that spanking works, when it doesn’t work they assume that it’s a sign of a really rebellious child who needs a bigger dose of the cure.”

    I am a firm believer that what we really need, along with social justice, is parent education. If it were up to me, parenting education would be taught in every high school. Simply telling parents to get control of their kids is not the answer.

    (The full post I wrote on the link between parent violence and delinquency is here:

  • Rick Miller

    I love how they equate black animal thug violence on poverty. It’s funny, I know of a lot of extremely poor White areas such as the Appalachians that does not have this type of violence nor would I fear to walk those areas at any time day or night. blaks on the other hand, where ever they congregate I would fear day or night. It is NOT the lack of money that causes this but the sub 70IQ of these violent beasts. When will these bleeding heart liberals finally admit that these people are just not fit for a civilized society and no amount of hand wringing or money dumping will ever change their inferior DNA.

  • SuperUnnatural

    What’s shocking is that you expect witnesses to stop observing savages or the results of godless pagan satanic society and what’s even more shocking is that you are still bitching and moaning after getting what you want: fear. You wanted people to recognize you, you wanted attention and all you ever earned was public humiliation and yet you still complain like savage spoiled retards.

    The law is now taboo while social (criminal) trends are now the law of the land exactly as you demanded it be and you still complain you ungrateful whining brats!

    The biggest problem black people have is that without participation in causing the crime to begin with, there is no way black skinned people can ever be granted the opportunity as our forefathers were to save and free the lives of others. They can never be granted the opportunity to ‘play the hero’. Consider that to be ‘NATURAL SELECTION’ of a divine decision. Pagans have no such victory to brag about and the child-raping-Arab world across the Atlantic are still pissed that we destroyed their way of life by destroying slavery and piracy through the civil war that white people fought and won.

    When will these sore losers get over it and leave others alone? Probably never. It is not possible to “coexist’ or to ‘tolerate’ evil among civilized people’s!

  • SuperUnnatural

    it is criminally negligent to allow your children outside as if they are stray animals, it is further criminally obstructing against judgement for the parents to force people to tolerate their child’s criminally unraised lifestyles then the police department is made an accessory to that criminal act by intimidating victims of abuse from disrespectful unraised stray children and it is the exact same behavior the mafia uses that is why they use democratic ideas as law (e.i: social trends) instead of obeying the law and forfeiting their right to freedom by growing up and raising their children themselves.

    it is further violations of the Constitution to criminally transfer, share, give, or take away the Constitutionally legal responsibility to raise children by using illegal taxes (a.k.a. stolen property in the form of illegal taxation) to have your child or children raised through public education which includes but is not limited to daycares and all forms of public school. and it is illegal business practices to further harass victims who are already attacked by the undisciplined abusive behavior of stray children.

    they euthanize dogs and cats who are caught as strays by the animal control organizations. it is illegal for the police department to not arrest stray kids. stray kids should be exterminated the same way pets are since these stray children are allowed to act worse than animals. if the baby factory that had them can not grow up and get past their undisciplined unpunished sex life or give that pagan sexual religion up in order to raise their children themselves as is Constitutionally binding for them to than there is no due process or legal defense of any kind for these pagan invader stray criminal brats.

    your secular or anti-Christian Constitution comes from the Soviet post Cold war Russia who plagiarized our Constitution and the criminal Soviet Russian anti-American (UN)Civil liberties Union has illegally operated in our country with the help of illegal government organizations such as the mafia controlled organizations called the Secret service, the FBI the CIA the NSA the DHS and all other forms of illegal organizations that never were in any way any legal branch of our government.

    by the Declaration of Independence and by the non transferable LEGALLY BINDING CONSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITY OF RAISING CHILDREN YOURSELVES you have no legal right of any kind no legal authority or power whatsoever to change our Constitutions UNALIENABLE THAT MEANS UNCHANGEABLE LEGAL RESTRICTIONS of having to raise your own children, through politics or any other belief you use in a premeditated attack against your victims.
    your first crime of not knowing the law or being ignorant of it can easily be judged as simply poor judgement but yoru second offense of purposefully allowing yoru children to live like strays on the street is premeditated terrorist attacks and even the police departments around the nation have become accessories to yoru obstruction of justice every time you claim you or your child has a so called “right” to either change our laws through politics or to behave as you please. the mafia does the exact same thing you do and there is no legal business practices on this planet that are not guilty of further badgering of witnesses through illegal internet censorship or electronic manipulation using illegal signal jamming devices or illegal remote devices or the electronic form of vandalism called HACKING.

    business practices of every kind have been illegal especially of the democratic nature that allows obstruction of justice through their criminal non-discrimination democratic foreign policies which violates our Declaration of Independence. teh whores that have these unraised stray criminal children are themselves criminally immature attacking other people by ganging up against the witness forcing negotiations with evil pagan anti-American criminals.

    it’s past time to get rid of these pests as is our Constitutional duty and responsibility to do. people with children who let their children outside like stray animals are hdiing behind illegal business practices which further obstruct justice and the most criminal breeding grounds of these strays are social environments such as public housing, all forms of multi-family or apartment units are considered social environments or public because more than one family is living in them and the land lord and the managers are illegally collecting rent by claiming the property as private and using corrupt democratic policies that violate the Constitution in every way. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!!!! leave the victims alone and stop abusing them through mafia styled retaliatory behavior or pagan satanic behaviors of revenge because you are basically still breaking the law by harassing people through tolerance and through negotiations forcing people to allow your child’s criminal behavior and by obstructing justice by not holding parents responsible for their children’s lives. knock it off!!!!

    you further badger the witness by using the police as accessories to your criminal negligence when you call the police on the victims of your child’s criminally abusive disrespectful unsupervised behaviors. any judge or lawyer that would even consider representing you in court is not operating by any Legal American business practices of any kind. the ACLU never operated by any legal American practices. the ACLU is the biggest pedophile ring the biggest terror cell, the most criminal treasonous organization always attacking Americans by illegally implementing foreign political policies as laws in our country. the ACLU has committed the biggest war crimes in our country. the democratic party is their dog.

