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You can reach me or stay in touch with me in a variety of ways,

My Email:

I’m onTwitter (Where I link my blog posts and periodically try to keep up with the madness of Twitter)

I’m onFacebook (Where I leave witty status updates and link my blog posts as well as blog posts by others that I’ve found interesting.)

I also have a Facebook page (I stick to strictly Blogging at my Page)


I am not a Mormon, and I am not against Marriage Equality (obviously). I can’t control what kinds of ads appear on the Patheos website, they do not necessarily reflect my opinion or endorsement. If you don’t like an ad, don’t click on it.



All of the pictures I use are either pictures I took myself, or Public Domain as far as I am aware.

I find a lot of my pictures at public domain sites like these:



Although I appreciate and read every comment, I may not always reply. Sometimes the topic is too touchy for me, other times I am swamped and I just can’t find the time. When I do reply it will be at the actual post, not through email. I do usually check out new commentor’s blogs, just to see who you are. 🙂 The only comments I delete are ones that are completely off topic or hate speech. I will also begin deleting comments if a single person is relentlessly and pointlessly spamming one post. Otherwise, your comment should come through, although the amount of time in between commenting and being published may vary.

If you follow my blog, I usually try to follow you on Twitter or Facebook. I do try return my emails, even if it takes me a few weeks (or months these days!) If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I may or may not follow you back.

If you would like quote from anything that I’ve written, please be sure to link back to my blog.

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