Saturday on the Almost Christmas Hurry Up Links

Saturday on the Almost Christmas Hurry Up Links December 12, 2015

Christmas Links, because, really, you can’t possibly be done with your shopping, and if you are, I don’t want to hear about it, really I don’t, please don’t stare at me like that, seriously stop it, I will totally be done shopping soon, and get a tree, oh my word, I’m gonna die.

I am greatly remiss in that I wanted, like three weeks ago, to plug my friend Kyra’s shop in time for Christmas. She makes lovely jewelry and is also an all around fascinating person. Also, you should read her blog and then leave lots of comments about how she should write a book. I bet you wish she was your friend. Well, sorry. But you should still buy all her jewelry because it’s beautifully and gorgeously made, even in the presence of a child with a bead phobia.

And then here is the little world Gladys received from the hands of St. Nicholas. She has been playing with it obsessively all week. And here are the Russian Nesting Dolls. Again, very beloved by little girls, and even big ones.

And here are some lovely birds that you all already know about, hat tip Simcha Fisher. I don’t personally like to make anything pretty. I prefer to receive beautiful things from, but if you’re a crafty clever person, you might like to try.

Which leads me, finally, to a blog that won’t be of any use to you this year, but next year, if you like sewing, you can order her Christmas ornament kits. I look at them every year and then remember Pinterest I Nailed It and decide to just keep walking by.

Happy third week of Advent! I’m totally gonna get on top of life right now. Cough.


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