Monday on the NFL Podcast and Links

Good Morning. Sorry for skipping the podcast last week. Hopefully today’s episode, (episode, ha) completely makes up for that negligence. This time is about politics in the church, the NFL, opening those subscription boxes, and me trying to understand the whole pledge of allegiance thing. Hope it makes this overly hot day cool and refreshing. Let me see, do I have any links… Here is my favorite song with new words that are completely true. This was an interesting and… Read more

You Can’t Have Everything, Where Will You Put It?

Then, decked out in cream, lipstick, and scarf, the lady turns once more to the camera, expresses her deep joy, and offers you a discount code. Read more

7 Hot Takes

Oh, so Today is the first day of fall. My bad. It’s confusing because of it finally being the summer we never had. How was I to know? One I mean, for real, it must be an act of God, because I was trying to gear up to face getting out the winter clothes, but I was pretty sure I didn’t have it in me. Not only does that mean getting all the bins down and picking through them, but… Read more

Three Things for Thursday

A Happy and Blessed Rosh Hashanah to all those celebrating today. Is that the word? Celebrating? Or Observing? I read Michelle Van Loon’s excellent Moments and Days (I recommend it highly) and I already can’t remember. That’s the problem with me. I read interesting and clever books and then I really need to immediately go back and reread them, because I have the mind of a sieve, or even a flea. It is completely discouraging. I could read the same… Read more

Habits of Anxiety

Ah, the gentle sound of children squabbling with each other in the morning. Wednesday is piano lesson day–four children laboring away one by one, massacring Pachelbel, Mozart, and Star Wars. Incidentally, its hard for me to find words of express how much I loath Canon in D. To quote that funny ranting guy on YouTube, “I’ll see you in hell Pachelbel.” Feel really terrible about dropping off My Own blog, and not even podcasting or doing links or anything. But… Read more

3 Reasons I Love Catechesis

This is a doozy of a weekend (and why I couldn’t rise up to the level of book notes yesterday) for reasons among which are the fact that summer Sunday school is over, and that means that Catechesis of the Good Shepherd kicks off today. I’ve written a lot about CGS over the years because it’s my favorite thing. But in case you’ve forgotten, or weren’t paying attention, here are three reasons I love it and why you should do… Read more

7 Small Headed Takes

Well, can you believe it, it’s Friday. One I am deeply regretful about my social media life this week. I was not able to keep up. I noticed that many interesting articles and pictures were filling all the spaces–blog posts, in fact, by people I know and like and wanted to read–but the moment I would go to touch the screen, Facebook would refresh itself and everything would disappear. Then I had to stop and consider, do I scroll and… Read more

Good News!

[This cat has no sense of humor, which is a problem for all of us.] Sandra Boynton has another album out, or almost out. Scroll down through the whole article to see BB King singing The Song of Sunday Morning–I can’t find my other shoe. I mean, that’s not what the called is actually called, but somehow the words coming out of King’s mouth are the exact replica of every single Sunday morning for me for the last fifteen years…. Read more

The Writing Life

[This cat cares nothing about my writing life, nor about the cheese cauliflower.] I was combing through my archives trying to find something old and not terrible to post today, because I’m supposed to be working on something else, but I couldn’t find anything that didn’t make me gag. Boy I am wordy, and rambling. I started blogging every day a couple years ago to make myself into a better writer. I figured the internet was full of garbage anyway,… Read more

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