When You Are Weak Go To Church

I've written before about how Saturday nights are often a great trial. This isn't something I would have noticed if I had never had children. But once Elphine was born we immediately were able to see that she could sleep beautifully every night of the week except Saturday night. If she were going to cut a tooth, or have a growth spurt, or just be out of sorts, she would do it on a Saturday. And so on down the line. You add children, you multiply the possibility of a sorrowing Saturday … [Read more...]

Autumnal Notes

For a while now that I've looked out my bedroom window it's been what I imagine Lothlorien would look like. Green with luminous gold behind. But now the wind and rain have had their devastating effect, which I guess in the point. There is still a single green tree, gradually fading to yellow, but the glory has vanished. We made it over to the Cider Mill, briefly, inbetween lengthy amounts of school work and frustration. There we gathered a pumpkin to carve, lots of little pumpkins, a richly … [Read more...]

7 Stupid Things for Friday

Oh ah, here we are at the end of another long week. Today, dammit, we're going to finish all our school work and then do something fun in the rain. Why in the rain? you ask. Well, we couldn't do something fun on the nice bright sunny warm days of this week, because we just couldn't, that's why. No, we carefully waited for the rain and the wind. Why do you have to do something fun? you ask. Because we can't just work all the time. We have to take an afternoon off. Really? you repost. Oh, well, I … [Read more...]

Trump Mansplains Hillary

Second Verse same as the First....sorry, I've been wanting to say that for three whole debates now.I watched the wretched thing out of obedience to my husband, who, for reasons I cannot begin to understand, was excited and happy to see both of these people on the screen. A tiny phone screen, but a screen none the less.I, on the other hand, have physical symptoms of revulsion any time I hear either voice. My whole body tenses up, I feel vaguely nauseated, and I begin to plead with God to … [Read more...]

Here, Let me Solve the Loneliness Problem

Well. This is alarming. Utterly depressed myself on Twitter for ten minutes only to end up with social apocalypse. The article, as your finger is hovering over to click it, is about the epidemic of loneliness in modern life, and the sharp catastrophic rise in mental illness. The thing is packed with depressing statistics landing, somewhere towards the bottom, with this:"Loneliness has a comparable impact on physical health to smoking 15 cigarettes a day: it appears to raise the risk of early … [Read more...]

Perfection, Anger, and the Cover of my Book

"Boy," I said to a friend yesterday evening, "I botched the glorious reveal of my cover today." "Given the title of your book," she said, "that's oddly fitting."Indeed. I like to think I have my life together, but really, there's no way I do. Whether in keeping the kitchen sort of clean, or remembering to read the bible and pray every day la la la, I cannot do even the simplest of tasks to the level they deserve or require that I do them. And that is the point. We can't do it. We can do … [Read more...]

Why Yes, She is Holding a Sharp Implement

Good Moaning. Trying to move myself along through the day. And that means doing everything in its proper order. Here, before anything, is the cover of my book which you will be able to order very soon. Believe me, I will Not hide Anything from you in the matter of this book.You will notice the delicate pastels, the lovely female form, the stained glass. All these important cues let you know that this is just the sort of book you're looking for.And now, here is the podcast. We talk … [Read more...]

Choose Sorrow over Happiness

Just toiled through this article--the world's happiest man, dug up by someone desperate for happiness, willing to go to the ends of the earth, even Nepal, to learn the secret. Turns out the happiest man ever is a French Buddhist monk. And he has out a couple of books, so it will be easy for you to buy some of them and learn how to be happy.Sensibly, the Buddhist Monks enjoying the pure Himalayan air have discovered that outward focused altruism is included in the recipe for human happiness. … [Read more...]

Birthday Notes

I think we ended up with a very successful tea party. Realized, as I was surveying the teacups, that this is the first real party we've had here. We've indulged in some very nice meals, but haven't really settled into the usual rhythm of birthdays and other feasts.We use our china rather a lot. Not just on Christmas and Thanksgiving, but Easter, New Years, sometimes on Valentine's Day, girl birthdays, and sometimes when we just feel like it.The menu included scones, cucumber … [Read more...]

7 Autumnal Takes in which I Fuss over the Passing of Time

It's been a long week. Time for some Quick Takes.One I read this excellent post about how to bring up boys, and then this one, about generational patterns through history, a day or so apart, and found the two together really interesting. In all the discussions of Free Range parenting, and the whining over Millennials, and why are we stuck with Trump and Hillary, it's marvelous to consider history as a circle, spiraling up and down, and gender roles, parenting choices, and politics within … [Read more...]