Obedience and Cataclysm

Seems Facebook and YouTube took down the latest undercover videos of planned parenthood. Read somewhere that it was because of a court order, although it's hard to believe it's not just to keep the horror entirely away from the public eye. These little videos have become a regular part of the social media landscape just like all the other violence. Depending on the day, there are always a hundred of different kinds of brutality to be upset about. This week there were several terrorist … [Read more...]

Notes From Home: The Bird and The Soup

So there's this bird, this small horrible bird with a beak, who comes every morning before the sun has even had time to roust himself into the sky, he comes and bashes his beak on the tree right outside my window. He's quite punctual, and persistent. He keeps at it until 8 on the dot and then flies away.He's making hash of the tree, not contenting himself with one hole, he just whacks his way around that whole section of the tree. And what I ask myself, is persistence and punctuality … [Read more...]

7 Pleading Takes

As a chastisement for comparing the Holy Spirit to Mark Hamill, which wasn't very nice, probably for either of them, the sky is shrouded in a thick covering of gray clouds, just so that we don't get above ourselves. Anyway, it's Friday, so Takes.One Yesterday was the last day of online class for us, by which I mean a couple of the children, but, you know, it takes the whole family to shove individual members through those last desperate hours. Now we have a long week stretched out full of … [Read more...]

Is the Ascension the Meanest Thing Ever?

I'm happy to announce that this is one of the most important days of the year, and no, not because it is national wine day, nor even because it's the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, although, maybe that is more important, now that I really think about it. No, it's because it's Ascension Day--the Day to eat birds and fruit, because Jesus.If you're a Christian like me, or even a Christ Follower, you probably have mixed feelings about the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. On the one hand, of … [Read more...]

Botoxing the Bridesmaids

It's getting to be wedding season and now, more than ever, is a great time to consider the most important moment of your life. Last week we took a little gander at Self Marriage. Today I thought it might be nice to look at something a little more traditional--the groom is a man, check, the bride is a woman, check, the bridesmaids are all on hideous diet exercise and regimes, wait, what! "I need everyone on board,” says Barton, a 30-year-old p.r. executive who lives in downtown Brooklyn. “I want … [Read more...]

Praying through the Rubble of Wickedness

Let the record show that while I was kneeling on the floor of Barnes and Noble, bowing my head in astonishment to find my very own book wedged between two Tim Keller tomes, wondering how on earth it came to be there, since, you know, it's available on Amazon, I did manage to hear the voice of the woman next to me, asking me what the big deal was. I managed to scramble to my feet and explain that I had written the book that was right there, in front of us both. She congratulated me. So then I … [Read more...]

‘Story’ Podcast and Links

Good Morning. If that's the sort of morning that suits you. We woke up super early because of a full throated and over exuberant bird right outside the window and took the opportunity to divulge our accumulated wisdom about baptizing children. I can't imagine that you'd want to miss it.And now, let me see, what do I have saved up from this week.This is excellent. Yes, it's ok for Christians to articulate Christian orthodoxy.But they should be hospitable about it.This was pretty … [Read more...]

The Water of Bitterness

I'm back to laboring through Numbers. Wasn't as much of a struggle though Leviticus because I mostly slept through it. But for some reason, this time, whenever I click play on Numbers I actually wake up. The thing is, Numbers hard. All the books of the Bible are a little bit hard, but Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy are especially so.And I think it's because, or at least this is my working hypothesis, no matter how on board intellectually I am with the idea that humanity is basically bad … [Read more...]

Its Better to be Rich and Healthy than Poor and Sick

All my best laid plans have come to naught. Was going to leap up with the dawn, cheerful and bright, and trip lightly to the kitchen and laundry, restoring the glad tidings of order out of chaos. Oh well, I guess I won't worry about that now. Instead I will wander around in the usual circle of Saturday distraction.Actually, this week was a remarkable one in that, for the first time in many months, I did have short periods of buzzing around with energy. For example, one day I walked into the … [Read more...]

7 Mothering Takes

It's Friday! And that means Takes.One Feel vaguely bad about complaining about Mother's Day, but not really. I mean, I never feel really bad about complaining about anything, even when I'm later proved wrong. It's the General Principle of Mother's Day just being a bad and difficult thing that I still uphold. On the other hand, the children made me some lovely cards, and Matt went out in some kind of fit and bought all the flowers in a store.Two We've often had this discussion. Men … [Read more...]