Postscript To My Announcement Last Week

Postscript To My Announcement Last Week August 16, 2013

Last Friday, I shared the news here I’d be attending school this fall. I’m so grateful for the words of encouragement and support!

I have one additional piece of news to share. I just signed a contract with Beacon Hill Press to write a book with the working title Redeeming Regret: From Shackles To Shalom. Regret often imprisons women in the past, depletes their present, and disables their future, but Redeeming Regret will demonstrate how Christ can redeem and repurpose regrets for his glory and our good.

The book is a complement to some of the other writing and reading I’ve been doing in recent months about life transition and spiritual growth. I’ll only be able to take one seminary class this fall as a result of the December 15th deadline for the book’s manuscript. But I am excited about having an opportunity to write and learn, and I’d value you prayers as I bring my focus to both. Each is a gift, and each will require surrender of my life back to the Giver in ways I can’t entirely comprehend at this point.

So I’ll begin the journey into this unknown with these orienting words: Thank you, Jesus.

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