Well, International Women’s Day is over, but I still have something to complain about. Last night I indulged myself in just the tiniest tantrum on twitter, brought about by the mistaken viewing of this very short video clip. Apparently Caitlyn Jenner, née Bruce Jenner, was interviewed by CNN for IWD, because what better way to find out about the thoughts and feelings of a woman than to ask a man. Works every time. And of course Caitlyn leapt at the… Read more

It’s Thursday, and International Women’s Day, my Favorite! Here are Three Funny Things for you to celebrate, because truly, what a stupid time to be alive. One Look at this! Kim Kardashian is selling feminist empowerment emojis. Last year she adopted the feminist moniker, proclaiming herself to finally be one, and this year, to celebrate all women everywhere, besides posing topless in some more magazines and on Instagram and stuff, she’s designed little tiny emojis of female body parts. Little… Read more

[Oh look! My room is already done up in pastels!] In my obedient quest to survive the Facebook Algorithm Apocalypse I’ve been trying to use and understand something called Flipboard. It’s hard, first of all, not just to call it flipbook, since the tyranny of Facebook is ever presently weighing on my mind. But it’s also hard to figure out how to use it, because I’m technological challenged, and my only “screen” is a decaying little iPad with tiny keys…. Read more

Spent a tense forty five minutes over the weekend, perched uncomfortably on the couch, devouring Rachael Denhollander’s long and detailed Facebook post about Sovereign Grace Ministries. I commend it to you in its entirety. It is unlike anything else you are likely to read on the internet for weeks. It is clear, precise, unemotional, filled with carefully delineated evidence, and, by the time you come to the end, shattering. More important than reading anything I might say here, go read… Read more

Have been awake for hours dithering around, but finally got my act together and persuaded Matt to help me do up a short podcast. Complained for about half an hour about how insane the world is, and about how no man can have a uterus, and how parents who organize gender reassignment surgery for their children are the worst. Also, no matter what Matt says, I am not high maintenance. Now, let me see, Links. First of all, my mother’s… Read more

I’m always on the look out for words to hate, but I’ve recently landed on an unlikely word that every day I love a little bit more. It’s the word Contend. If you push it a little bit further you can get the word Contentious out of it, which, it’s possible, describes the internet and all modern life a touch too much. I was recalled to this word, as many of you might have been, by listening to Jordan Peterson… Read more

So, for several years, a friend kept telling me to read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and I kept forgetting, because I can’t keep everything in my head can I. But then I was rummaging through a notebook and found where I had scribbled it down and so used a precious audible credit to gather it to my person. Which meant that I blew through it in something like two weeks, instead of two years. I must… Read more

Friday! Takes! It’s going to be wonderful. One Listening, as a write this, to reporting about an attack of some kind on the French Embassy in Ouagadougou. It’s not even trending on twitter but France 24 has suspended all its regular programming to cover it. Seems like whoever the attackers are chose to wait for the auspicious moment when the French Military were organizing some sort of military training activity Right There. It appears, so far, that the only casualties… Read more

My resolution of not scrolling through Facebook “very much” failed this morning, landing me on this gem posted by Matt whenever it was that he woke up in the middle of the night. It’s a conference going on this very moment called Exponential. This year’s theme is Hero Makers. Matt beat me to the punch by observing that Jesus, when you become a Christian, does not offer you a cape, but, unhappily, a cross. Here’s your cross, he says, and… Read more

Good Moaning, if you like that sort of thing. This week’s podcasting effort is a heated argument about the theology of Billy Graham, if it’s ok to have bad theology at all, what evangelism should even look like, and what an important personage I’m becoming. Just kidding about that last part. If you are tired of thinking about Billy Graham because that was all the way last week, listen for our recriminatory banter instead. It’s possible you won’t want to… Read more

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