5 Yiddish Words For Christians: Video

5 Yiddish Words For Christians: Video July 28, 2016

English is sprinkled with a few Yiddish phrases. Go to Einstein’s Bagels, and you use Yiddish to order a bagel and a schmear of cream cheese. If you trip over a crack in the sidewalk and call yourself a klutz, you’re using a Yiddish word to describe your clumsiness. 1970’s sitcom characters LaVerne and Shirley used the words schlemiel and schlamazel (inept and unlucky) in their opening credits, though neither woman was remotely Jewish.

Sometimes a Yiddish word is just what the doctor ordered. So Dr. Michelle decided to make this quick video featuring 5 handy Yiddish words that my Gentile Christian pals can use at church. Let me know if you work any of these words into your conversation this Sunday. Bonus points for gesturing with your hands when you talk – like I tried not to do but was not entirely successful. Well, see for yourself.


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