A Body at Unity with Itself

I watched a video last night with the sound off, the words scrolling across the bottom of the screen, of a young person explaining to the wide world the inadequate categories of sex and gender. This person--who, I imagine, would eschew all use of pronouns--placidly threw over the last several thousand years of human tradition, including the tired old way of referring to people as either male or female, and wound up by calling the human body a Living Meat Skeleton. Most ironical, I thought, given … [Read more...]

Adventy Home, Book and Kitchen Notes

Don't have a lot of time because I have to go wander around Walmart. I'd rather wander around Wegmans but they don't have weird large fluffy slippers which I'm pretty sure is going to be what St. Nicholas brings along to all the children next Tuesday. I shouldn't be telling you this because you'll probably get a hold of my children sometime between now and then and try to tell them. And that will make me very sad and disappointed, so don't. Please.St. Nicholas will also be coming to church t … [Read more...]

Chip and Joanna Gaines are Human not Divine

As usual, all week long I've been battling back the insistent murmuring of the cyber world to pay attention to the affronts and injuries of the day so that I can think things in my own rebellious mind. But as the week has progressed, the shouting has become so persistent and unavoidable that it's begun to infect my dreams. No less than three times this week have I been startled awake at 2am with the remnants of the cloud of Chip and Joanna Gaines in my sub conscious.Spoiler Alert, I've never … [Read more...]

It’s Almost Christmas and I Wrote a Book So

So of course I thought I would just mention it here. You can get it on Amazon! And from B&N.com, and from Kalos. I'm pretty sure if you preordered it this means you will soon be holding it in your very own hands instead of just gazing hopelessly at the picture. And remember, it's a year long devotional so you can set it lovingly beside your journal and your bible and your new workout plan on January 1st and then come back in Lent and wipe the dust and grime off and then leave it there again … [Read more...]

Two Singers and the World and Jesus

As a general principle, I am against sniveling nostalgia and try to avoid it at all costs, especially when it comes to thinking or talking about my children. I love them but I don't really expect anybody else to, so let's talk about the more interesting vagaries of my laundry. But today I want to break my principled rubric and become a sniveling mess on the Internet. Don't worry though it's not about my children, it's about my Grandmother.First of all, it should be said that she died far too … [Read more...]

A Gazillion Reasons to Love the Crown: A Listicle

I know we're all supposed to be watching the Gilmore Girls, and believe me, the guilt I'm lugging around for my failure in this matter knows no bounds, but I can't do that until I've at least finished the first season of the Crown. There are going to be more, right? I've heard there are going to be more. I told someone else there were going to be more. I said it authoritatively, like I knew what I was talking about.As everyone knows, I hate all TV. Ask anyone. I hate all TV. And I've gone … [Read more...]

Advent One Podcast and Links

This morning we struggle to ramble on about Advent and why anyone should celebrate it. We were going to talk about something much more interesting but Matt didn't remember what that was until the very end of the podcast. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!And now on to the matter of links which I pretty well neglected to collect all week. First up, some funny click bait. Oh, come on, you know you want to click.And then a beautiful album I will probably by buy myself.And then, curmudgeonness … [Read more...]

Put Down Your Phone, It’s Advent

Can't remember why, but this weekend the children wanted to hear what old dial up sounds like. So, replete with turkey and potato, I googled "Dial Up" on my smart phone and played a long, five minute recording of some poor computer trying to Send/Receive. The iconic harsh grating whine of a modem filled the dining room and I sat back, transported immediately to college and the thrill of communicating with people on the other side of the world, my own family in fact. I looked up and the … [Read more...]

Advent Notes

I see Mr. Castro has perished. May God grant him something or other. Mercy? And maybe a pinch of Justice. Although I never like to wish God's justice on anyone, me most of all.We survived a glorious thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Matt out did himself in the matter of the turkey and the gravy and the brussle sprouts and I feel still, two days later, as if I would like to never eat anything ever again.As for Black Friday, I wandered about and gathered up a few items. Some candles. A … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I'm thankful forMy family, because what kind of a jerk is not thankful for her family. Seriously though, so grateful for my kids, that I get to have some and that they are growing up so nicely.And grateful for Matt, who I don't deserve to be with. And, I must say, really grateful for his high school girl friend who, because he never studied or went to class or anything, told him he was stupid. If she hadn't called him stupid, he wouldn't have applied himself and wouldn't have … [Read more...]