[Jesus wondering why you’re still surfing the interwebs.] Delighted, in the midst of my search for news both terrible and interesting, that my announcement about the end of the world earlier in the week has been confirmed by the Daily Star over in the UK—I don’t actually feel like linking it because the sidebar is comprised exclusively of shapely women, contributing, for me anyway, to the sense of doom. So you’ll just have to take my word for it. And… Read more

Found this article to be most interesting. Didn’t know there was something called the New Domesticity. Did know all about mommy blogging and, not wanting to lie, sort of miss the days where every morning I’d cycle through my favorite blogspots to see what everyone was cooking and reading, and who had decided to cover her head. The jumble of birth stories, extreme theology, canning, and baby advice was the kick I needed to get me out of bed every… Read more

Ah, Friday, I don’t deserve you. One Tried waking up at a normal time all week by setting an alarm, hearing it go, experiencing profound and bitter astonishment, turning it off, and going back to sleep. Thought that trying to embrace reality by waking up at a normal time would be a good and godly thing to do. Getting up out of bed in the morning would perhaps spur me on to do things like laundry and cooking, maybe, rather… Read more

Matt sent me this to read yesterday, because he hates me and is trying to ruin my life. Go on, take a glance at it. Anne with, and it hurts me to say this, an “E” (the scare quotes are there to indicate that the letter “E,” as it were, is an unusual inclusion in the name “Ann” and that character’s desire to have it, poignantly illustrated early on in the book, must be beaten into the head of the… Read more

The downfall of getting back online and trying to avoid politics with a thumb-scrolling vice-grip is that I ran into something on Facebook called The Transformed Wife. It’s an account with a whole lot of likes and a curiously nineties feel to it. Felt transported back to a pre-blogging world of email forwards and floral notebooks. One post, in particular, generated a lot of heat and light on Twitter—the one about men preferring women without debt and without tattoos. Seems… Read more

One benefit of sitting around in transit—in cars and trains and planes and busses—is that I finally accumulated enough quiet minutes in a row to read a book I wanted to bring to your attention way back in May. You know, when it launched. But May blew by me and I was only part way through chapter one. And then June came and I was all the way into chapter three. And then July beat down the door and there… Read more

Good morning from bright, hot, humid Binghamton. Determined to enjoy the heat to the uttermost by listening to the children complain while hanging limply over the furniture. We woke up late and gathered our wits to podcast about having to fly, WOW Air, the World Cup, the Episcopal Church Convention, child rearing, the new Supreme Court judge nominee, what Africa has that America doesn’t, and poverty. It’s probably Epic, at least for this week. Let me see, do I have… Read more

Here I am, struggling into the day, groping in the dark for that first lifesaving gulp of Bewely’s, stretching out my mind for hope and consciousness, wondering what terrors rosy fingered dawn has in store for me. How will I shove myself into my Sabbath garb when it’s all piled up in the laundry? Where did I leave that thing that I needed to give to that person? Who was I supposed to talk to about that other thing but… Read more

Can you believe it’s Friday? Which means for me it’s all birthday all day. One That’s right, my oldest child, as I’ve already said, is going to be 16…no wait, is 16. Oh heck. Two Seriously, I am in favor of children growing up and leaving home and getting on with their lives. I don’t mourn when a child grows up from a baby to a toddler and a toddler to the bright fun of early childhood, and then into… Read more

The children are beginning to haul themselves into consciousness—a long day of wandering around the Museum of the Bible and then many hours in an enticing swimming pool has exhausted them—and I should leap up and throw all our stuff into the car so that we can once more return to “ordinary life” for a moment or two before carrying on to the next exciting episode. But before I do that let me pour myself another cup of oolong and… Read more

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