Now It Happens While We Sleep!

Now It Happens While We Sleep! June 4, 2017

photo courtest of ash matadeen from flick
photo courtest of ash matadeen from flick


I fall asleep early on most nights. While most ‘hip and happening’ folks start hitting the streets, yours truly is snuggled up in bed, getting ready for an early start. This being Ramadhan, my eating and sleeping patterns are all over the place, so by 10pm or, I am out like a light.

Last night, London’s next terror attack happened as I slept.

The Westminster attack was in March and it was literally only over a week ago that the vicious Manchester attack happened. The terror threat level was raised to imminent before and was lowered to severe after a few days. We were far from being healed and we were still grieving. And now it has happened again. According to this news report , another terror attack has happened in London Bridge and Borough

This time of the year is when London is starting to wake up from its deep slumber after the winter. People are grateful to be able go out without their heavy coats and even their sweaters. London nights during these times are full of life and people have enough to be vigilant against (drunk and disorderlies, thieves, molesters) without worrying about some evil Jihadis!

London Bridge, as I imagine it was at the time of the attack, was probably on a very chilled vibe. People were probably enjoying the night air. Walking about and taking in the scenic view. It is not quite central. Still rather quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of central central, if you know what I mean.

Even before the news report above, already on social media there have been calls for retaliatory attacks against Muslims. One such call called for mosques to be broken down and Muslims to be force fed bacon as if it was some magic elixir to cure us of jihadism! We’re far from 9/11, folks, where people don’t presume who’s behind it anymore. Now, Muslims are the first port of blame, until proven otherwise. Sadly, the haters keep being proven right in their presumptions.

I will repeat my usual plea – Muslims must perform their role. Whoever the London Bridge / Borough terrorists were, our community is still infested with terrorist wannabes. Brainwashed by radical preachers who use them for their own nefarious ends. This is a reality which I have witnessed personally. We have long since stopped being able to afford to be lax about it but yet we still are. We’re still running around with conspiracy theories and playing with our smartphones. When will we wake the heck up? When a Muslim is watched suspiciously and prevented from driving and purchasing simple household items? That time cannot be far away.

An FB friend, a founder of a very prominent charity organization for the homeless, said something pertinent last night. She said that the terrorists must not be very good Muslims, if they are at all, as they were not observing the rites and rituals of Ramadhan. While Traditional Muslims were breaking their fasts, praying and reading the Quran, these people were plotting to kill total strangers. I concur. If these evil people were Muslims, the spirit of Ramadhan has certainly not touched them. Not if they were filled with such hate.

Apparently before this attack began, the terrorists shouted ‘this is for Allah’. No it’s not, mate. It was for your sick and twisted ego.

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