Today I’m Thankful for You

Its not difficult for me at all to find voluminous waves of gratitude wafting about me for each and every one of you, Dear Readers. Every morning when I pop open my screen and cast about in the darkness for two or three words to shove together, I am only ever doing it to amuse and please myself. This blog, from start to finish, is an exercise is vanity. But rather than readily admitting this to myself, instead I quietly… Read more

Today I’m Thankful For God’s Affliction

This is one of the distinguishing marks of Christianity, and why Christians are such strange people. Read more

Monday on the Thanksgiving Podcast and Links

Good Moaning to you all. We managed to struggle into the day and do up a podcast about Thanksgiving–not just what to eat but also how to feel about it. We were filled to the brim with good advice and admonition about what kind of person you should try to be. You’re welcome. Also, why you should celebrate Advent. And now Links, which I have in rather plenteous abundance. Here’s the lyrics to the terribly weird song Matt brought up…. Read more

The Best Way to be Thankful

I don’t know about you, but inevitably, in the mad dash from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and from thence to Easter, I become entangled in the law. Read more

Notes from Home: Turkey and Pie

[These cats wish you would give them some turkey.] Would you believe it, I’ve caught Marigold’s cold. And you didn’t even know she had one because I didn’t bother to tell you. It’s not like I divulge every single detail of life to you in all its goriness and misery, cough. Poor thing, though, she’s been on the couch for a week, trying to breathe and refusing everything but regular meals and big pots of hot chocolate. Couldn’t face any… Read more

7 Takes to Giving Thanks

You can just go and rest in the familiarity of the once yearly dinner, the usual conversations that unfold as they have always unfolded. It’s not a time to solve the family crises, it’s the moment to reaffirm the family creeds and cultural mores. Everyone will behave as they always do, and you will sit and watch them all and console yourself with large bites of potato. Read more

Thanksgiving and Soup

It’s almost Thanksgiving, a thought which surprised me yesterday as I was bashing my way through the laundry. It’s been such a warm fall, and I’ve been balancing between so many and various high-wire acts, including being ticked off about the Christmas music in stores, that I haven’t considered that important and much needed feast, the one where you just get to have dinner and be thankful. Don’t you think, though, that Thanksgiving would be a lot more popular in… Read more

3 Characteristics of Christian Marriage

Got to be on the Ride Home with John and Kathy again yesterday, although very grieved that Kathy isn’t well, and hoping that she is better very soon. I come in around the ten or fifteen minute mark. And, of course, If you are wandering around Twitter on Sunday afternoon you would have seen Karen Swallow Prior calmly answering a gentleman angry that I suggested Christian marriage is a really good solution to our cultural illnesses, that plus the gospel… Read more

Please Stop Playing That Christmas Music

Listening to Christmas music from October 1 to December 25 is the sacramental embodiment of the confused rush to have whatever I want right now. Read more

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