15 Great Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

15 Great Gift Ideas for Book Lovers November 28, 2016

book post.001Book lovers are a picky bunch. What we’re really after is more books, but we also want a deeper connection to the authors we love, and to share our love of books with our friends. With that in mind this is a list of 15 Great Gift Ideas for Book Lovers – the 2016 edition.

01. A Biography of their Favorite Author
If your book lover is indeed a book lover, then they mostly want more books. So here’s a good place to start. If they love J.D. Salinger, then buy them the story of his life.

02. Bookish Coffee Mugs
One of the real joys of being an avid reader is the opportunity to correct other people’s grammar. Why not do it with a coffee mug? These are actually pretty hilarious. My favorite is, “I’m figuratively dying for a cuppa.” Also a big fan of “They’re there for their afternoon tea.” …also love this “I like big books and I cannot lie” mug.

03. Signed Copies & First Editions
Some of these are surprisingly easy and affordable. If the author is alive, a politely worded note tucked in the box of their own book, with a prepaid padded return envelope will usually do the trick.

night stand04. Creative Collections

If they have a favorite book buy them a copy of that book in every edition of the hardback, paperback, graphic novel, children’s edition, and movie. Email your book lover’s hero or mentor and contact them. Ask them to write out a list of 10 great books. Give your book lover a copy of the list, along with a copy of each of the books.

05. Library Check-out Card Phone Cover
There are a bunch of these to choose from, but this one is my favoriteLC

06. Letter shaped decorative books.
Each individual letter-shaped book is bound and finished just like a real book. It’s versatile. Hang it on the wall, place in on a table or desk, or on the end of a shelf of books as a bookend.

07. Book Shelves or bookstands
Desktop bookshelves come in all shapes and sizes, and they are nearly always welcomed by the reader. This is a good portable book stand. I love the triangle book stand at the top of the post. I’m also a big fan of the old fashioned Manhasset Music Stand.

08. Posters of their Favorite Book
Lots of online companies produce nice looking posters of the cover of books, like these. A few do’s and don’ts: don’t buy the movie version of a poster, or one for too recent a book. Best to stick with classic novels and a vintage look.

the end09. Book Ends

One can never have too many cool bookends. Everything from the standard metal bookend to a more artistic, personal, or ornate option. Bookends always come in handy. This “The End” book end is one of my favorites.

10. Book Weight
Most people wouldn’t think of this as a big deal, but the Book Weight is essential equipment for the reader who often takes notes or types with a book open. The book weight is a leather covered lead weight which will keep even a very stiffly bound book open on a flat surface. It works great in tandem with a books stand, or just as a way to prop a book open while you read or take notes. Every nerdy book lover needs one of these. You can also by a clear acrylic one that seems pretty handy.

11. Book Clock
I’ve seen several versions of this, but I really like this one. It might seem a little cheesy, but I’ve never known a reader who doesn’t also watch the clock. book clock

12. Library of Congress Card Catalog Notecards
This is a (I think cardboard) replica card catalog box with tabbed dividers, each card features a different beloved work of literature straight from the storied collection of the Library of Congress.

13. The Invisible Book Shelf
Urban Outfitters has a unique books shelf that deserves a look. The shelf is easy to install and it disappears into the bottom book. Stack more on top of it & the books look like they’re floating on the wall. Works for me.

shelf14. Lamp, Shelf, Bookmark Combo
This is a pretty interesting way to outfit the reader who likes to read in bed. It goes on the wall & functions as a bookshelf with a lamp, which is nice enough. But the peak of the shelf is meant to store your current read. It’s pretty cool.

15. Bookshelf Chair
I’ve seen versions of this over the years and nothing has ever looked as good as this. It can’t be comfortable. It’s made to order and costs about $3,000. But it would look great in any library.


Honorable Mention:

  • Backpacking headlamp so they can read in bed.
  • A subscription to The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, or Books & Culture.
  • Literature-themed thank you cards or stationery
  • A new chair or lamp for their favorite reading nook.
  • Book Jewelry, like this necklace.
  • This book rack is amazing.
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