The Remains of the Day

I have a bad feeling that Matt is going to appear in a few minutes and want me to walk with him, even though the temperature has fallen below eighty degrees to something that I'm sure resembles fifty or sixty. It is all one to me--anything below eighty is intolerable. And yet I go on tolerating it anyway. There must be a lesson in there somewhere.So, first order of business--Oh my word! Thank you for all the lovely messages and happiness! If I were to measure my self worth in Facebook … [Read more...]

Upon the Occasion of Turning Forty

Well, yes. It is my birthday, and I am now officially 40. So yay me. Here is me turning 39, and you might as well read it because it's all the cheer you're ever going to get out of me on a birthday. I prefer disappointment. It suits me.Still, as I reminded myself yesterday, having a birthday is better than not having one. In our headlong rush to reject all signs of age and maturity, what is the alternative? We can't just not get older. The only other option is to leap into the arms of death … [Read more...]

Kept In Heaven For You

Saturday is the day we desperately get ready for Sunday. When I consider the weekend, I always internally groan when I look at Saturday because it comes with a big long list of things I'd rather not do--like clean and write email. Whatever work you did during the week, thinking you might be ahead of the game, is always shown to be fading and inconsequential by Saturday morning. It all has to be done over again.Since we've moved to this house, we've been spending Saturday in particular … [Read more...]

Saturday on the Parenting and Marriage Links

This week's Podcast is all about parenting, men's strength, and how to get your husband to do stuff around the house. We had a good time, and I'm pretty sure there's an offense for everyone and every group buried in there somewhere.Here's David French's follow up to his Weak Men post.Here's something cool for the start of school.Here is something both awesome and funny.Here is something terrifying.Here is a really great food post.Have a lovely Saturday!  … [Read more...]

Writers Block: I Write About Writing

I've just spent the last half hour looking for Friday blogging memes. That's how desperate I have become. 7 Quick Takes--my usual Friday pleasure--is a mile too far. Seven Whole Takes? Can we narrow it down to three, or one?Has anyone noticed? The sudden and catastrophic descent into writer's block? The repetition and return to the same old tired themes one more time? The inability to tie any thought up neatly in a clever and satisfying way in the last two words? I'm plum tired, my mind is … [Read more...]

Another True Solution to Cultural Apathy

To pick up the depressing thread from yesterday, here's this--"Amy Blackstone, a gender sociologist at the University of Maine who specializes in childfree research, hopes that her study helps question the assumption that little boys and girls will grow up to become parents." The article summarizes her research which comprised a series of interviews with people who have chosen not to have children. Here are  some of the most heartbreaking quotes.‘‘I think I’ve always been deciding that I don’ … [Read more...]

A True Solution to Cultural Apathy

So this is depressing, but so is this. And sort of startling to me, from my own peculiar vantage point of being over run by children on one hand, and having a husband for whom physical strength is one of his primary characteristics.These two unrelated studies, if you didn't click the links, which you should do, show a steeply declining birth rate on one hand, and a decreasing of physical strength in young men on the other. In the second study, young millennial men are measuring up to be no … [Read more...]

Sight for the Depressed and Foolish

I appear to have been woken up early so that I can take a walk--an exercise walk. This seems a dubious proposition to me. It is still dark outside and I have the remnants of a thick gel in my eyes that is supposed to solve forever all my eye problems... (that was just a little joke).Did I mention that I went to the eye doctor? I dutifully went, apologetically pushing up Matt's heavy glasses on my sweaty nose and trying to explain that I wasn't trying to be bad. It's just that I first stepped … [Read more...]

Five Gospel Tips for Lives that Matter

Woke up after a bad dream and watched all the rioting videos taken in Milwaukee over the weekend. Then finally went back and actually read that Gospel Coalition piece in which a white woman comes to grips with the fact of her daughter marrying a black man. Want to retreat into a baffled silence, but this is the Internet after all, the land of unsolicited opinion and commentary. I only have one schtick here and that's the gospel. So here's five thoughts about this mess.1. Has anyone noticed? … [Read more...]

An Olympic Failure: Me and Jesus

My Facebook feed is full of Olympic memes--gorgeous pictures of young women, every feature and muscle etched with determination and drive. Whoever won the day before in her sport takes over in the meme count. It's a welcome change from the political sorrows that have been filling up my Facebook life for what feels like years now.Human striving, the push and shove of the human spirit to accomplish something, to get somewhere, to win--in an Olympic moment it lifts up the spirit and makes me, … [Read more...]