In just five days…

In just five days… September 17, 2009

This coming Tuesday, September 22 is the official release date of a beautiful new Bible.

HOLY BIBLE: MOSAIC is unlike any Bible you’ve ever seen…

Gorgeous, incredible artwork from the 3rd to 21st centuries from every continent across the globe.

Moving and thought-provoking writings from the 1st to 21st centuries from every continent and branch of the Church around the world.

Both artwork and writings follow the Church calendar throughout the year starting with Advent (Sunday, November 29, 2009).

How do I know about HOLY BIBLE: MOSAIC? Well, I had the privilege of serving as a contributing writer for this exciting new Bible.

I can’t wait to tell you more! Please be sure to click on the cover artwork below and/or sign up at

PS Whatever you do, please do NOT buy a copy of this Bible on Amazon—at least not yet. I’ll explain why early next week.

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  • Grace

    Looks great! Maybe it will find a few stockings to fill this Christmas! 🙂

  • Michelle Van Loon

    Thanks, Grace! It's a beautiful project, and an honor to have contributed to it.

    (You're obviously a book lover, too – your profile pic with that big stack of books on the left made me smile!)