Farouk A. Peru is a human being in the world. This is where his discourse begins and ends. He sees Islam as a world of infinite human experiences through which he extracts part of his identity.

Person Al-Islaam is where he hopes to articulates his thinking about the Muslim world. Far from being just a religion, the world of Islam is a intricate set of human activity which is important to a fifth of humanity. As such, it is vital that this world be appreciated for that complexity. He is simply a person engaging with islam – hence Person Al-Islam.

Farouk also hopes to share his thinking about Quran, which he sees as the voice of the Divine captured in a human language. He believes that the descriptions, prescriptions and proscriptions of Quran can help return the human being to her essence.

The banner of Person Al-Islaam blog is the mosque at which Farouk first experienced Islam as a public experience.