Good morning all! We woke up late and did a long and scintillating podcast in which we mourn the death of Anthony Bourdain, mourn the heresy of Andy Stanley, and then argue vociferously over what kind of expectations one should have for one’s president. It’s a podcast for such a time as this, and if you miss it, I just don’t know what kind of life you’ll be able to go on living. And also, sorry it’s so long. And… Read more

Like the wide world, I was horrified and sad to read that Anthony Bourdain, mere days after Kate Spade, had taken his own life. Matt and I can never agree on what to watch of an evening. He wants to bask in interesting, suspenseful, plot-driven, beautifully filmed programs and movies that enrich his mind and appreciation of humanity and the world. I want to scroll past cat videos on YouTube. Anthony Bourdain rambling over the globe, tasting food and life… Read more

Oh look it’s Friday! And I overslept! One I mean, I won’t lie, it was nice to wake up at 6 instead of 4:30. But now the day is ruined because it’s so late. Two I’ve gotten two robocalls from China, in what sounds to me, though I may be mistaken, one of those languages that’s spoken over there. I’m very curious to know what the messages are about. And how whoever it is got my number. But not so… Read more

I’m supposed to be doing some things—an’t keep them straight there are so many of them. But I’ve been obsessively reading everything that Adam Ford has been saying about Facebook, and have been obediently going directly to his site, and other sites, in the old fashioned crazy way of typing the whatchamacallit into the little search box there at the top of the browser thingy. In this way I feel virtuous and able, in my small way, to stick it… Read more

One thing about me drives my husband crazy. It isn’t my fretting desire to keep a perfect house, or my categorical refusal to watch suspenseful tv shows with him, about which he occasionally mutters discontent. No, it is my lifelong search for two elusive items, neither of which he can fathom wanting to own, let alone trudging through the highways and byways of this consumptive, cheapened land to dig out and discover them. Those two things are perfect red shoes… Read more

The rain is raining all around, falling in sudden wind-blown drifts through the trees and my open window, onto my dusty floor. I should close the window. But then I would have to stand up. I landed on Sunday evening at the Syracuse airport to the gentle sound of rain. Big fat drops slid sideways across the oblong portholes of that silvery insane metal tube conveying me, and 75 other trusting crazies, from one low slung inconvenient, badly lit monolith… Read more

Good Moaning. It’s a lovely gray cool day here in Binghamton. My peonie is about to burst forth, and my rhododendron is in full glory. I must arise and clean all the things, having been gone all weekend enjoying myself and neglecting my proper sphere. To signal my guilty virtue I’ve done up a nice little podcast, with Matt as well, of course, wherein we recriminate each other, the Anglican communion, the local church, God, and all people everywhere. It’s… Read more

[Jesus thinking about the Dunning Kruger Effect] My device is, and I say this through clenched teeth, glitchy. My ability, therefore, to blog in the spiritually higher plane to which I am accustomed is compromised to the uttermost as I go in and out of each blog post, cutting in links, sorting through pictures, and in otherwise manner contributing to this small corner of the internet. I am going to try to update my stupid wretched terrible device, along with… Read more

I spent the weekend trying to avoid reading anything about Ireland, or about all those children going missing at the border, or any news of any kind, really. But basically I failed, and the culmination of all my sorrows was smacking once more into the increasingly mainstreamed phenomenon of Self Marriage.* At first it was a clever and provocative activity for upscale western women tired of trying to stuff any gender neutral man into the margins of a carefully considered… Read more

A blessed Memorial Day to you all! For an extra super special podcast we talk about what we’re reading right now and then argue bitterly about how Matt is wrong about The Last Battle. I look forward to all of you agreeing with me. Indeed, it is hard for me to imagine how one person (Matt) could be so wrong. Matt wants me to link this hymn, but it still doesn’t make him right. I’m listing the books we talk… Read more

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