Brian McLaren's "New Kind of Christianity"

Brian McLaren's "New Kind of Christianity" March 22, 2010

This afternoon, my interview with Brian McLaren will go live.  I have Deborah Arca-Mooney, the manager of the Mainline Protestant Portal, to thank for making the interview possible.  Until it’s published, I thought I would pique your interest with an excerpt:

“When it comes to A New Kind of Christianity, if I’m proposing the same old thing, why are some people so upset and others so enthusiastic? If I’m proposing something totally unprecedented, why say it’s the same old thing? That’s why, in the end, I hope people will actually read the book with an open heart and mind. I’m not expecting that anyone will agree with everything—that’s not my point. But I am hoping that people will be stimulated to think, and maybe even to dream of better possibilities…so the Christianity of the future can continue to learn and grow and not simply repeat the past or be stuck in the present.”

I have to say, although there are many respects in which my viewpoint differs from Brian’s, my respect for him only increased through the interview.  Look for it to go live around 4pm mountain time.

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