About Coby Michael

Coby Michael is a lifelong student interested in religion, folklore and magical practice.  Having studied religion at Arizona State University, Coby has a diverse background in history and human spirituality.  He is a contributing writer for Patheos Pagan and The House of Twigs, and is currently publishing his first book on The Poison Path.  Combining alchemy, herbalism and magical practice with poison plant lore, Coby self-published his first writings on the topic in 2017.  Coby teaches a variety of workshops on the history, science and folklore of poisonous plants.  Brought up in the garden, he has a strong affinity for plant based practices, and has worked with baneful herbs for nearly a decade.  His studies are focused on entheology, ethnobotany and esoteric herbalism through the lens of traditional witchcraft and folk magic.