It appears to be another gray snowy day. Very deliberately did not click on any of those articles about how Sweden is the happiest place on earth. I thought that was Disney. Gosh so many happiest places I have no desire whatsoever to visit. How ’bout some Takes? One Spent a chunk of the last two days trying to think through the next scholastic year. There’s nothing like elevating the panic and anxiety of the current moment by trying to… Read more

[Cessationist you will be…calling you the Holy Spirit is] Going to rely heavily on this podcast that Matt did up yesterday (still blaming the time change, you’ll have to forgive me for blogging laziness) in response to this video by Canon Phil Ashey about the work of the Holy Spirit and hopes for the ACNA. You should listen to the podcast for the theological angle. As for me, I thought it would be fun to debunk three cessationist myths. Those… Read more

I woke up much later than I wanted to, of course, because of daylight savings, and listened to those curiously lucent chapters in the middle of Exodus, following upon the calamity of the golden calf. For a while God mercifully overshadows a tent outside the camp so that anyone who wants to come into his presence has to leave the comforts of home and company and go out into the lonely wilderness. There God speaks with Moses as “a man… Read more

Well, look at that. Another wretched winter wonderland. The trees are positively laced with delicate new fallen snow. The whole world is all stupidly quiet as billions of tiny special snowflakes float gently down out of the sky. I don’t care, though. I have a huge puff coat and I’ve resigned myself to the hopelessness of it being winter forever. We’ve been watching Amazing Hotels on Netflix, in between episodes of the Great British Show and something else that has… Read more

Well, we weren’t incoherent, but in this week’s podcast we dismantle an incoherent and muddled sermon about the serpent being lifted up on a pole in Numbers. We also complain about the time change and crack ourselves up. I can only say, You’re Welcome. Here is the link to the sermon we shout over. And, as I go into the matter of Links, let me just say how much I love flipboard. I’ve been thence accumulating links by the dozens…. Read more

It’s time, once again, to complain about Daylight Savings Time. And that’s because I just lost an hour of sleep. It has evaporated into the mists of time, never to be recovered, not even when the government pretends to give it back to me in November. In preparation for this annual trauma I turned to the internet for help. First I read that anger and anxiety are closely connected. ‘That’s stupid,’ I thought, and clicked angrily and anxiously away without… Read more

Having failed in any attempt to read anything but the internet all week, I thought I might instead take a turn away from my stated habit of blogging about my beautiful house and my comforting stacks of unread books, to tease out some of the heartbreak in this long interesting piece. It’s about the quiet exodus of Black Christians out of Evangelical Churches, and I commend it to you, as usual, more than anything I might say here. Just one… Read more

Well, International Women’s Day is over, but I still have something to complain about. Last night I indulged myself in just the tiniest tantrum on twitter, brought about by the mistaken viewing of this very short video clip. Apparently Caitlyn Jenner, née Bruce Jenner, was interviewed by CNN for IWD, because what better way to find out about the thoughts and feelings of a woman than to ask a man. Works every time. And of course Caitlyn leapt at the… Read more

It’s Thursday, and International Women’s Day, my Favorite! Here are Three Funny Things for you to celebrate, because truly, what a stupid time to be alive. One Look at this! Kim Kardashian is selling feminist empowerment emojis. Last year she adopted the feminist moniker, proclaiming herself to finally be one, and this year, to celebrate all women everywhere, besides posing topless in some more magazines and on Instagram and stuff, she’s designed little tiny emojis of female body parts. Little… Read more

[Oh look! My room is already done up in pastels!] In my obedient quest to survive the Facebook Algorithm Apocalypse I’ve been trying to use and understand something called Flipboard. It’s hard, first of all, not just to call it flipbook, since the tyranny of Facebook is ever presently weighing on my mind. But it’s also hard to figure out how to use it, because I’m technological challenged, and my only “screen” is a decaying little iPad with tiny keys…. Read more

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