  • SuperUnnatural

    then to add insult to injury after using the police as an accessory to your obstruction of justice and criminal negligence than you purposefully plant evidence against people who are law obeying, loyal, patriotic, Protestant, LEGAL American citizens while you attempt to contaminate evidence through electronic manipulation and illegal censorship and through online vandalism called hacking while you steal internet access through net neutrality using illegal politics as an attempt to change our PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN United States Constitution by using illegal politics and illegal voting processes. you use illegal judges and corrupt foreign business practices to try and “silence the lambs” ro to silence the onyl REAL ACTUALZ LIVING AMerican LEGAL citizens which are the protestant (NOT THE CATHOLIC) Christians and you use your law exempt “non-discrimination” phrase, yrou social trend to try and enforce your pagan criminal hellish lifestyle where you never have to face punishment for anykind. you have no legal AMerican authority of any kind to change the words of our Constitution not even through a plagiarized Russian secular counterfeit Constitution because it would still be a tremendous act of war of treason against our American citizens. your business practice have been designed, premeditated to attack American citizens through illegal democratic suggestions and you are guilty as hell for your criminal behavior and for the criminal animal behavior your children display.

    evolution is a pagan religion of nature worship, beastiality, it is criminal negligence and it is further criminally immature to have unpunished pagan religious sex lives and it violates our Declaration of independence and our Constitution which has non-negotiable, unchangeable, unalienable, non-transferable legal responsibilities that hold you in every way accountable for the behaviors of your children and for providing their needs. you can not transfer that responsibility not even through politics on to any other human being who is not the biological parent of said child and using the police to further badger the witnesses of your criminal negligence and of your stray child’s unrestricted terrorism is an act of war. it is the same behavior of mafia crime bosses a.k.a. have no legal right to do as you please, witch. you never did you never will and if anything I say affects you in a negative way that is because you have been brainwashed by pagan organizations who who every lie in the book to change our laws to avoid legal punishment of every kind. they know how to whine, they have NO concept of civility.even landlords and CEO’s are guilty of abusing people trying to turn FREE AMERICAN PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN LOYAL AMERICAN citizens into slaves using the hellish democratic politics of slavery as an attempt to make us into slaves. I will never stop defending my faith of Evangelical Christianity and I will NEVER be responsible for your children or your bad life. get over it and shut up!

  • SuperUnnatural

    the NSA, the CIA, the presidents secret service men, liberals, democrats, feminists, advocates of any kind, the ACLU, the SPLC, the FBI, the IRS, the DHS and all other organizations have never been any legal branch of our government, they never will be and they are guilty of abusing the American people using mafia pagan satanic rituals and religious sexual practices which include pagan religious prostitution and sorcery or drug use and criminal negligence such as day cares and public schools which can also be considered a form of premeditated kidnapping using politics and public education to illegally raise children instead of the parents being bound to their child or children.

    Apartment complexes are not private housing, they are considered state benefit programs because they can not legally be considered as a single family private home. all lease terms especially those from California are purposefully threatening towards American citizens and are in no way legal whatsoever. the State of California has never had any legal business practices of any kind. nothing legal comes from that state. I live in Washington state where our business owners illegally operate using democrats foreign policies satanically suggested by California corrupted political officials who never had any legal authority of any kind because they never had any actual legal American businesses of any kind and no legal American voting process. do you understand? I sure hope so because this is the dividing line between legal lives and criminal demons who are lying their way through our country violating our freedom by making us into slaves of pagan satanic rebelliousness. their pagan criminal religion or aversion to punishment or aversion to authority is their pagan religion they have to separate from our state and our church.

    perpetual immaturity through corrupt business practices and illegal politics is the real crime and sin. it is the real abuse against humans. remember the story of Peter Pan who NEVER grows up? he was renamed Daniel Tiger living in the fantasy land of Mister Rogers neighborhood of make believe using the pedophile homosexual witch called Aliester Crowley’s pagan religion fo “do as though wilt shall be the whole of the law” to turn social criminal trends into the law and to criminalize Christian American Protestant freedoms. it’s time to force these pagan brats ot grow up and suffer the punishing consequences of their choices by requiring them to give up their childhood of unpunished sexuality and force them to raise their children without negotiating with these baby factory terrorist pagans or their criminally stray children.

  • SuperUnnatural

    you never have any right to break the law and yet that is exactly what you claim you have a right to do while you turn obeying our law into the crime by illegally enforcing your pagan criminal religions such as prostitution or your sexual religion on to other people.

    I feel that if I would be arrested for giving these pagan unpunished stray brats and their criminally negligent slut mothers, giving them back what they are doing to other people except through a much more peaceful way of simply publicly humiliating them or simply by refusing to accept their abusive criminal behavior and rejecting them, if I get arrested for being a victim of the provocation of these stray pagan brats than jail would be much safer because I would be out of their reach at least until some idiot opens the cell. I have never been in jail before and I have no criminal record and I certainly do not share responsibility for stray pagan slut brats or their whore mothers and I DO NOT have to tolerate abuse by these witches or their juvenile deliquents.

    they have to turn Christianity and national loyalty into a crime while planting evidence just to be able to arrest people with no criminal record because our restrictive authority and law obeying favor from God is what they are actually attacking. children are soldiers in their pagan criminal lifestyles. the bottom pit of hell has no laws either but ti also has no connection to God and no hope and no intelligence or value of any kind. it has no morality. but at least jail doesn’t seem scary at all. behind bars for my beliefs against their communist take over politics is something all countries outside the United States have done too to force people to be punished simply for obeying the law and obeying God first. they have criminalized law obeying Christianity because they have no evidence against us otherwise. planted evidence is still part of the corruption.

    law violating non-discrimination democratic foreign policies are part of that planted evidence against legal US citizens.

