Edwin Tait at Acton University: Introduction

Edwin Tait at Acton University: Introduction June 14, 2016


This is my first post on Pickled Pencil. My name is Edwin Woodruff Tait, and I’m a parent, homesteader, and freelance writer living in Richmond, Kentucky. (I know Brandon from Huntington University, where I used to be a professor.)

I attended Acton University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, last year, and blogged about it on Mission Work. You can read those posts here. (That’s the last post and contains links to the previous ten posts.) This year my wife Jennifer is also attending and will be blogging on Mission:Work, so I’ll be blogging here instead.

Acton University is a yearly conference whose motto is “connecting good intentions with sound policy.” Acton Institute, which runs the conference, is an organization founded on free-market principles combined with conservative morality (they like to talk about “ordered liberty” or “freedom based on virtue”). As you can see from my posts last year, I’m somewhat skeptical of their perspective, but I learned a lot on my first excursion to Acton, and expect the same this year.

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