Morning Report, April 7, 2010:

Morning Report, April 7, 2010: April 7, 2010

Links to secular and Christian news and commentary that one Christian found important or entertaining this morning:

1.  More information on the simmering tensions between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria.

2.  QUESTIONING THE NARRATIVE.  Scot McKnight begins a series at Jesus Creed that disputes Brian McLaren’s depiction of “the soul-sort narrative.”  Relatedly, see my post yesterday on McLaren’s rhetoric and penchant for caricature.

3.  SOCIAL INJUSTICE.  The conversation continues on what exactly “social justice” means in contemporary discourse.  A lot of flames being thrown around, to my mind, but not much light.  Looking forward to our more constructive discussion on the proper relationship between evangelistic and social justice ministries.

4.  Pastors please note our blog entry last night, which pointed to some fantastic advice for ministers.

5.  Mindy Belz of World Magazine reflects on Israel’s astonishing record of success, and how this could serve as the foundation for a lasting peace.  Not sure I’m convinced about the peace part (though the Obama administration is considering a new peace plan).  But it is amazing that Israel is essentially one giant conglomeration of start-up companies.

6.  Rescuers continue to search for survivors of the West Virginia mine accident.  The mining company, rightly, will come under intense scrutiny for its safety measures.

7.  When you love your video game character so much that you simply have to marry her.  Really.  (H/t John March).

8.  LETTERS FROM THE OUTSIDE.  A part of Obama’s daily routine I very much like.

#.  TODAY’S TWO-SIDES.  Regarding the new nuclear defense posture: Joe Biden for the Left, and Ralph Peters for the Right.

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