  • SuperUnnatural

    is there any other subject you either don’t understand or are curious about? how about your lack of a soul or lack of any kind of future that ends in you being allowed to destroy other people’s lives through your thoughtlessness and your heartless whining?

    let’s explain why you have no right to claim you have feelings that matter in any way while you purposefully ignore the feelings of your victims, those who are forced to suffer from your unpunished lifestyles and bad choices???

    seriously. what else can you possibly claim ignorance about????!!!!!

    all forms of mutli-family or apartment complexes with more than one family living on said property can not be claimed as private property because all forms of social environments or mutli-family apartment units are businesses collecting rent as if rent is a form of either income tax or the purchasing of said homes. apartment complexes or multi-family units are businesses not private property. private property the definition and legal terminology only applies to one family living on their legally owned land not to businesses such as multi-family apartments, condominiums, town homes or any other form of mutli-person living places.

    dormitory living situations or co-peer living social environments are businesses not private land with only one family. they can not legally collect rent or keep any of their proceeds thus far if they claim it as private property. they can instead be considered prisons illegally collecting rent or bribes as a form of criminal punishment against those in need of homes especially those already abused by corrupted illegal abusive politics and abusive lease terms,

  • SuperUnnatural

    with as abusive as these stray kids and their equally abusive unpunished pagan prostitute mothers are, and with the abusive politics of these corrupted businesses and democratic run fake charities such as the democratic welfare system that abuses the poor and the victims, compared to the abuse already heaped on the “sovereign American citizens” the only real legal Protestant Evangelical American citizens, compared to the abuse we get from this pagan unpunished public, how much worse can jail be?

    not much.

    they label “disturbing the peace” or “being a nuisance” as not tolerating the criminally abusive unpunished behavior of stray kids. those who don’t tolerate being harassed by noise campaigns by these gang stalking unpunished pagan prostitutes or by their stray criminally loud noisy children, those who don’t tolerate that kin of abuse by these pagan brats are labeled as disturbing the peace. that is how they plant evidence while contaminating evidence and badger the witness as well as obstructing justice by allowing these undisciplined unpunished pagan wild brats outside forcing people to tolerate their loud disruptive behaviors.

  • SuperUnnatural

    did I get my point across that those of us that are the only legal American citizens have had enough abuse heaped on us by these anti-American pagan democratic unpunished brats and the illegal politics they play and the criminal businesses they run that are an attempt to remove all freedoms that our forefathers gave us.

    did I make my point understood? you have abused us to the point that your abusive criminal choices are now obvious to the entire planet and we are done taking the abuse and now we will defend ourselves just like our forefathers did. getting out of your reach and rejecting you once again or removing you from the country they gave us to protect us with that you have invaded. get out, shut up and go die all alone. leave us alone you pagan whore. you have no feelings of any kind worth any damn. you never care about the feelings of your sex partners or of the people who live around you who have to suffer from your abusive choices and lifestyles.

    your feelings were not hurt. your pride was by not tolerating your satanic rebellious unpunished lifestyle. get over and stop whining.
    I sure wish those of us left defenseless and abandoned even by those in political power would get to have a hero that wasn’t corrupt or criminal like everyone else. these days, outside of Protestant Evangelical Christianity who never compromise their faith or their legal beliefs, outside of us, there is no law obeying hero to be found that would actually have a God given desire to defend us against your satanic criminal politics. I know I know, I just need to be patient a little longer and somehow we will have someone defending us from your abusive pagan crimes. or so I hope. you are trying to break my spirit and I haven’t yet given up complete hope of someone being on my side to defend me against the pagan bullies. I just can’t tolerate the pain or the stress any longer. but my hope is still in tact.

    you attack my faith, my beliefs because you have no evidence against me to threaten me with outside of my religion. you have stooped extremely low just to commit this form of betrayal against God and against Humans.

  • SuperUnnatural

    but why am I still preaching as if you can understand logic or common sense or human intelligence? it’s useless. you have no ability to have feelings. you never did. you don’t care about those you hurt. you only whine when you are not allowed to pick on someone else. is that the price to pay for the freedoms of others, that you be allowed to buy someone else’s life as payment for not having a slave to beat on? I have to give up my freedom and take abuse just for you to let go of others?

    Jesus took the abuse. Jesus died innocently on the cross in order to set free those you were abusing. his life was that payment and now you hold us hostage to provoke war with God just so you can taste his blood again. wow. you have stooped pretty low. my neck hurts looking down that far. but you are trying to bring me down to your level trying to kill my spirit from God himself, my free will just so you can have someone to heap abuse on. well, you already know where I live who I am what I look like, my age, my family and that I am not sexually active, I am a virgin. if I am to be your human sacrifice, you have to come get me. I prone to running away from all demons just like Daphne in the greek legend of Daphne and Apollo I too am prone to rejecting all your attempts at entering my life. here I am.

  • SuperUnnatural

    not knowing the law, your first criminal offense can be forgiven but your second offense of intentionally not controlling your child’s behavior is unforgivable. your pagan undisciplined criminal lifestyle and unpunished brats who have no legal adult raising them is an unforgivable deliberate attack against other people. it is not forgivable when you deliberately attack others through your child’s unrestricted unsupervised unpunished behavior. it is premeditated. it’s not tolerable either.

