A Liturgy for the Confession of Racial Injustice

A Liturgy for the Confession of Racial Injustice June 7, 2020







Trinity Sunday, 2020

Redemption Church, Olathe KS


Ldr: In fervent hope that the arc of history does, indeed, bend toward justice, we lift up our prayers for racial healing, asking that you would bind our hearts together as a church, O Lord, empower us to break the chains of poverty, ignorance, prejudice, and despair which degrade the sacred dignity of humankind; teach us to love each other and the world around us, for your sake.

Ldr: We confess that we are often blind to our own privilege.

All: Give us a holy curiosity about what being Black in America is really like; and what it means to suffer injustice because of race.

Ldr: We confess that we are often blind to the subtle ways that race has shaped our hearts and minds; our speech and actions.

All: Open our eyes, O Lord, and teach us to see the truth about ourselves and our world.

Ldr: We confess that the church has not always been on the side of the right; 

All: Guide us to seek your grace and forgiveness for the terrible things that often have been done in your name.

Ldr: We confess that we have not always been on the side of the right; we acknowledge our cold hearts and weak knees.

All: Free us from our cherished notions of being “good” that keep us from hearing this truth. Forgive our silence and insensitive speech; forgive our fearfulness and willful blindness.

Ldr: We draw to mind those who have died, due to racism and racial violence.


Ldr: We draw to mind those who work for racial justice, that they may be sustained in hope, empowered with courage, and filled with the grace to persevere in love.


Ldr: We draw to mind those of our family and friends who continue along the path of racism and injustice, and ask you to turn their hearts toward your kingdom.


Ldr: We draw to mind the victims of racial discrimination and their families, that they may be filled with hope for a more just future.


Ldr: Give us the eyes of Christ, to see ourselves, and the world around us with humility and compassion.

All: Healing our own wounds, and the wounds of others; give us courage to advocate for change and for peace, and the grace to overcome hatred with love.

Ldr: We pray for the society in which we live, that we might learn to celebrate our racial diversity and the distinctive contributions of our rich cultural fabric. 

All: We pray for wise and decisive action on the part of local and national leaders, that the scandal of racism may be eradicated from our society.

Ldr: God of justice, in your wisdom you create all people in your image, without exception. 

All: Through your goodness, open our eyes to see the dignity, beauty, and worth of every human being.

Ldr: Open our minds to understand that all your children are brothers and sisters in the same human family. 

All: Open our hearts to repent of racist attitudes, behaviors, and speech which demean others. 

Ldr: Open our ears to hear the cries of those wounded by racial discrimination, and their passionate appeals for change. 

All: Strengthen our resolve to make amends for past injustices and to right the wrongs of history. 

Ldr: Teach us to love our neighbor as ourselves, to love our enemies, and pray for those who persecute us.

All: And fill us with courage that we might seek to heal wounds, build bridges, forgive and be forgiven, and establish peace and equality for all in our communities. Amen.


NOTE: Some of this material is original; most of it has been borrowed and adapted from a handful of other sources. All of it is yours to use.

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