Grace for the Incompent

It is necessary that I carry on from yesterday, building upon that moment of refulgent insight that the property of every child is first incompetence and second garbage collecting.But first, let me say that their rooms look very nice, very presentable, very clean, except the boys' room for which nothing can be done. Large Star Wars posters have been affixed to the wall with duck tape (!) and there is an expansive dusty lego battle scene arranged on a card table. How this came to be an … [Read more...]

Notes from the Children’s Rooms

We are having a big giant party tomorrow--well, open house, no games, no cake, just come hang out--and that has meant facing the peculiar terror known to every parent of a child, Cleaning The Child's Room.Every morning for the last week I've woken up and delivered a stern warning--Today, if you hear my voice, do not harden your heart, Clean Your Room. Every day the minutes tick along and the house pass, and I reiterated, Clean Your Room. And finally, yesterday morning I went round to … [Read more...]

7 More Reasons For Lent And Date Night

[Jesus watching you be awesome by the power of your awesomeness.]Many weeks ago I gently, of course, chided Tim Challies for eschewing the institution of date night as not necessary or important. You don't need a dateĀ as an anchoring habit for your marriage, said Pastor Challies, to which I reposted, Yes you do.Let me pause and say that I continue to tackle this important topic because what am I going to do, face the news? I don't think so. Now, where was I?Since that time, Mr. … [Read more...]

For Those Mixing Glitter into Ash on Ash Wednesday

Two days ago I spun out ten reasons to be happy about Lent, but, in reading over the list, I discovered that all ten reasons are really the same reason. You won't be surprised to hear what that single reason is.Repentance. Or, if you're reading Nailed It, Repent Already.Repentance is the ground, the foundation of the Christian life. It's not something you ever move away from, or pass over in the desire to get to better things. Every day the Christian repents. Every week. Every Sunday. … [Read more...]

Getting to be on the Eric Metaxas Show Plus Links

I have a post in the hopper for tomorrow but today I wanted to wave my hands in wonder and amazement over the fact that I got to talk to the Real Eric Metaxas on the phone. Fast paced and hysterically funny--by the end of the hour I felt like I had run a marathon, or what I imagine it must be like to run a marathon.This is now twice that I've phoned in to to talk to people So Cool (1st time for Christ and Pop Culture to stumble around fawningly over the uber cool Erin Straza and Hannah … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Love Lent

You do realize, don't you, that lent is just around the corner? Do you think it's appropriate to calmly sit there, reading the Internet and eating chocolate? Don't you feel anxious and appalled? What kind of person are you!I'm just kidding. But for real, Lent is just around the corner. And that's wonderful because it's my favorite season of the year. I love it more than Christmas, more than Easter, and certainly more than ordinary time. It is exactly the right kind of space for me to be the … [Read more...]

Seriously, Read the Bible: Part Two

With two head colds in the mix, and the fact that sometime this week you should be hearing the dulcet tones of my very own voice on the Eric Metaxas Show, I'm going to postpone all the rest of my Links until that auspicious moment. Instead, today I have for you the treat of a paper on the question of whether or not the Bible is Suffcient. The paper is 30 some pages long so I'm not going to paste it all here, but below you will find a goodly portion and the link to get to the rest. You may think, … [Read more...]

When Someone Is Wrong On The Internet

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. - Philippians 2:3I was, as Barbara Pym says, composing myself for sleep last night--scrolling through various websites and looking for a book in the chaos of my bedside table, both at the same time--when Matt, as he so often does, showed me something ghastly on the Internet. It was a hit job by one Christian against another Christian. The title was pure click bait. I'm not going to … [Read more...]

School, Book and Bedroom Notes

This is the first week since I succumbed to this ghastly thyroid problem six weeks ago that I've managed to do everyone's school with them and tick off all the boxes without extreme pain and suffering. Not only so but we also managed to finally "move in" to our own bedroom since we first came to live here. Places like one's own bedroom get shoved to the bottom of the list in a move like this one. The living room has to be nice first, and the dining room and kitchen, then the children's rooms and … [Read more...]

7 Facebook Cares About My Memories Takes

One Over the years I've come to grab onto 7 Quick Takes like the drowning person I felt myself to be on a particular day 18 years ago. By the end of the week it often feels like the vivid and alarming dream I had the morning that my grandmother died. I was driving a red sports car too fast around a mountain bend and so of course I lost traction and skidded and the car flew up in the air turning many summersaults and then silently and elegantly gliding, in slow motion, into the crystal blue … [Read more...]