    Yes that IS my judgement call. my name Laurada Anthonia Gerbracht, legal birth name, literally translates to “SHE WHO CROWN VICTORS” “she who decides YOUR fate”. it IS up to me to decide. not you. that divine authority is not negotiable and non-transferable by the divinely inspired God given freedoms of our Declaration of Independence and by the Constitutional UNALIENABLE NON-TRANSFERABLE RIGHTS AND LEGAL BINDINGS that our PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN founding fathers purposefully wrote INTO not after, our Constitution was put on paper and it is non-transferable in any way whatsoever.

    there is no other.
    Douglas MacAuthur said it best when he made the quote ” in War, there is no substitute for victory”, tolerance is an attempt at substituting victory.
    Edmund Burke or Berke was quoted as saying” all that is needed for the triumph of Evil is for good men to do NOTHING” while George Satayana is quoted as saying “those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it”. chew on that for a while, cerberus.

    the only way for you to understand though is I give up my freedom to willfully be enslaved and allow myself to be tortured and abused more than I have already suffered through social bullying and I give up the “ghost” the Holy ghost and let you kill me in your corrupted pagan injustice society. if my life is the price that needs to be paid for you to back off, you will get the Holy war you are looking for because Jesus is the one you are baiting using me as bait so you can piss God off and try to kill Jesus. I used to get so depressed because as children, kids know how to be cruel and I was always considered ugly just for having red hair. I was always the school geek, never having friends on the play ground and yet I made one promise to myself that only God heard. and you now you will hear that promise. I told myself and I told God that no one should ever feel that unwanted or that lonely. no one should EVER have to feel that way. but in order for you to stop being evil or to stop being controlled by evil, someone has to feel that way so I guess that is my sin. I stupidly believed that someday this feeling of hopeless rejection would go away. if you are ever going to return to being human beings than it is MY turn to take your abuse, human. you need a scape goat. I am it. whatever reason you hate me for, my red hair, my obedience to God, my lack of a criminal record, my lack of sexual desire, my lack of any desire for crime or my strong resistance to your satanic influence, my American legal sovereignty, my skin color, whatever reason you want to hate people with or for, that is why I exist. you hate me simply because that is your destiny to hate all things godly. I am here to be your punching bag. the only question is when will evil die for permanent? or will it ever? when I said to God that no one should ever have to feel this way, that was MY faust contract with the devil. it was my spiritually binding contract. I am the only one doomed to be abused. because of your wicked hate. I wish you had feelings. but maybe that is selfish to ask for.

    you really don’t understand the cost of “a life for a life” the alchemy philosophy of “equivalent Exchange” the cost required for your life to continue means my life has to end. that doesn’t sound as scary as you believe it to be. at least I would finally be gone. be happy about that. celebrate. don’t feel sorry about it. don’t make a big deal over it. just, accept it. ti is fact.

  • SuperUnnatural

    if you weren’t so afraid of my God, the word Martyr would never escape your lips nor cross your mind.

    you have a justified reason to be afraid of my God but my life is the cost for yours. that is equivalent exchange, fairness, the cost required for your life, the “balance”. I am just the bait for this Holy war but you really don’t understand the cost of your freedom.

  • SuperUnnatural

    first of all do you illegally remove comments of people that say things you don’t like to hear? are you illegally discriminating against people that don’t agree with you through illegal censoring of comments or are you a legal website to even complain on?

    second of all, most apartment lease terms that mention limited liability are illegal lease terms and the property management companies are illegally allowing criminal behaviors of people with children such as criminal negligence in using an apartment complex as if it is one giant playground criminally neglecting the disruptive behaviors of children who are unsupervised, undisciplined and illegally allowed to stay.

    tenants with children are violating rental leases for all other tenants by not controlling their children’s behaviors which makes a bad reputation for people with well behaved GOOD children because the few bad ones really do spoil the bunch and are part of organized neighborhood terrorism which includes noisy children as noise campaigns against any law abiding citizen. the abusive behaviors of people with bad children and the corrupt business practices of bad property managers has to be addressed because most of these negligent parents live in apartment complexes and use the complex as if it is a safari where they can let their children play unrestricted outside as if only those with kids own the entire property which is abusive towards tenants without children or abusive towards tenants with well behaved children. also it is an illegal transfer of parental responsibility to have day cares especially onsite for parents. day cares and all forms of public education purposely violate Constitutional responsibilities of parents to control their children’s behaviors and to raise their children to be CIVILIZED human beings.

    property management companies are part of the crime spree of these irresponsible glorified single mothers in particular by allowing these immature women who made bad choices some kind of invisible “right” to be criminally negligent in raising their children by not punishing the mothers of stray children. strya children roam the neighborhood like stray animals with no owners a.k.a. no supervision of parents or their parents encourage bad behavior such as screaming and playing unrestricted endangering property of others while playing outside. it is abusive for these people with children to be allowed to go unpunished for the behavior of their stray children (free range) and it violates lease terms for all other tenants. there is tremendous hypocrisy in lease terms that automatically nullifies the lease contract which allows for children to be uncontrolled outside while silencing adult renters using county noise ordinances only against adults while illegally allowing children to disturb the peace through unrestricted access to the outdoors. apartment managers abuse tenants without children by not punishing those with children for not controlling their children’s behaviors.

