Top 25 Tom Petty Songs of All Time

Top 25 Tom Petty Songs of All Time October 3, 2017

Petty.001Tom Petty taught me what Rock and Roll was all about. I think I was in 7th grade when I bought Damn the Torpedoes (on 8 track). That low-strung guitar & high voice (like mine). I sang along for untold hours.

Awhile back, Tom Petty was asked in an interview why he always played every single hit in their concerts. Didn’t he get tired of playing those same songs over and over? His answer was something like if it was my favorite band, and I paid good money for tickets, and they didn’t play American Girl or Free Fallin’ I’d be disappointed.

I saw him with the Heartbreakers several times down through the years and they never disappointed. Through it all he never lost sight of the fans, and we loved him for it. They played their hits. We all sang along. Every night was magic.

For four decades Tom Petty set the standard for how to write a monster hook in the midst of a really good rock song. Even up to the very end he was still writing great songs. Every artist in the business loved the man. Every record executive feared him. He was a force of nature, and I’ll really miss him.

Here’s my Top 25 favorite Tom Petty songs of all-time:

  1. American Girl
  2. You Wreck Me
  3. Free Fallin’
  4. Walls
  5. You Don’t Know How it Feels
  6. Breakdown
  7. Running Down a Dream
  8. The Waiting
  9. I Won’t Back Down
  10. Jammin’ Me
  11. Room at the Top
  12. Don’t Come Around Here No More
  13. Mary Jane’s Last Dance
  14. Wildflowers
  15. Learning to Fly
  16. Even the Losers
  17. Into the Great Wide Open
  18. Angel Dream
  19. Refugee
  20. Climb That Hill
  21. Free Girl Now
  22. Swinging
  23. Yer So Bad
  24. Don’t Do Me Like That
  25. Listen to Her Heart

Encore: It’s Good to be King, Here Comes my Girl, Last DJ

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  • BenW3

    Very nice list for a good artist! I would sure add one or more of his collaborations with Stevie Nicks (Stop Draggin my Heart Around) or the Traveling Wilburys as well. It’s very sad he is gone. Maybe some good fresh rock by my home boy Ryan Adams will cheer you up, or the latest remarkable CD by a rejuvenated David Crosby Sky Trails. Keep rockin for the Rock that doesn’t Roll. Ben W.

  • Keli N Bruce Burfield

    Thank you, Tim! Great list! I’ve been a Tom Petty fan ever since “Refugee” came out in my senior year. We were at Wal-Mart this evening and I heard “Stop Draggin My Heart Around” I had to stop and shed a few tears. His death is hitting me hard but I’m thankful for the legacy of music he left behind-so much of it is the soundtrack of my adult life.

  • Tuna

    “Some days are Diamonds; Some days are rocks.” RIP Tom.