Samhain: Honoring Ancestors of Craft and Tradition

Samhain: Honoring Ancestors of Craft and Tradition October 15, 2018

Samhain, the season of the witch, is a time for us to honor the powers that underlie our Craft.  The hidden powers behinds the scenes, guiding our movements and our inspiration.  The Dead guide us; they are present when we weave our magic.  Those who have laid the foundations for our Great Arte, fertilizing our holy ground with their blood.  The Dead are always with us, but this is their time.  The mothers and fathers of our traditions, great witches, teachers, and keepers of lore make their presence known, returning to celebrate with us.  Hallowmas is the great twilight when the worlds of the living and the dead move as one.  The fires we light shine as beacons in the spirit world.  This is also the time to honor spirits of tradition, the collective familiar spirits called egregores that are the manifestation of us coming together.

Honor the Witch Within

We join in our rites to honor who and what we are, telling the stories of myth and magic.  Stories that have inspired men and women to cloak themselves in shadow, under the light of the Moon, lighting the fires inside and out.  This is a time to call upon our personal familiar spirits and rekindle the flames of spirit.  Like all the great fires that hang in the sky, our own internal fires wax and wane.  Neglected throughout the year, living in a mundane society, dealing with personal issues and witnessing the crimes of mankind.  We forget to tend our internal fires.

This is the time of year to stoke those inner fires, putting new fuel on the embers that continue to smolder.  The sacred flame of spirit and inspiration is eternal.  We descend to the depths to return to the source of our fire, returning with power renewed.  It is within our own circles that we light the funeral pyre, remembering those who have left this world, laying to rest the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us.

Samhain is not only a time to honor the Dead, the ancestors of our traditions, but to also honor ourselves as practitioners of magic.  This is the time of year when we can embrace the cliché stereotypes that surround us, and use them as tools of empowerment.  On Samhain we wear black, we ride out into the night laughing maniacally into the dark sky.  Embracing the archetype of the witch gives us a primal power, allowing us to pull from the legends informing the popular beliefs about our kind.  This is the time to cast with abandon, and to pursue all of our magical aspirations.  We can take all of those things that were meant to condemn us to the darkness and use it as a means for us to draw our power.  Go out into the night and immerse yourself in the energy of All Hallow’s Eve and remember that we are the weavers of fate, we move mountains, and speak to serpents.  We are one of nature’s most formidable forces.

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain brothers and sisters!

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