    it is contradicting to allow children to disturb the peace by allowing children to play outside unsupervised, loud, noisy and uncontrolled. it is an abuse to further harass tenants who do not tolerate children by amking threats against those who complain about noisy children while not allowing tenants to do laundry at night or to have televisions or stereo’s on. adults living in apartment complexes have illegal curfews placed only on adults yet it is a contradiction to allow children to play uncontrolled outside making noise while adults are forced to take the abuse and suffer from the noisy brats. it is a lease canceling move to allow children to play outdoors while restricting noisy adults.

    then to add insult to injury, these property managers don’t even listen to the complaints of tenants they abuse through the managers criminal negligence, instead the managers avoid customer service or communication by requiring forms to be submitted instead of paying attention to the behaviors through observation. they avoid communicating with tenants who have to suffer the abuse of these criminal disrespectful brats and their criminally negligent parents.

    when is the abusive behaviors of people with abusive criminal children going to be stopped and when are these abusive parents with their criminal children and the corrupt business managers allowing such criminal breeding grounds going to be held accountable for their involvement in abusing selected targets?

    showing favor to children of apartment communities is age discrimination and it is selective discrimination. anything that favors kids these days is guilty of selective age discrimination illegally favoring children and abusing adults by forcing people to allow children to go unpunished which is custodial interference.

    noisy children are members of democratic noise campaigns, gang stalking activity, noisy children are involved in this mass wide terrorism against American citizens and it has to stop. you have to punish the businesses that allow the criminal negligence by not allowing criminal negligence anymore.

  • SuperUnnatural

    when it comes to the internet, there is no legal need for children to ever have access to the internet whatsoever.

    abusive website administrators and moderators illegally hire only their friends who share their corrupted abusive political ideas such as atheism or social manipulation while illegally censoring comments and illegally discriminating in favor of criminals and children can be included in that definition by way of illegal access to the internet.

    abusive website administrators and moderators illegally censoring comments and communications online are guilty of violating the Federal Communication Commission’s Consumer protect Act by illegally censoring internet communication while allowing, harboring and even encouraging online sex crimes which are politically motivated yet selectively discriminating against law abiding upset citizens who refuse to take abuse from the online sex trafficking rings who put the abusive admins and mods in place to begin with.
    lack of customer service is another insult to injury by avoiding confrontation and communication. lack of customer service can be considered fraud.

    lack of Customer service or poor quality customer service can be considered as fraud and abusive and politically motivated hate crimes against consumers, a.k.a. the public.

  • SuperUnnatural

    in other words, abusive Property Management companies especially those of housing or apartment homes have been using abusive corrupt business practices especially against renters while using social trends (democratic liberal pagan social trends) to create lease terms with instead of any actual legal lease terms, abusing tenants and illegally collecting added fees as added pay for managers instead of legal charges for renting said apartments and it is also abusing as I keep mentioning for children to be allowed to create noise and disrupt the peace by being allowed to live in apartment homes instead of requiring single moms and broken families to control their child’s behavior and noise level.

    contrary to the popular pagan social trend of evolution where they believe that it is normal and natural for children to be disruptive, rude, disrespectful, and to rebel against authority and to be loud, it is part of their pagan nature worship through evolution to allow such uncivilized undisciplined brats to be allowed outside and as I said before, it is a lease canceling move to allow children to create noise or to play outside disrupting the peace of the neighborhood through terrorizing noisy behavior.

    housing Authorities in every state and even HUD itself can be found guilty of corrupted business practices and for illegally favoring women with children instead of keeping the peace by enforcing the no disruptive behavior lease terms and by holding especially women accountable for their noisy unraised stray loose children.

    single mothers or divorced couples a.k.a. broken families are illegally favored especially when it comes to housing. these undisciplined pagan goddess social sex symbols called single mothers are criminally immature, criminally irresponsible, and criminally negligent in having children because they abuse public education such as day cares or schools to have public money raise their children (a.k.a. “the village”) instead of being held accountable to the Constitutional non-transferable responsibilities of having children and raising said child or children themselves without stealing money through taxes to have their kid raised by the state (a.k.a. their pagan prostitute temple). single mothers further abuse tax payers by forcing tax payers to pay for the sex lives of these pagan whore symbols the single mothers. the health care for unwed mothers is forcibly paid for by the slaves of America the working class tax paying Christian households.
    those that are disabled or elderly are being illegally discriminated against in favor of the pagan religions that worship single motherhood instead of holding them accountable for the choices they made. old age and disabilities is not a choice. motherhood is.

  • SuperUnnatural

    think before you react also.

    the next time you hear someone say “Oh My F***ing God!” they really are giving tribute to the god or goddess of pagan sexual religions. you need to learn to control your mouth unless you know who and what you are talking about and who you are actually addressing

    my parents never allowed me or my brothers to use such language when we were kids. even saying “oh my Gosh” was considered slander because Gosh was an alternative way of swearing, abusive language. my parents never allowed us to use abusive language or develop the bad habit of using such abusive disrespectful language and I literally seriously thank my God for my parents. he’s the one that made me for them. he provided me with wise Christian parents. they aren’t perfect, no human is but God IS perfect and he knew what he was doing. Amen.

    the next time someone says ” Oh My F***ing God” simply tell them them “sorry, I don’t know that one” or “oh, so you’re a pagan, huh?” or “that’s not his name” or “that’s not my religion. better luck next time?”

    I only wish humans understood the results of their behaviors. most are abusive because they have been tolerated way too long.

    the biggest problem landlords suffer from is corrupted business practices of third party “Property management Companies” who waste more money on aesthetically pleasing looking apartment complex grounds instead of enforcing LEGAL lease terms and keeping parents responsible for their children’s activities and noise levels. it is abusive to allow children to play outside all over the apartment complex grounds as if the parents of said children own the property and even if they did own the property it is abusive to rent the property out to anyone that is not their own child or blood relative while creating these illegal lease terms or contracts that exempt landlords or property managers from legal punishment for criminal behaviors they commit or allow.

