Fixed Hour Prayer Resources: A Few Simple Ways to Pray the Daily Office

Fixed Hour Prayer Resources: A Few Simple Ways to Pray the Daily Office April 30, 2016

fixed hour prayer.001Here are a few of the websites and books I’ve used over the years to help me explore the practice of Fixed Hour Prayer. I am usually a late adopter in terms of technology, so although I’ve tried a few apps, I haven’t found anything I recommend yet. Some of the following resources have a corresponding app that you can download, but these are links to online helps and books you can buy.
The Audio Version of the Book of Common Prayer’s Morning Office at Mission St. Clare is how I start nearly every single day. You have to get over the music. (lots of people get hung up on it). However, after a few months of listening to this everyday you’ll begin to see that the music is part of why this version is so good. Songs and sounds will begin to prompt you in transitions from one section of the prayer service to another. You can pray three offices in audio, everyday, for free.
This is the simplest only form of the Morning Office from the Book of Common Prayer that I have found online. The design is simple and clean. Anything that might be complicated or confusing has been removed.
This is the website form of Shane Claiborne’s Common Prayer book. It’s a more ecumenical version of a Daily Office. It’s brief.

I began my journey with fixed hour prayer in 2002 with Phyllis Tickle’s Divine Hours. This is a way to pray those offices online. Links to the books are below.
If you want the Roman Catholic version of the Daily Office, this is your website. It’s easy to follow and always updated.
This site is a comprehensive version of the Book of Common Prayer online. Click on Daily Office and you will be able to explore all of your options. The BCP can be confusing, so if you are just starting out, Daily Devotions for Families and Individuals or An Order for Compline (prayer right before bed), are both good places to start.

Northumbria Community
I’ve never really loved this version of the daily office, although I’ve tried it many times. However, I have many friends who are devoted to this form of daily prayer, so I wanted to include it. I have a feeling that were I to travel to Northumbria and pray with the community, I would gain a new appreciation for the way they pray. If anyone has a suggestion for how to fund this project, I’m open to suggestions!

Prayer Books or Breviaries:

Phyllis Tickle
Prayers for Summertime: A Manual for Prayer (The Divine Hours, Vol. 1)
Prayers for Autumn and Wintertime: A Manual for Prayer (The Divine Hours, Vol. 02)
Prayers for Springtime: A Manual for Prayer (The Divine Hours, Vol. 03)

Shane Claiborne
Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals
Here’s a pocket edition.

Robert Benson
Venite: A Book of Daily Prayer

Celtic Daily Prayer: Prayers and Readings From the Northumbria Community

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