Woke up extra early and did up a gorgeous little podcast about technology, books, the demise of B&N, whether or not you should download your personality into another younger body, why you should call God by his preferred pronouns, and how shocked the children were that we really wanted them to clean up. Also, Matt learns to make meat pie. Truly, it’s an experience you probably, I’m pretty sure, but don’t sue me, won’t want to miss. And now, let… Read more

I’ve already blogged too much about Lent–as if it’s some sort of obsession. Which it might be. But it does go on for several weeks. And it seems like maybe the perfect antidote for what’s ailing me and the rest of the world. The chief ailment being the expectation that here and now life should be something more than short and appalling. I mean, if you were a poor peasant huddled in your Middle Ages hovel, you would have looked… Read more

Mere moments after listening to the fading dulcet tones of the Esolen Out of the Ashes book, I clicked play on The End of Average by Todd Rose, which I came to know about at the recommendation of my dad who is always thinking about pedagogy and how to get students through difficult academic work successfully. I should be thinking about this sort of thing too, instead of flying along in a fog of guilt, and have now been twice… Read more

It’s a hot, gray Friday, so that must mean Takes. One By hot I mean 40 degrees F. Everyone is lying around in a stupor. We’re supposed to still be frozen, not languid with heat. But also, the sky is burdened with gray clouds, oppressively so. Maybe it’s the apocalypse, or maybe it’s just Friday. Two The children have been arguing about what to give up for lent. One said he would not touch his iPod, except to listen to… Read more

I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to depend even more than usual on my emotional support peacock to get through Lent. But I seem to have misplaced it, since I can’t find it anywhere in this cluttered house, so I should drop everything and look, since I know that if I just search hard enough, it will come to me. I’m gonna do that instead of other things. Like finally deciding what to give up, besides sin obviously, for… Read more

To prove my holiness both to God and to myself, I got up really early and forewent the morning blog to go to church. In so doing I nearly made Matt late for the liturgy and had to run around all by myself unlocking doors and mixing the Ash into some kind of paste that would stick to anyone. Didn’t wake the children up to bring them along because I’m not That holy, just a little bit holy, signified by… Read more

As usual, I’m really looking forward to Lent. I think it’s because Lent is essentially the basic expression of my personality. Some people are stuck in Christmas and tinsel, others rush around trying to self identify with Easter, but for me, by the time I get to Lent, and then to Holy Week, it’s like I can finally take a real breath after trying to hold it for nearly a whole year. And that with rarely ever giving anything up… Read more

[Perfect Bowl for Cat Curling] There’s a tiny ray of sunlight! Oop, there it went. Back to the gray. Oh well, we did up a podcast anyway–our favorite Olympic moments so far, what we hate about the commercials, why it’s ok to do the imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday, and how I survived the flu after all. Don’t miss it! Unless you have lots better things to do. And now Links. Let me see. Here is that thing about… Read more

Midweek I realized that all the children were waiting for me to get well so I could clean up after them. They would come and look at me sadly and then wander away to throw more garbage down on the floor, they would mutter about how there are no clean cups and no clean clothes, and they would anxiously ask me if I was feeling any better. It took me a while to connect all the dots, but Thursday afternoon,… Read more

Experiencing profound mixed feelings about the Gilmore Girls. One Love the rosy nostalgic glow of small town Americana–the bustling little square, the store fronts, the diner, the little grocery, the big houses with front porches, the everybody knowing everybody else. I have to ask myself, though, was this ever real? It must have been. But was it still real in the early 2000s? Is this what Anthony Esolen is pinning for? Because every time there’s a shot of Rory and… Read more

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