  • SuperUnnatural

    the kinds of parents I keep describing also abuse other tenants through smoking and littering while property managers hire someone to pick up the litter and punish the community, all other residents for the litter of people who smoke or have children who leave garbage all over the ground by either raising rent or including some kind of property management fee or by raising water, sewer and garbage fees to pay for the continued illegal dumping of a few bad tenants, the bad tenants happen to have undisciplined unsupervised criminal children.

    property managers have been involved in the crime by covering for those that commit the crimes allowing especially uncontrolled single moms or broken families to remain immature and undisciplined by the law through law-breaking lease terms that exempt them from blame for the crimes they or their relatives or their friends commit. all such lease terms are illegal.

    and in my state’s case, we have always had strong laws about littering, punishment for littering which includes cigarette butts and leash and scoop laws which these negligent parents or their criminal children also are allowed to continually ignore.

    these people violate leash laws by either not keeping their pets on leashes outside, allowing cats to roam streets or by not holding onto the leash of their dogs when their dog is walking so basically the dog is walking by itself and the leash law is violated by the owners not holding onto the leash at all times while also not being legally punished for leaving their dogs poop on the ground. it is abusive to allow these people to continue these criminal behaviors. can you really be that surprised by the criminal behaviors of these disrespectful uncivilized spoiled brats they let loose like strays? the answer should be a resounding no, we’re not surprised. just disappointed that it has been allowed for so long.

  • SuperUnnatural

    Usually single mothers or broken families of divorce situations who have no religious convictions will be the ones with bad behaving children who have very abusive language.

    you’ll more often than not, hear children of such broken homes using abusive language like when they say “oh My F***ing God”.

    the next time you see or hear a child saying that specific phrase just reply by saying “that’s how you got here, kid” “that’s you’re mother’s boyfriend”. followed by “too bad your “god” doesn’t also pay for child support”.

  • SuperUnnatural

    liberal parents often hear good parents being complimented for having well mannered good behaving children. people usually say “oh what a cutie” especially if the child is well behaved no matter their age but liberal parents never get complimented about their spoiled brat undisciplined children so they try to force people to accept their child out of jealousy because no one compliments a spoiled brat. it is very abusive for liberal parents who don’t control their children to be allowed to force people to tolerate their child’s bad behavior as retaliation for not getting the worship or praise that pagan sex symbols believe they deserve or earned. they haven’t earned a compliment. they never will through jealousy.

  • SuperUnnatural

    see, democrats, especially of the european British influenced variety only believe that money and social status, wealth basically, they believe that money is the only thing that influences government and power but our Christian founding American forefathers knew that, democracy or any other form of politics influenced only by money leaves the common poor citizen defenseless, so our forefathers PURPOSELY wrote the phrase “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION” in order to defend the common poor from having their property illegally seized (even through taxation) without being able to be represented in court with GOOD defense lawyers that will put the needs of people ahead of political or financial gain.

    most democratic policies that allow people rights to be unpunished by the law and to do as they please are illegal foreign policies and not rights in any way in our country. they are illegal to be considered as “rights” in our country.

    democrats have violated that every step of the way for over 300 years by usurping political power through money, greed, sex and power or the power of the influence of one’s family name. the IRS is basically like the fairytale character called “the Sheriff of Nottingham” as is described in the book, legend and movies of the tale of Robin Hood.

    while Democrats are the “prince John” character stealing property through taxes claiming that taxes are a legitimate excuse for the “prince” to usurp power. our founding fathers made it undeniably clear that this kind of abusive government from mostly England was rejected and to be rejected for all times in the United States of America where CHRISTIANITY was to be the “more perfect Union” of Church and State rejecting pagan greed, pagan politics from Europe. do you understand anything I just said?

  • SuperUnnatural

    look, point blank: you have seriously misguided or misdirected heroic sentiment in regards to people that make bad choices.

    like smokers or any other form of drug addiction or those who make the WELL INFORMED decision to have sex and the result is that they end up having children. if a person is homeless with children they have to learn to stop having kids until they grow up enough to provide even a home for the choices they made. if a woman purposely sleeps around, it doesn’t matter if prostitution like paganism is her religion, if she gets pregnant, the consequences is that she should have to have that child not be allowed to kill it and she should not be given any misguided pity or sympathy. there are plenty of shelters to give her a warm place to stay until she matures enough to be a parent but stop enabling her to take advantage of hospitality.

    you do more harm than good by coming to the “rescue” of people that make or made bad choices instead of letting them learn from their mistakes and suffer the hard harsh realities of having to improve and progress through punishment and manual labor for achievement.

    your “good will” is seriously misdirected and poorly aimed at heroism instead of survival. if you want to actually HELP people, stop trying to take the lessons of life for them and let them actually learn themselves what to do and what NOT to do.

    public humiliation for doing bad things is part of the learning process and that can be achieved WITHOUT bullying. believe it or not. the Disabled and the ELDERLY SHOULD take priority OVER and WAY ABOVE women with children or dads with children. in fact, married couples, gay or straight should come before single parents. I do not accept homosexuality as normal and that is not only my belief or opinion but it is my religion and you need to stop trying to force me to worship pagan sexual behaviors or practices. I have no desire for gays to be slaughtered simply for making bad choices but they do need serious parental correction. discipline in other words but that is another topic. you do no good for these people of any culture or any society when you enable them. you simply become a participant in their crime through enabling it. STOP DOING THAT! oi!

