Let the Plain Word of God Take Place

I'm not much inclined, in all my spare time, to the reading of sermons, being not very holy at all, although I do occasionally listen to the odd exposition when I get the chance. But there is one sermon which is worthy of being read, all the way through, even on the Internet in very small print. I ran into it a long time ago and in the very middle discovered my life verse, no wait, quote.John Wesley is preaching on the subject of (although he would absolutely not put it like this) whether or … [Read more...]

Good Enough: Notes from Home

[Too much trouble to carry on and do the head too.]This morning I've got to get going and hie myself off to church for a variety of tasks, like cleaning my own Sunday school room and cleaning up the other Sunday school rooms that I discombobulated over the week by letting children go in and by myself going in them.I'm always wandering around looking for stuff--all kinds of stuff. More white paper, matches, a better box of crayons, glue sticks. All the things that if I had my act together … [Read more...]

7 God Must Be Angry Takes

Can I still be blaming stuff on the time change? Pretty sure I can. Going to anyway. One There is literally ice falling from the sky. It's whacking against my window pane in sharp angular bits. A gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath this is not. Also a deep gray permeates every layer of the landscape, as far the eye can see. I'm not even going to bother trying to find something good about it. Its just very bad. God must be angry about something.Two How could he not be. Spent an … [Read more...]

The Defining Literary Work of the Age

So I guess Disney remade Beauty and the Beast. The story, from what I can gather, is that a young woman who likes to read is persecuted by a village that hates that sort of thing, whereupon she has to go live in a castle owned by a human animal hybrid. There are lots of talking dishes, and some songs. And the young woman saves the Beast from himself so that he gets to be human again. All these sentences should end with question marks because I haven't seen it. I tried to, way back in the 90s, … [Read more...]

I Missed International Happiness Day

I found out, many hours too late for me to mark the occasion in a timely manner here, that Monday was International Happiness Day. The warm voice of an NPR newscaster filled all the corners of my filthy minivan as I trundled down the highway in the stretching shadows of that first spring evening to take my second daughter to her acrobatics class--the only hour of the week that makes her truly happy.Part of the festivities for International Happiness Day was the releasing of the list of … [Read more...]

Putting the Obscurity Back in Toil

I stumbled upon this article about these very interesting new art ateliers which I did not even know existed until this morning, and which my children will be so interested to find out about. Every Friday we dig through our beautiful fine arts box. It is full of post card size representations of famous works of art. We pick one or two gloriously famous pictures, most of which in a museum would take up a whole wall, and I read the back of the card which is a jumble of information we can actually … [Read more...]

Devotional Podcast and Links

Running late. Lots to do. So here's a short ranting podcast about Jesus Calling and what exactly is wrong with it.And then, Christianity Today has five devotionals from Nailed It so you can see what they're like.And then here is something about tiny appartments.And something excellent about how the work/life balance is over, amen.And some baby survival notes.Something funny because it's true.Something to eat.Matt's excellent excellent sermon which was so helpful to me … [Read more...]

Temptation Doesn’t Worry Me…enough

I happened to indulge in a snatch of Amy Carmichael this week, reading a few lines here and there while waiting for the Internet to work faster. There are always too many interruptions to really stop and think, or so I was probably hoping.For a couple of lines Amy was worried about falling into temptation. In fact, she was praying fervently that she might not be tempted. What bad thing was she wishing she could avoid doing? I read a few more lines and found that it was indeed something … [Read more...]

Notes on Weakness and Failure

There was a brilliant rosy sunrise, which I saw because, you know, the daylight has been saved, that evaporated under the heavy layering of clouds which seems to be our portion for the day. More snow, says my app, because that's what we really need right now.I'm sure you enjoy these minute by minute updates about the weather and will be sad when I forget to report about the temperature, precipitation, and cloud cover. People think of the weather as a neutral, easy topic when all else is too … [Read more...]

Is There an Option for Getting Rid of Snow?

Another long week, lengthened by the heavy burden of snow.One Can't believe that Binghamton was basically the center of this particular storm, and that it had a name. Managed to beat our way out to the street yesterday and went to church after many hours of shoveling. Well, only Matt shoveled. The children tried for a short few minutes and gave up, and I stood inside and felt guilty. Matt is going to be taking Tylenol every four hours for the foreseeable future. The snow is heavy as … [Read more...]