  • SuperUnnatural

    hypocrisy is thy name, selective discrimination is their game.

    they call the police on people who “disturb the peace” while allowing their brats to live like rats, like strays wandering the streets.

    no I did not intend for that to rhyme but it gets the point across. these abusive property managers, the property manager at the place I am renting from in particular is hypocritically abusive in that he enables the bad kids from upstairs, I believe they are related to him in some way, to make noise all day long screaming and yelling outside like animals, stomping their feet and hitting walls while they are inside, HE, Nathan, has 2 motorcycles taking up the parking spot that WAS assigned to my parking space until he moved my parking space across the way and I moved in when I had a cast on my foot. he said he gave it to the family that lives next to him and above me because they have children (talk about lazy) and he reves up his motorcycle the day after calling the police on me for my documentary I have been making about abusive tenants with children and the illegal exemption the lease terms give to them but hypocritically punishes those who don’t tolerate being abused through the unrestrained abusive behavior of other people’s neglected loose children.

    it rained over night so the guy was using a leaf blower to dry his motorcycle which created more noise and a vibration, than I could ever make and the main problem is not that I was yelling but what I was saying was the truth and they didn’t want to hear it and they assumed I was speaking to them. I started out making a recording of myself and it ended up that I was recording their soliciting outside my window and they do it on purpose. ti is premeditated. the onsite manager enables their criminal provocation, he allows these children to harass and terrorize the entire complex unsupervised and makes this excuse that they have a right to act that way but that is abusive especially when he is using his job position to abuse people like that and I want him removed immediately.

    not to mention I want their cigarette butts and their child’s crayola pen thing whatever it is to be cleaned up by the upstairs negligent parents who are allowing their kids to litter/illegally dump their garbage all over and I demand that they be evicted for smoking and for smoking where they are children at play which includes INSIDE the building both in the hallways AND in their rented apartment which happens to be above mine. did I mention that already?anyways. you get the point. I am done being abused by corrupted property management businesses and their corrupt business practices, I am tired of being abused by these law breaking negligent liberals and their equally abusive uncivilized disrespectful brats. get rid of them! there is no OR ELSE. you have no option to debate enforcing LEGAL American standards. you have no legal authority to redefine them to enable crime either. get rid of them NOW!

  • SuperUnnatural

    I want this property manager to be removed now. he threatens to call the police on me for making the same amount of noise as these brats who are harassing the neighborhood through their unsupervised undisciplined criminal behavior. he is abusing his job position to allow these children to harass the neighborhood

    and I want him and these criminal children to be removed. IMMEDIATELY. I should not be threatened with eviction by a corrupt property manager who is abusing his job position to enable the criminal behavior of these criminal brats.

    it’s bad enough being a disabled American with persistent mobility issues such as fybromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and myofacia paired with really bad ankles and degenerative ….something rather. something hereditary that has to do with my bones. anyhow. it’s bad enough having to be put in a wheel chair but it’s even worse to have a corrupted property manager, like all apartment managers these days, discriminate on purpose against Americans with Disabilities while also allowing unsupervised criminal children to become violent in their behavior towards adults and it feels so defenseless to be threatened by an abusive property manager who enables the criminal activity while he (or in past cases, SHE) uses their position of their JOB to abuse others with who refuse to be abused especially when the abuse is coming from other people’s unsupervised children. they are terrorists harassing people and these businesses are allowing it, enabling it and even part of it. when will this abuse stop?

    part of my Reasonable accommodations that my doctor told me to request was a SMOKE FREE environment as in free from all forms of smoking of any drug because it IS affecting my health and I have never been a smoker and my reasonable accommodations are purposely being denied while I am being forced to take abusive verbal behavior from children who stick their nose where it doesn’t belong and tell me to shut up when I am on the other side of my apartment making documentaries about what the law really says and how people continue violating with by making excuses and illegally manipulating language of the legal terms. these children then start becoming violent in their behaviors hitting and kicking the walls and prowling like predators outside forming gangs and it IS harassment and abusive for children to be so disrespectful and unsupervised. when will the abuse stop and when will these evil people and their BAD kids be held accountable for abusing others?

    we need another Revolutionary war to make them back off. AGAIN!

  • SuperUnnatural

    it is verbally abusive and violent, threatening for children to not only butt in to conversations of other people but to tell adults to shut up is violent verbal abusive behavior from children. it is harassment. when will these violent criminal unsupervised kids be put in jail back where they belong so Americans can actually live in peace?

    when I say Jail, where they belong, I’m not referring to public schools as prisons. public education is illegal because it illegally transfers the constitutional responsibility of parents to raise their own children themselves onto the public violating the declaration of Independence and the word UNALIENABLE which means NON TRANSFERABLE but it also requires stolen property a.k.a. illegal taxes to pay for children to be raised by the state instead of by their own parents as do day cares but that is not what I meant by “prison” or “jail”. I am talking about actual jail for children called Juvenile deliquent centers. if business owners and democrats are going to continue illegally implementing legal authority for children (a.k.a: children’s rights) than there is no reason children should be allowed to be exempt from either the labor force or from adult prisons or military service. kids can be charged with tax evasion using their age to illegally exempt themselves from taxes if kids indeed have the same rights adults do. and they already owe more than their lives are worth.

    these unsupervised children also use electronic harassment outside other people’s apartments (or in some cases, homes, businesses like Michael Brown, et cetera) to further harass people with, or stealing internet access, illegally accessing the internet or using electronic noise harassment and children are not exempt from any legal punishment of any kind. it is illegal to grant children legal authority without facing punishment for doing so. children in single parent homes are more criminal than kids with two stable Christian morally upright law abiding citizens who teach morality to their children. removing morality means enabling crime. and advocates for things such as children’s rights are the biggest social pedophiles on the planet using and abusing society to raise children to be criminal to begin with.

    Aliester Crowley correctly called this kind of kid the “proud and conquering child”, and he, Aliester was a witch, pedophile and homosexual which is all pagan sexual religious practices. there really is nothing “new” under the sun……….darn.

    I want property management companies inspired by Bernie Madoff the mafia insider who was illegally trading on the stock market, all his “limited Liability companies” including all property management companies and msot all other businesses to be held accountable for using corrupted business practices such as exemption from legal persecution, abusing their “customers” or tenants and I want them to be removed. I want all “LLC” companies to be held 100 percent accountable for their illegal practices and even for their corrupted “legal” court manipulation and terminology. in particular I want all Property managers of any rental property to be held without bail for no less than 10 nights in jail with LIMITED food and water until they understand that they are fully and inescapably responsible for the abusive practices of their pagan/mafia run businesses and for the abuses they have committed against the American public.

    my current Property Manager, Nathan Marcotte is the first MALE manager I have encountered of rental properties in my area but he is no different in the corrupt business practices he operates by or in the enabling of abusive unsupervised children that harass the neighborhood or the criminal negligence of the parents who allow their children loose outside like strays. I want justice. for once i am demanding defense from this abuse and from these abusive democratic gangstalkers who use children to terrorize people with, they use their position, their jobs or they use illegal democratic ANTI-American policies to harass Americans with and I happen to be an American with disabilities who is suffering from abusive unsupervised harassment from criminal children and from discrimination against my disabilities by these criminal liberal pagan democrats..

    these are the kinds of people I refer to when I mention those who are trying to break my American Christian spirit. these anti-Christian pagan criminal kids will never be peaceful until and unless you first undo the pagan criminal brainwashing of these entitled spoiled gang children. you have to destroy the psychology they are using in physical ways through punishment. the same way that abstinence is the ONLY proven method to prevent pregnancy 100% of the time and self control is required to make that happen, self control and patience, punishment is what is required to raise children and to actually live in any real peace. there is no alternative.

  • SuperUnnatural

    part of the pagan psychological war a.k.a. brainwashing by pagans being done especially to children right now, part of the satanic “eden” lie being spread right now through public education and through illegal politics, the same lie Lucifer told Eve in the garden of Eden “surely you won’t die. for when you eat of it your eyes will be open and you can be as gods” is the same as people telling children they have legal authority and no need for parents or adults telling them what to do exactly like the fantasy of Peter Pan. “oh surely you won’t die, you only live once, so you can surely have rights like adults do, you can become adults if you just had legal authority a.k.a. rights like adults do” do you understand now? single moms are the “sacred prostitute” of paganism, babylon worship, nature worship, the nature of humans to rebel against God and this is how they brainwash children through public education first introducing the rebellious animal like evolution religion to encourage not only demonic possession but uncivilized behaviors while they then convince the undisciplined savage brat to eat the forbidden fruit by believing that they child has authority or rights and freedoms the same as adults do and as you have witnessed by now they get really mad when anyone tries to stop their satanic brainwashing system but I still rebuke these witches by the power of my God and by the blood his son Jesus Christ shed to protect and save me with I still reject and rebuke this pagan sex religion and all the crime and corruption it gives birth to. Amen.

    Harry potter, Peter pan (pantheism aka nature worship), South Park and the “stick of truth”, whatever generation it takes place in, it is still the exact same lie from the garden of eden.

    this is what makes it really important and priority to make businesses stop attempting to grant children rights of any kind no matter how they word it and you have to hold parent responsible for even the protection of their children but before they can actually do that you have to rebuke the demon that is manipulating the parents into allowing their children to become demonically marked or possessed to begin with. you have to rebuke the demon that’s inside the parents.being discriminated against for having disabilities is extremely minor compared to the spiritual battle for the hearts and minds of those around me. it is extremely taxing. I bet if I just stopped typing and started praying and had people to pray with me about this, not only could I finally be fully healed but I bet you these kids would turn back into normal human children and the parents would stop heaping abuse on authority through rebellious pagan beliefs……can I ask for that right now? Jesus said, “where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in teh midst of them” I need you to pray with me that God will rebuke these demons of rebelliousness and the demons of harassment and of satanic suggestions and I ask God to remove Satan’s hand from these kids and from their parents and from the business owners and from all the surrounding people living nto jsut in my neighborhood but in EVERY neighborhood. Amen.

  • SuperUnnatural

    Pray that Nathan the property manager whom I mentioned earlier be released from the satanic suggestion of god-like adult privileges for kids. Pray that he be released as well from all satanic brainwashing and I also ask God to help me learn to forgive them the way God forgives me.

    I still need work learning to forgive even and especially the demonically controlled business owners and any political leaders alive. I get tired of the pain they inflict. “they heap abuse on celestial beings” but regardless of any pain I endure I have no excuse not to at the very least consider forgiveness and grant it. “they know not what they do”. they still know not what they do but we still can ask God to drive out those demons and their influence. Amen.

    so that’s what that nightmare was about? this Sosuke Aizen japanese character representing Lucifer himself, and also Apollo, appears in my nightmares as a real human being and his very presence makes me run away from him no matter how many times he appears.

    in one of my most recent nightmares he was talking to this old Zues like God character in this beautiful garden and as I was watching this thing unfold, Aizen aka Lucifer tells the old guy “the only thing I lied about was about the “originals” enhancing their powers to be in the Garden” in other words, he claims that the lie to become like God he told in the Garden was the only lie he told….even liars can be honest at times but this guy is still no hero. wow. I hate seeing him when I sleep. I hate going to sleep. now you know why. oi. God keep him away from me.

    I’m assuming he was referring to Adam and Eve as “the originals”???? wow.